1525 1526 dell inspiron motherboard board

1525 1526 dell inspiron power board motherboard


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Product Description

1525 1526 dell inspiron power board motherboard The Dell Inspiron 1525 1526 DC power board just like on the picture are one of the most notorious boards to break and have power issues.  The board either cracks where the jack is at, or the jack breaks itself.   We offer BRAND NEW replacement boards for sale, we ship from Chicago, IL Mon-Saturday at 11 a.m.  Feel free to stop by if you are in the area. We have 1000+ of them in stock, if for some reason the board does not work for you, we will send you another at no extra charge.  Other markings on the board are:07533-1  DS2 LIO BOARD 48.4w006.011Also the same board is: 07533-2 48.4w006.021  The board we sell is a BRAND NEW.