Dell and HP Compaq dc plug for ac charger PA10 PA12 PA13 PA14 PA15




dell dc power plug for ac power charger power supply power cord, connector connects with most of the dell laptops and hp compaq computers that have a similar shape, it is avery universal plug model.

WE GUARANTEE that this plug will fit the following models of the laptops:

Dell PA10 Dell PA12 Dell PA13 Dell PA14 Dell PA15 Dell PA-10 Dell PA-12 Dell PA-13 Dell PA-14 Dell PA-15 Dell M60 Dell Latitude d531
Dell latitude PP18L Dell latitude d620 Dell Inspiron XPS M140 Dell Inspiron 1521
Dell Vostro 1700 Dell Vostro 1500 Dell Vostro 1400 Dell Vostro 1000 Dell Inspiron 1526 Dell Latitude 131L Dell Inspiron 1525 Dell XPS M1710 Dell XPS M1210 Dell Inspiron XPS
Dell Inspiron M2010 Dell Inspiron E1405
Dell Inspiron E1705
Dell Latitude D820
Dell Latitude D830
Dell Inspiron 1501
Dell Inspiron 640M
Dell Inspiron 710M
Dell Inspiron XPS M170
Dell Inspiron XPS Gen2
Dell Inspiron 700M
Dell Inspiron 500m
Dell Inspiron 600m
Dell Inspiron e1505
Dell Inspiron 5150
Dell Inspiron 5160
Dell Inspiron 8600
Dell Inspiron 9100
Dell Inspiron 9200
Dell Inspiron 9300
Dell Inspiron 9400
Dell Latitude 100L
Dell latitude d400
Dell latitude d410
Dell latitude d500
Dell latitude d505
Dell latitude d510
Dell latitude d520
Dell latitude d600
Dell latitude d610
Dell latitude d800
Dell latitude d810
Dell M20
Dell M60
Dell Inspiron 1150

PA10 PA12 PA13 PA14 PA15
PA-10 Inspiron 1150/8500/8600 AC Power Adapter
PA-10 90W AC Adapter D600 D630 D800 D830PA10 7W104 9T215
PA10 7W104 9T215
PA-10 PA-1900-02D 90W
PA-10 19.5V 4.62A 90W

Inspiron 1150
Inspiron 8500
Inspiron 8600
Inspiron 9200
Inspiron 9300
Latitude D400
Latitude D500
Latitude D600
Latitude D800
Latitude D410
Latitude D505
Latitude D510
Latitude D610
Latitude D800
Latitude D810
Precision M60

Dell P/N: 9T215 C2894 2H098 7W104 310-2862 310-3149 310-3399 5U092 NADP-90KB A PA-1900-02D

Dell Vostro: 1700

Dell Inspiron: 300m 500m 505m 510m 600m 630m 640m 700m 700m 1150 6000 6400 (E1505) 8500 8600 9200 9300 9400 (E1705)

Dell Latitude: 100L X300 D400 D410 D420 D500 D505 D510 D600 D610 D620 D800 D810 D820 XPS M140

Dell Precision: M20 M60 M65 M70

Dell Inspiron: 500M 600M 700M E1505 1150 5150 5160 6000 8500 8600 9100 9200 9300 9400

Dell Latitude: 100L D400 D410 D500 D505 D510 D520 D600 D610 D800 D810

Dell M20 M60

310-3149 310-2860 310-3399 310-6325 310-6557 UC473 310-7712 310-2862 310-4002

F7970 PA-1650-05D2 1X917 5U092 PA-1650-05D

Dell Latitude D400 D410 D505 D510 D610 X300 Dell Inspiron 300m 500m 505m 600m 700m 6000 8600 9200

# Output: 19.5V DC 3.34A
# Power: 65W

Dell 9Y819 PA-1131-02D PA-13 PA13 X7329

For Inspiron Notebooks 300M 500M 505M 510M 600M 630M 640M 700M 710M 6000 6000D 8600 E1405 E1505 1420 1501 1520 1521 1525 1526
For Latitude Notebooks D400 D410 D420 D430 D500 D505 D510 D520 D531 D531N D540 D600 D610 D620 D630 D630N D631 D631N D800 D810 D820 D830 D830N X300 131L ATG XT
For Vostro Notebooks 1000 1400 1500
For Precision / XPS Notebooks M20 M65 M140 M1210 M1330 M1530 M4300

F7970 U7088 N2765 5U092 1X917 310-2860 310-3149 450-10484 310-4408 PA-12
ADP-65JB AA22850 PA-1650-05D PA-1650-05D2 HP-OQ065B83

5U092 AA22850 U7088 F7970 N2765 T2357 F8834 450-10484 PA-1650-05D PA-1650-05D2 310-4408 1X917 310-2860 310-3149

9Y819 W1828 D1078 K5294 310-4180 NADP-130AB B PA-1131-02D


DELL Inspiron: 5150 5160

DELL XPS: M1210 M170 M1710 GEN 2
19v 6.7a
Dell D2746 N3834 PA15

19.5V 7.7A 150W

Dell Inspiron: 9100 Dell XPS: M2010 XPX
Dell D2746 N3834 PA15

Alienware M15X Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: M15X P08G

HP Compaq Notebook PC dc power plugs socket input port connector: 6530S, 6730S, 6910P, 8510P, 8710P
HP Compaq Mobile Workstation dc power plugs socket input port connector: 8710W
HP EliteBook Notebook PC dc power plugs socket input port connector: 2730P, 8730P

Dell Inspiron dc power plugs socket input port connector: M4010, N4020, N4030
Dell Inspiron dc power plugs socket input port connector: M5010, N5010, N5110 (15R)
Dell Vostro dc power plugs socket input port connector: 3550

Dell Studio 17 DC Power Jack Connector: 1735, 1736, 1737

Compaq Presario CQ71 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ42-103TU, CQ42-105TU, CQ42-109TU, CQ42-111TU, CQ42-119TU, CQ42-125TU, CQ42-126TU, CQ42-133TU, CQ42-134TU, CQ42-135TU, CQ42-140TU, CQ42-151TX, CQ42-152TU, CQ42-152TX, CQ42-153TX, CQ42-154TX, CQ42-158TX, CQ42-160TU, CQ42-160TX, CQ42-163TX, CQ42-165TX, CQ42-167TU, CQ42-168TU, CQ42-169TU, CQ42-173TU, CQ42-173TX, CQ42-189TX, CQ42-195TX, CQ42-201TU, CQ42-203AU, CQ42-205AU, CQ42-210AU, CQ42-215TU, CQ42-216TU, CQ42-218AX, CQ42-219AX, CQ42-220AX, CQ42-251TU, CQ42-254TU, CQ42-254TX, CQ42-255TX, CQ42-256TX, CQ42-257TU, CQ42-257TX, CQ42-258TU, CQ42-263TU, CQ42-268TX, CQ42-269TX, CQ42-275TX, CQ42-276TU, CQ42-320CA, Harness 600630-001
Compaq Presario CQ50 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ50-100CA, CQ50-101XX, CQ50-102XX, CQ50-103AU, CQ50-103NR, CQ50-103XX, CQ50-104AU, CQ50-104CA, CQ50-104NR, CQ50-104XX, CQ50-105AU, CQ50-105NR, CQ50-106CA, CQ50-107CL, CQ50-107NR, CQ50-108AU, CQ50-108CA, CQ50-108NR, CQ50-109AU, CQ50-109CA, CQ50-110AU, CQ50-110US, CQ50-111AU, CQ50-112AU, CQ50-113AU, CQ50-113CA, CQ50-115NR, CQ50-116AU, CQ50-117AU, CQ50-128NR, CQ50-133US, CQ50-139NR, CQ50-139WM, CQ50-140US, CQ50-142US, CQ50-204CA, CQ50-209CA, CQ50-209NR, CQ50-209WM, CQ50-210US, CQ50-211NR, CQ50-215CA, CQ50-215NR, CQ50-217CL, CQ50-217NR, CQ50-225LA, CQ50T-100 CTO, CQ50Z-100 CTO, Harness 486637-001
Compaq Presario CQ56 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ56-100XX, CQ56-104CA, CQ56-109WM, CQ56-110US, CQ56-112NR, CQ56-115DX, CQ56-122NR, CQ56-124CA, CQ56-129NR, CQ56-134CA, CQ56-148CA, CQ56-154CA, CQ56-201NR, CQ56-204CA, CQ56-219WM, CQ56-220CA, CQ56-240CA, CQ56z-200 CTO, Harness 602743-001
Compaq Presario CQ57 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ57-210US, CQ57-212NR, CQ57-214NR, CQ57-218NR, CQ57-229WM, CQ57-310US, CQ57-314NR, CQ57-315NR, CQ57-319WM, CQ57-339WM, CQ57-386NR, CQ57-410US, CQ57-439WM, Harness 646121-001
Compaq Presario CQ62 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ62-102TX, CQ62-109TX, CQ62-110TU, CQ62-111TU, CQ62-111TX, CQ62-112TX, CQ62-113TU, CQ62-201AU, CQ62-201AX, CQ62-201TU, CQ62-202AU, CQ62-202TU, CQ62-203AU, CQ62-203TU, CQ62-209WM, CQ62-210US, CQ62-211HE, CQ62-212TU, CQ62-213NR, CQ62-214NR, CQ62-214TU, CQ62-215DX, CQ62-215NR, CQ62-215TU, CQ62-217CA, CQ62-219WM, CQ62-220US, CQ62-225NR, CQ62-228DX, CQ62-231NR, CQ62-238DX, CQ62-251TX, CQ62-252TX, CQ62-255TU, CQ62-257TX, CQ62-410US, CQ62-411NR, CQ62-412NR, CQ62-413NR, CQ62-417NR, CQ62-418NR, CQ62-421NR, CQ62-423NR, CQ62z-200 CTO, CQ62z-300 CTO, Harness 602743-001
Compaq Presario CQ71 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ71-100 Series, CQ71-100EO, CQ71-101XX, CQ71-103EF, CQ71-103SF, CQ71-105EE, CQ71-105EF, CQ71-105EO, CQ71-105SF, CQ71-110ED, CQ71-110EG, CQ71-110EL, CQ71-110EO, CQ71-110EV, CQ71-110SF, CQ71-115EF, CQ71-115SF, CQ71-120ED, CQ71-120EF, CQ71-120EG, CQ71-120EO, CQ71-125EO, CQ71-128EZ, CQ71-130EB, CQ71-130ES, CQ71-130SA, CQ71-135SA, CQ71-140EA, CQ71-140EB, CQ71-140SA, CQ71-145EZ, CQ71-150EB, CQ71-150EK, CQ71-150ES, CQ71-150EW, CQ71-200 Series, CQ71-200SB, CQ71-200SO, CQ71-203EF, CQ71-203EO, CQ71-203SF, CQ71-205EO, CQ71-205SG, CQ71-210ED, CQ71-210EF, CQ71-210EG, CQ71-210EI, CQ71-210ER, CQ71-210SA, CQ71-210SF, CQ71-210SO, CQ71-210SR, CQ71-210SV, CQ71-212SF, CQ71-215ER, CQ71-215SF, CQ71-220EB, CQ71-220EF, CQ71-220EG, CQ71-220EK, CQ71-220EL, CQ71-220SO, CQ71-220SS, CQ71-223EG, CQ71-225SO, CQ71-229SZ, CQ71-230EB, CQ71-230ED, CQ71-230EG, CQ71-230EW, CQ71-230SA, CQ71-230SO, CQ71-235EO, CQ71-235SA, CQ71-235SO, CQ71-240EB, CQ71-240SG, CQ71-240SS, CQ71-245EB, CQ71-249EZ, CQ71-250EP, CQ71-250SB, CQ71-250SO, CQ71-255EO, CQ71-260SO, CQ71-300 Series, CQ71-300SB, CQ71-300SG, CQ71-302ER, CQ71-305SA, CQ71-305SF, CQ71-305SG, CQ71-306EI, CQ71-306EW, CQ71-307SZ, CQ71-308EZ, CQ71-310EG, CQ71-310EM, CQ71-310EP, CQ71-310ES, CQ71-310SB, CQ71-310SD, CQ71-310SF, CQ71-310SG, CQ71-310SV, CQ71-311SF, CQ71-312SA, CQ71-314SA, CQ71-315ER, CQ71-315SF, CQ71-317EA, CQ71-317SG, CQ71-318SO, CQ71-319EZ, CQ71-320ED, CQ71-320EG, CQ71-320EM, CQ71-320ER, CQ71-320SA, CQ71-320SB, CQ71-320SF, CQ71-320SG, CQ71-324SO, CQ71-325EG, CQ71-325SG, CQ71-326SO, CQ71-327EO, CQ71-330EB, CQ71-330ED, CQ71-330EM, CQ71-340EM, CQ71-350EK, CQ71-350EO, CQ71-350SB, CQ71-350SG, CQ71-355EG, CQ71-400 Series, CQ71-401SA, CQ71-402SA, CQ71-403EO, CQ71-403SA, CQ71-403SF, CQ71-405EF, CQ71-405SF, CQ71-405SO, CQ71-409SZ, CQ71-410ED, CQ71-410EF, CQ71-410EK, CQ71-410EM, CQ71-410EP, CQ71-410EW, CQ71-410SF, CQ71-410SG, CQ71-410SO, CQ71-410SS, CQ71-411EG, CQ71-411EZ, CQ71-412EG, CQ71-412EO, CQ71-412SF, CQ71-412SO, CQ71-412SZ, CQ71-413EO, CQ71-413EZ, CQ71-413SG, CQ71-414SF, CQ71-414SZ, CQ71-415EG, CQ71-415SO, CQ71-416EG, CQ71-416EO, CQ71-417EG, CQ71-420ED, CQ71-420EG, CQ71-420EK, CQ71-420EM, CQ71-420ER, CQ71-420EW, CQ71-420SB, CQ71-420SF, CQ71-420SM, CQ71-420SO, CQ71-421SG, CQ71-425ER, CQ71-430EM, CQ71-430EP, CQ71-430ER, CQ71-440EB, CQ71-450EV, CQ71-450SB, CQ71-466SB, CQ71-489EZ

HP G42 Notebook PC Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: G42-101XX, G42-200XX, G42-230US, G42-232NR, G42-240US, G42-241HE, G42-243CL, G42-247SB, G42-250BR, G42-301NR, G42-303DX, G42-328CA, G42-367CL, G42-410US, G42-415DX, G42-475DX, G42T-200 CTO, G42t-300 CTO, G42t-400 CTO, Harness 600630-001
HP G50 Notebook PC Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: G50-100 CTO, G50-101XX, G50-102CA, G50-102NR, G50-103CA, G50-103NR, G50-104CA, G50-104NR, G50-106NR, G50-108NR, G50-109NR, G50-111NR, G50-112NR, G50-113CA, G50-113NR, G50-116CA, G50-118NR, G50-120CA, G50-121CA, G50-122CA, G50-123NR, G50-124NR, G50-126NR, G50-133US, G50-201CA, G50-209CA, G50-211CA, G50-213CA, G50-215CA, G50-219CA, Harness 486637-001
HP G56 Notebook PC Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: G56-100XX, G56-118CA, G56-122US, G56-123NR, G56-125NR, G56-126NR, G56-127NR, G56-128CA, G56-129WM, G56-141US, G56-151XX, Harness 602743-001
HP G62 Notebook PC Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: G62-100EB, G62-100EE, G62-100SL, G62-101TU, G62-101XX, G62-103XX, G62-110EE, G62-120EL, G62-120SL, G62-125SL, G62-130SL, G62-140EL, G62-140US, G62-143CL, G62-144DX, G62-145NR, G62-147NR, G62-149WM, G62-165SL, G62-166SB, G62-200XX, G62-201XX, G62-219CA, G62-219WM, G62-220US, G62-222US, G62-223CL, G62-224HE, G62-225DX, G62-225NR, G62-226NR, G62-227CL, G62-228CL, G62-228NR, G62-229NR, G62-229WM, G62-231NR, G62-233NR, G62-234DX, G62-236NR, G62-237US, G62-238NR, G62-251TU, G62-251XX, G62-318CA, G62-320CA, G62-323CA, G62-325CA, G62-327CA, G62-337NR, G62-339WM, G62-340US, G62-341NR, G62-343NR, G62-346NR, G62-347CL, G62-347NR, G62-348CA, G62-348NR, G62-352CA, G62-352US, G62-353NR, G62-354CA, G62-355CA, G62-355DX, G62-357CA, G62-358CA, G62-358NR, G62-359CA, G62-363NR, G62-364DX, G62-365CA, G62-367DX, G62-371DX, G62-372US, G62-373DX, G62-374CA, G62-378CA, G62-404NR, G62-407DX, G62-415NR, G62-420CA, G62-423CA, G62-435DX, G62-448CA, G62-454CA, G62-455DX, G62-457CA, G62-457DX, G62-465DX, G62-470CA, G62-474CA, G62-478CA, G62-a21EZ, G62-a35ET, G62m-300 CTO, G62t-100 CTO, G62t-250 CTO, G62t-350 CTO, G62x-400 CTO, Harness 602743-001
HP G71 Notebook PC Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: G71-300 Series, G71-329WM, G71-333CA, G71-333NR, G71-339CA, G71-340US, G71-343US, G71-345CL, G71-347CL, G71-351CA, G71-358NR, G71-400 Series, G71-430CA, G71-437CA, G71-441NR, G71-442NR, G71-445US, G71-447US, G71-448CL, G71-449WM, G71T-300CTO, G71T-400 CTO
HP G72 Notebook PC Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: G72-130SB, G72-227WM, G72-250US, G72-251NR, G72-251XX, G72-252US, G72-253NR, G72-257CL, G72-259WM, G72-260US, G72-261US, G72-262NR, G72-a30EM, G72-b27CL, G72-b49WM, G72-b50US, G72-b53NR, G72-b54NR, G72-b57CL, G72-b60US, G72-b61NR, G72-b62US, G72-b63NR, G72-b66US, G72-b67CA, G72-b67US, G72-c55DX, G72T-200 CTO, G72t-b00 CTO, Harness 600719-001
HP Pavilion DV5 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: DV5-XXXX, DV5-ALL, DV5-1000EA, DV5-1000US, DV5-1001AU, DV5-1001AX, DV5-1001TU, DV5-1001TX, DV5-1001XX, DV5-1002AU, DV5-1002AX, DV5-1002ET, DV5-1002NR, DV5-1002TU, DV5-1002TX, DV5-1002US, DV5-1002XX, DV5-1003AX, DV5-1003CL, DV5-1003EF, DV5-1003NR, DV5-1003TU, DV5-1003TX, DV5-1003XX, DV5-1004AX, DV5-1004EL, DV5-1004NR, DV5-1004TU, DV5-1004TX, DV5-1004XX, DV5-1005AX, DV5-1005EC, DV5-1005EF, DV5-1005EG, DV5-1005EL, DV5-1005EM, DV5-1005ET, DV5-1005TU, DV5-1005TX, DV5-1006AX, DV5-1006EL, DV5-1006ET, DV5-1006TU, DV5-1006TX, DV5-1007AX, DV5-1007CA, DV5-1007CL, DV5-1007EF, DV5-1007EL, DV5-1007TU, DV5-1007TX, DV5-1008AX, DV5-1008CA, DV5-1008EA, DV5-1008EL, DV5-1008TU, DV5-1008TX, DV5-1009AX, DV5-1009EA, DV5-1009EL, DV5-1009TU, DV5-1009TX, DV5-1010AX, DV5-1010EA, DV5-1010EB, DV5-1010EC, DV5-1010ED, DV5-1010EF, DV5-1010EG, DV5-1010EL, DV5-1010EN, DV5-1010ET, DV5-1010EV, DV5-1010EW, DV5-1010EZ, DV5-1010TU, DV5-1010TX, DV5-1010US, DV5-1011AX, DV5-1011EA, DV5-1011EL, DV5-1011ET, DV5-1011TX, DV5-1012EA, DV5-1012EL, DV5-1012TX, DV5-1013EL, DV5-1013TX, DV5-1014EL, DV5-1014TX, DV5-1015EA, DV5-1015EB, DV5-1015EG, DV5-1015EL, DV5-1015ES, DV5-1015NR, DV5-1015TX, DV5-1016EL, DV5-1016TX, DV5-1017EL, DV5-1017NR, DV5-1017TX, DV5-1018EL, DV5-1018TX, DV5-1019EL, DV5-1019TX, DV5-1020EA, DV5-1020EC, DV5-1020ED, DV5-1020EF, DV5-1020EH, DV5-1020EL, DV5-1020EN, DV5-1020EO, DV5-1020EP, DV5-1020ER, DV5-1020ES, DV5-1020ET, DV5-1020EV, DV5-1020EW, DV5-1020EZ, DV5-1020TX, DV5-1021EL, DV5-1021EO, DV5-1021ET, DV5-1021TX, DV5-1022EL, DV5-1022EO, DV5-1022LA, DV5-1022TX, DV5-1023ES, DV5-1023TX, DV5-1024EL, DV5-1024TX, DV5-1025EB, DV5-1025EG, DV5-1025EL, DV5-1025EP, DV5-1025ER, DV5-1025ES, DV5-1025TX, DV5-1026EL, DV5-1026EO, DV5-1026ES, DV5-1026TX, DV5-1027EL, DV5-1027EO, DV5-1027ES, DV5-1027TX, DV5-1028CA, DV5-1028TX, DV5-1029TX, DV5-1030EB, DV5-1030EC, DV5-1030EE, DV5-1030EF, DV5-1030EG, DV5-1030EI, DV5-1030EL, DV5-1030EN, DV5-1030EO, DV5-1030EP, DV5-1030ER, DV5-1030ES, DV5-1030EV, DV5-1030EW, DV5-1030TX, DV5-1031EL, DV5-1031TX, DV5-1032EG, DV5-1032EL, DV5-1032TX, DV5-1033EL, DV5-1033EZ, DV5-1033TX, DV5-1034CA, DV5-1034EL, DV5-1034TX, DV5-1035EC, DV5-1035EL, DV5-1035EO, DV5-1035ER, DV5-1035ES, DV5-1035TX, DV5-1036EL, DV5-1036EZ, DV5-1036TX, DV5-1037EO, DV5-1037TX, DV5-1038TX, DV5-1039TX, DV5-1040EB, DV5-1040EC, DV5-1040EE, DV5-1040EG, DV5-1040EH, DV5-1040EI, DV5-1040EL, DV5-1040EN, DV5-1040EO, DV5-1040EP, DV5-1040ER, DV5-1040ES, DV5-1040ET, DV5-1040EV, DV5-1040EW, DV5-1040EZ, DV5-1040TX, DV5-1041ET, DV5-1041TX, DV5-1042EZ, DV5-1042TX, DV5-1043TX, DV5-1044CA, DV5-1044TX, DV5-1045ER, DV5-1045ES, DV5-1045TX, DV5-1046TX, DV5-1047TX, DV5-1048ER, DV5-1048TX, DV5-1049TX, DV5-1050ED, DV5-1050EE, DV5-1050EI, DV5-1050EK, DV5-1050EN, DV5-1050EO, DV5-1050EP, DV5-1050ER, DV5-1050ES, DV5-1050EV, DV5-1050EW, DV5-1050TX, DV5-1051TX, DV5-1052TX, DV5-1053TX, DV5-1054TX, DV5-1055EO, DV5-1055ER, DV5-1055TX, DV5-1056TX, DV5-1057TX, DV5-1058EO, DV5-1058TX, DV5-1059TX, DV5-1060EC, DV5-1060EE, DV5-1060EH, DV5-1060EI, DV5-1060ej, DV5-1060EL, DV5-1060EO, DV5-1060EW, DV5-1060TX, DV5-1061TX, DV5-1062EZ, DV5-1062TX, DV5-1063TX, DV5-1064TX, DV5-1065EC, DV5-1070EC, DV5-1070EE, DV5-1070EL, DV5-1070EO, DV5-1070ER, DV5-1070ES, DV5-1070EW, DV5-1073EZ, DV5-1075ER, DV5-1080EH, DV5-1080EI, DV5-1080EL, DV5-1080ES, DV5-1080EV, DV5-1085EO, DV5-1087EO, DV5-1089EO, DV5-1090EO, DV5-1090ES, DV5-1091EO, DV5-1093XX, DV5-1094EO, DV5-1094XX, DV5-1095EO, DV5-1096XX, DV5-1098NR, DV5-1098XX, DV5-1099NR, DV5-1099XX, DV5-1102AX, DV5-1102TX, DV5-1103TU, DV5-1103TX, DV5-1104TX, DV5-1105AX, DV5-1105TU, DV5-1105TX, DV5-1107AX, DV5-1109AX, DV5-1111CA, DV5-1112AX, DV5-1112CA, DV5-1113US, DV5-1114AX, DV5-1114TX, DV5-1115TX, DV5-1116US, DV5-1118CA, DV5-1119NR, DV5-1119TX, DV5-1120US, DV5-1121CA, DV5-1122TX, DV5-1123TX, DV5-1124TX, DV5-1125NR, DV5-1125TX, DV5-1126TX, DV5-1127CL, DV5-1128CA, DV5-1130CA, DV5-1130TX, DV5-1132US, DV5-1133CA, DV5-1135CA, DV5-1135TX, DV5-1136TX, DV5-1137TX, DV5-1138CA, DV5-1138NR, DV5-1140US, DV5-1142TX, DV5-1143TX, DV5-1150US, DV5-1157CA, DV5-1159SE, DV5-1160US, DV5-1166US, DV5-1174CA, DV5-1183CL, DV5-1196XX, DV5-1197XX, DV5-1198XX, DV5-1199XX, DV5-1201AX, DV5-1201EL, DV5-1201TU, DV5-1201TX, DV5-1202AU, DV5-1202AX, DV5-1202TU, DV5-1202TX, DV5-1203AU, DV5-1203EL, DV5-1203TX, DV5-1204AX, DV5-1204TU, DV5-1205AU, DV5-1205AX, DV5-1205TU, DV5-1205TX, DV5-1206AU, DV5-1206AX, DV5-1206TU, DV5-1207AU, DV5-1207EO, DV5-1207TU, DV5-1208AU, DV5-1208TU, DV5-1209AX, DV5-1209TU, DV5-1209TX, DV5-1210AX, DV5-1210EL, DV5-1210TU, DV5-1210TX, DV5-1211AX, DV5-1211EM, DV5-1211TX, DV5-1212AX, DV5-1212TX, DV5-1213AX, DV5-1213TX, DV5-1214AX, DV5-1214TX, DV5-1215AX, DV5-1215CA, DV5-1215EM, DV5-1215TX, DV5-1216AX, DV5-1216TX, DV5-1217TX, DV5-1218AX, DV5-1218TX, DV5-1220TX, DV5-1224TX, DV5-1225CA, DV5-1225TX, DV5-1227EE, DV5-1227TX, DV5-1228TX, DV5-1229TX, DV5-1230TX, DV5-1230US, DV5-1231TX, DV5-1233SE, DV5-1234SE, DV5-1234TX, DV5-1235DX, DV5-1235EE, DV5-1235ET, DV5-1235TX, DV5-1236TX, DV5-1237TX, DV5-1238TX, DV5-1250US, DV5-1251EG, DV5-1251NR, DV5-1253CL, DV5-1255ER, DV5-1272ET, DV5-1299EK, DV5-1299EZ, DV5-1387NR, DV5-1388US, DV5-1392NR, DV5-2008CA, DV5-2028CA, DV5-2032LA, DV5-2034LA, DV5-2035DX, DV5-2035LA, DV5-2037LA, DV5-2038LA, DV5-2040BR, DV5-2040CA, DV5-2043LA, DV5-2045DX, DV5-2045LA, DV5-2046LA, DV5-2047CA, DV5-2048LA, DV5-2050BR, DV5-2050CA, DV5-2051XX, DV5-2060BR, DV5-2070US, DV5-2072NR, DV5-2073NR, DV5-2075NR, DV5-2077CL, DV5-2080BR, DV5-2129WM, DV5-2130US, DV5-2132DX, DV5-2134CA, DV5-2135DX, DV5-2138CA, DV5-2144CA, DV5-2155DX, DV5T-1000 CTO, DV5T-1100 CTO, DV5T-1200SE CTO, DV5T-2000 CTO, DV5T-2100 CTO, DV5TSE-1100 CTO, DV5Z-1000 CTO, DV5Z-1100 CTO, DV5Z-1200 CTO
HP Pavilion DV6 Entertainment Notebook PC Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: DV6-1001TX, DV6-1001xx, DV6-1004TX, DV6-1005TX, DV6-1006TX, DV6-1007TX, DV6-1008TX, DV6-1010TX, DV6-1014TX, DV6-1015TX, DV6-1027NR, DV6-1030CA, DV6-1030US, DV6-1038CA, DV6-1050US, DV6-1051xx, DV6-1053CL, DV6-1054CL, DV6-1101AU, DV6-1102AU, DV6-1102TU, DV6-1103AU, DV6-1103TU, DV6-1104AU, DV6-1104TU, DV6-1105AU, DV6-1105TU, DV6-1106AU, DV6-1107AU, DV6-1107AX, DV6-1108AU, DV6-1108AX, DV6-1109AU, DV6-1109AX, DV6-1110AU, DV6-1111AX, DV6-1112AX, DV6-1113TX, DV6-1114TX, DV6-1115TX, DV6-1116TX, DV6-1117TX, DV6-1118TX, DV6-1119TX, DV6-1120TX, DV6-1122US, DV6-1127TX, DV6-1131TX, DV6-1133TX, DV6-1158TX, DV6-1201AU, DV6-1202AU, DV6-1202TU, DV6-1203AU, DV6-1203AX, DV6-1203TU, DV6-1203TX, DV6-1204TX, DV6-1206AU, DV6-1207AU, DV6-1207AX, DV6-1208AU, DV6-1221AX, DV6-1221TX, DV6-1222AX, DV6-1230US, DV6-1234NR, DV6-1234TX, DV6-1238NR, DV6-1240US, DV6-1241TX, DV6-1243CL, DV6-1244SB, DV6-1247CL, DV6-1250US, DV6-1253CL, DV6-1255TX, DV6-1256TX, DV6-1259DX, DV6-1260SE Artist Edition, DV6-1261TX, DV6-1263CL, DV6-1264TX, DV6-1265TX, DV6-1266TX, DV6-1268NR, DV6-1268TX, DV6-1270la, DV6-1280US, DV6-1299lx, DV6-1303TU, DV6-1306EW, DV6-1308EW, DV6-1309TX, DV6-1310EQ, DV6-1310SL, DV6-1310TX, DV6-1314TX, DV6-1315TX, DV6-1316TX, DV6-1318TX, DV6-1320EQ, DV6-1320SL, DV6-1320SP, DV6-1322TX, DV6-1325TX, DV6-1330EA, DV6-1330EP, DV6-1330EQ, DV6-1330SP, DV6-1330TX, DV6-1331TX, DV6-1334TX, DV6-1334US, DV6-1335TX, DV6-1340EA, DV6-1340SL, DV6-1350SL, DV6-1350US, DV6-1351NR, DV6-1352DX, DV6-1353CL, DV6-1354US, DV6-1355DX, DV6-1359WM, DV6-1360US, DV6-1361SB, DV6-1362NR, DV6-1363CL, DV6-1375DX, DV6-1380EK, DV6-1441EE, DV6-1444EE, DV6-1446EE, DV6-1460EL, DV6-2001xx, DV6-2005AU, DV6-2005SF, DV6-2005SP, DV6-2006AU, DV6-2006TX, DV6-2007AU, DV6-2007AX, DV6-2010EA, DV6-2010EP, DV6-2010EQ, DV6-2010SL, DV6-2012AX, DV6-2015SL, DV6-2018AX, DV6-2019AX, DV6-2020SL, DV6-2025SL, DV6-2043US, DV6-2044DX, DV6-2051xx, DV6-2057CL, DV6-2066DX, DV6-2088DX, DV6-2090EP, DV6-2101AU, DV6-2101TU, DV6-2109AX, DV6-2109TX, DV6-2110AX, DV6-2110EL, DV6-2110SB, DV6-2111AX, DV6-2111TX, DV6-2112EL, DV6-2112TX, DV6-2115SL, DV6-2116EL, DV6-2117AX, DV6-2118EL, DV6-2119EL, DV6-2120EB, DV6-2120EE, DV6-2120SL, DV6-2123EL, DV6-2124EL, DV6-2125TX, DV6-2126EL, DV6-2126TX, DV6-2127EL, DV6-2127TX, DV6-2128CA, DV6-2129EL, DV6-2129TX, DV6-2130EL, DV6-2131EE, DV6-2131EL, DV6-2134EE, DV6-2134TX, DV6-2135EE, DV6-2136EL, DV6-2137EL, DV6-2137SL, DV6-2138EE, DV6-2141SL, DV6-2142SL, DV6-2143TX, DV6-2144NR, DV6-2144TX, DV6-2145EL, DV6-2150US, DV6-2151CL, DV6-2151EE, DV6-2152NR, DV6-2154EE, DV6-2155DX, DV6-2155SE, DV6-2156TX, DV6-2157EL, DV6-2157SB, DV6-2157TX, DV6-2157US, DV6-2157WM, DV6-2158EE, DV6-2158NR, DV6-2158TX, DV6-2159EE, DV6-2159TX, DV6-2160EL, DV6-2162NR, DV6-2162SL, DV6-2163SL, DV6-2163TX, DV6-2164CA, DV6-2164EE, DV6-2164SL, DV6-2166SB, DV6-2168SL, DV6-2170SL, DV6-2170US, DV6-2171EE, DV6-2171NR, DV6-2171SL, DV6-2173CL, DV6-2175TX, DV6-2176TX, DV6-2180US, DV6-2182NR, DV6-2190EP, DV6-2190US, DV6-2192EL, DV6-3001AU, DV6-3001TX, DV6-3001xx, DV6-3002AU, DV6-3002xx, DV6-3003TU, DV6-3003xx, DV6-3004AX, DV6-3004TX, DV6-3006AX, DV6-3006TU, DV6-3007AX, DV6-3008TX, DV6-3010US, DV6-3012HE, DV6-3013CL, DV6-3013NR, DV6-3015TX, DV6-3016TX, DV6-3017NR, DV6-3019WM, DV6-3020US, DV6-3022US, DV6-3023NR, DV6-3023TX, DV6-3024TX, DV6-3025DX, DV6-3030US, DV6-3031NR, DV6-3031TX, DV6-3032NR, DV6-3033CL, DV6-3033HE, DV6-3033TX, DV6-3034NR, DV6-3034TX, DV6-3035TX, DV6-3036TX, DV6-3037NR, DV6-3037SB, DV6-3037TX, DV6-3040TX, DV6-3040US, DV6-3041TX, DV6-3049TX, DV6-3050US, DV6-3051xx, DV6-3053HE, DV6-3053TX, DV6-3055DX, DV6-3108CA, DV6-3109CA, DV6-3114CA, DV6-3120US, DV6-3121NR, DV6-3122US, DV6-3123CL, DV6-3124NR, DV6-3127DX, DV6-3129NR, DV6-3130US, DV6-3131NR, DV6-3132NR, DV6-3133NR, DV6-3134CA, DV6-3134NR, DV6-3138CA, DV6-3140US, DV6-3143CA, DV6-3143CL, DV6-3143US, DV6-3144CA, DV6-3145DX, DV6-3147CA, DV6-3147SB, DV6-3150US, DV6-3152NR, DV6-3153NR, DV6-3155DX, DV6-3158CA, DV6-3160US, DV6-3163CL, DV6-3167CA, DV6-3170CA, DV6-3174CA, DV6-3194CA, DV6-3227CL, DV6-3257CL, DV6t-1000 CTO, DV6t-1100 CTO, DV6t-1200 CTO, DV6t-1300 CTO, DV6t-2000 CTO, DV6t-2300 CTO, DV6t-3000 CTO, DV6t-3000 CTO Select edition, DV6t-3100 CTO, DV6t-3100 CTO Select Edition, DV6t-3200 CTO, DV6z-1000 CTO, DV6z-1100 CTO, DV6z-2000 CTO, DV6z-2100 CTO, DV6z-3000 CTO, DV6z-3000 CTO Select Edition, DV6z-3100 CTO, DV6z-3100 CTO Select Edition
HP Premium HDX X18 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: HDX X18-1000EO, HDX X18-1001TX, HDX X18-1001XX, HDX X18-1002TX, HDX X18-1003TX, HDX X18-1004TX, HDX X18-1005EA, HDX X18-1005TX, HDX X18-1006TX, HDX X18-1007TX, HDX X18-1008TX, HDX X18-1009TX, HDX X18-1010EA, HDX X18-1010TX, HDX X18-1011TX, HDX X18-1012TX, HDX X18-1013TX, HDX X18-1014TX, HDX X18-1015TX, HDX X18-1016TX, HDX X18-1017TX, HDX X18-1018TX, HDX X18-1020US, HDX X18-1023CA, HDX X18-1024CA, HDX X18-1027CL, HDX X18-1050EB, HDX X18-1050EF, HDX X18-1050ER, HDX X18-1058CA, HDX X18-1070EE, HDX X18-1080ED, HDX X18-1080EG, HDX X18-1080EL, HDX X18-1080EP, HDX X18-1080ES, HDX X18-1080ET, HDX X18-1080EW, HDX X18-1088EZ, HDX X18-1090EZ, HDX X18-1099UX, HDX X18T-1000 CTO, HP HDX X18-1100 Series, HDX X18-1100EO, HDX X18-1101EA, HDX X18-1101EG, HDX X18-1101TX, HDX X18-1102EA, HDX X18-1102TX, HDX X18-1103EA, HDX X18-1103TX, HDX X18-1104TX, HDX X18-1105TX, HDX X18-1106TX, HDX X18-1107TX, HDX X18-1108TX, HDX X18-1109TX, HDX X18-1110EG, HDX X18-1110TX, HDX X18-1111TX, HDX X18-1112TX, HDX X18-1113TX, HDX X18-1114TX, HDX X18-1115TX, HDX X18-1116TX, HDX X18-1120LA, HDX X18-1150EF, HDX X18-1155EE, HDX X18-1175EE, HDX X18-1180CA, HDX X18-1180EB, HDX X18-1180ED, HDX X18-1180EF, HDX X18-1180EL, HDX X18-1180EP, HDX X18-1180ES, HDX X18-1180EW, HDX X18-1180US, HDX X18-1190EW, HDX X18-1190EZ, HDX X18T-1100 CTO, HP HDX X18-1200 Series, HDX X18-1200EO, HDX X18-1201EA, HDX X18-1201TX, HDX X18-1202TX, HDX X18-1203TX, HDX X18-1204TX, HDX X18-1205TX, HDX X18-1206TX, HDX X18-1207TX, HDX X18-1208TX, HDX X18-1209TX, HDX X18-1222EG, HDX X18-1250EF, HDX X18-1250EO, HDX X18-1250ER, HDX X18-1255EE, HDX X18-1275EE, HDX X18-1277EZ, HDX X18-1280ED, HDX X18-1280EL, HDX X18-1280EP, HDX X18-1280ES, HDX X18-1280EW, HDX X18-1290EW, HDX X18-1290EZ, HDX X18-1299EB, HDX X18T-1200 CTO, HP HDX X18-1300 Series, HDX X18-1301TX, HDX X18-1310EG, HDX X18-1320EA, HDX X18-1320ER, HDX X18-1350EF, HDX X18-1350EO, HDX X18-1374CA, HDX X18-1378CA, HDX X18-1380ED, HDX X18-1380EP, HDX X18-1380ES, HDX X18-1380EZ, HDX X18-1390EB, HDX X18-1390EE, HDX X18-1390EL, HDX X18-1390EO, HDX X18-1390EZ

Compaq Presario CQ40 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ40-100 CTO, CQ40-101AU, CQ40-101TU, CQ40-101XX, CQ40-102AX, CQ40-102TU, CQ40-103AU, CQ40-103AX, CQ40-103TU, CQ40-104AU, CQ40-105AU, CQ40-105AX, CQ40-105TU, CQ40-106AU, CQ40-106AX, CQ40-107TU, CQ40-108AU, CQ40-108AX, CQ40-109AU, CQ40-109AX, CQ40-109TU, CQ40-110AU, CQ40-111AU, CQ40-111AX, CQ40-112AX, CQ40-112TU, CQ40-114AU, CQ40-114AX, CQ40-114TU, CQ40-115AU, CQ40-115AX, CQ40-115TU, CQ40-116AX, CQ40-117AX, CQ40-117TU, CQ40-118AX, CQ40-118TU, CQ40-119AX, CQ40-119TU, CQ40-120AU, CQ40-120AX, CQ40-120TU, CQ40-121AU, CQ40-122AU, CQ40-122TU, CQ40-123AU, CQ40-124AU, CQ40-125AU, CQ40-125AX, CQ40-126AX, CQ40-126TU, CQ40-128AU, CQ40-129AU, CQ40-129TU, CQ40-130TU, CQ40-131TU, CQ40-132TU, CQ40-134TU, CQ40-135TU, CQ40-138TU, CQ40-139TU, CQ40-140TU, CQ40-141TU, CQ40-143TU, CQ40-146TU, CQ40-147TU, CQ40-148TU, CQ40-150TU, CQ40-151XX, CQ40-152XX, CQ40-200 CTO, CQ40-201XX, CQ40-215WM, CQ40-300 CTO, CQ40-302AX, CQ40-303AX, CQ40-303TU, CQ40-304AX, CQ40-304TU, CQ40-305AX, CQ40-306AX, CQ40-308AX, CQ40-309AX, CQ40-310AX, CQ40-310TU, CQ40-311AU, CQ40-311AX, CQ40-312AU, CQ40-314AX, CQ40-315TU, CQ40-317AX, CQ40-318AX, CQ40-318TU, CQ40-319AX, CQ40-320AX, CQ40-321TU, CQ40-322AX, CQ40-322TU, CQ40-323AX, CQ40-323TU, CQ40-325AX, CQ40-326TU, CQ40-331TU, CQ40-334TU, CQ40-343TU, CQ40-346TU, CQ40-404AX, CQ40-408AU, CQ40-409TU, CQ40-416TU, CQ40-417TU, CQ40-421AX, CQ40-513TX, CQ40-518AU, CQ40-520AU, CQ40-521TU, CQ40-521TX, CQ40-522TX, CQ40-528TU, CQ40-536TX, CQ40-537TX, CQ40-541TX, CQ40-555TU, CQ40-556TU, CQ40-601AX, CQ40-603TU, CQ40-605TU, CQ40-606AU, CQ40-606AX, CQ40-607AU, CQ40-607AX, CQ40-609AX, CQ40-609TX, CQ40-610TX, CQ40-611AX, CQ40-611BR, CQ40-611TX, CQ40-612BR, CQ40-614BR, CQ40-614TX, CQ40-615TX, CQ40-616TX, CQ40-618AX, CQ40-619AX, CQ40-620AX, CQ40-622AU, CQ40-622BR, CQ40-623AU, CQ40-623AX, CQ40-623TU, CQ40-624AU, CQ40-624AX, CQ40-624TX, CQ40-626AU, CQ40-627AX, CQ40-627LA, CQ40-630TX, CQ40-633TU, CQ40-634TX, CQ40-636TX, CQ40-637TX, CQ40-638TX, CQ40-639TX, CQ40-640TX, CQ40-641TX, CQ40-642TX, CQ40-643TX, CQ40-704TX, CQ40-705TX, CQ40-706TX, CQ40-707TU, CQ40-707TX, CQ40-708TU, CQ40-708TX, CQ40-709TU, CQ40-709TX, CQ40-710TX, CQ40-711TX, CQ40-713TU, CQ40-716TX, CQ40-717TU, CQ40-717TX, CQ40-719TU, CQ40-725TU, CQ40-734TU, CQ40-735TU, CQ40-747TU, CQ40-748TU, Harness 486864-001
Compaq Presario CQ41 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ41-204AU, CQ41-204TX, CQ41-205AX, CQ41-205TX, CQ41-206AU, CQ41-206AX, CQ41-206TX, CQ41-207AX, CQ41-207TX, CQ41-208AX, CQ41-208TU, CQ41-208TX, CQ41-209AU, CQ41-209AX, CQ41-209TU, CQ41-209TX, CQ41-210AU, CQ41-210TU, CQ41-211TU, CQ41-211TX, CQ41-212TX, CQ41-213AU, CQ41-213TU, CQ41-214AU, CQ41-215AU, CQ41-217TU, CQ41-218AU, CQ41-218AX, CQ41-222AU, CQ41-223TX, CQ41-224TX, CQ41-225AU, CQ41-225TX, Harness 486864-001
Compaq Presario CQ45 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ45-100 CTO, CQ45-101AU, CQ45-101XX, CQ45-102AU, CQ45-102TX, CQ45-102XX, CQ45-103TU, CQ45-103TX, CQ45-104TU, CQ45-105AU, CQ45-105TU, CQ45-105TX, CQ45-107AU, CQ45-108AU, CQ45-108TU, CQ45-109AU, CQ45-109TU, CQ45-110AU, CQ45-110TU, CQ45-110TX, CQ45-111AU, CQ45-111TX, CQ45-112TX, CQ45-113AU, CQ45-113TX, CQ45-114AU, CQ45-114TX, CQ45-115AU, CQ45-115TX, CQ45-116TX, CQ45-117TX, CQ45-118TX, CQ45-120 CTO, CQ45-120TX, CQ45-121TX, CQ45-123TX, CQ45-124TX, CQ45-125TX, CQ45-126TX, CQ45-127TX, CQ45-128TX, CQ45-129TX, CQ45-130TX, CQ45-131TX, CQ45-132TX, CQ45-133TX, CQ45-134TX, CQ45-135TX, CQ45-136TX, CQ45-148TX, CQ45-151XX, CQ45-152XX, CQ45-200 CTO, CQ45-201TU, CQ45-201TX, CQ45-202TU, CQ45-204AU, CQ45-204TU, CQ45-205TX, CQ45-206TX, CQ45-207TX, CQ45-208TU, CQ45-209TU, CQ45-209TX, CQ45-210TU, CQ45-210TX, CQ45-211TU, CQ45-211TX, CQ45-212TU, CQ45-212TX, CQ45-213TU, CQ45-213TX, CQ45-214TU, CQ45-214TX, CQ45-215TU, CQ45-216TU, CQ45-217TU, CQ45-218TU, CQ45-219TU, CQ45-220TU, CQ45-220TX, CQ45-221TU, CQ45-221TX, CQ45-222TU, CQ45-222TX, CQ45-223TX, CQ45-301TU, CQ45-302TU, CQ45-302TX, CQ45-303TU, CQ45-304TU, CQ45-305TU, CQ45-306TU, CQ45-307TU, CQ45-309TU, CQ45-309TX, CQ45-310TX, CQ45-311TX, CQ45-312TX, CQ45-314TX, CQ45-315TX, CQ45-318TX, CQ45-320TX, CQ45-321TX, CQ45-322TX, CQ45-323TX, CQ45-324TX, CQ45-325TX, CQ45-326TX, CQ45-327TX, CQ45-328TX, CQ45-329TX, CQ45-330TX, CQ45-331TX, CQ45-401TU, CQ45-402TU, CQ45-403TU, CQ45-409TX, CQ45-410TX, CQ45-411TX, CQ45-413TX, CQ45-415TX, CQ45-416TX, CQ45-417TX, CQ45-418TX, Harness 486864-001
Compaq Presario CQ60 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ60-100 Series, CQ60-100 CTO, CQ60-100EA, CQ60-100ED, CQ60-100EE, CQ60-100EG, CQ60-100EL, CQ60-100EM, CQ60-100ER, CQ60-101AU, CQ60-101ER, CQ60-101TU, CQ60-101TX, CQ60-101XX, CQ60-102AU, CQ60-102EL, CQ60-102ER, CQ60-102TU, CQ60-102TX, CQ60-102XX, CQ60-103AU, CQ60-103EL, CQ60-103ER, CQ60-103TU, CQ60-103TX, CQ60-103XX, CQ60-104AU, CQ60-104EL, CQ60-104ER, CQ60-104TU, CQ60-104TX, CQ60-105AU, CQ60-105EB, CQ60-105EF, CQ60-105EG, CQ60-105EI, CQ60-105EM, CQ60-105EN, CQ60-105ER, CQ60-105TU, CQ60-105TX, CQ60-106AU, CQ60-106EE, CQ60-106EL, CQ60-106EM, CQ60-106ER, CQ60-106TU, CQ60-106TX, CQ60-106XX, CQ60-107AU, CQ60-107EA, CQ60-107EF, CQ60-107EL, CQ60-107ER, CQ60-107TU, CQ60-107TX, CQ60-108AU, CQ60-108EB, CQ60-108EO, CQ60-108ER, CQ60-108TU, CQ60-108TX, CQ60-109AU, CQ60-109EM, CQ60-109EO, CQ60-109ER, CQ60-109TU, CQ60-109TX, CQ60-110AU, CQ60-110ED, CQ60-110EE, CQ60-110EF, CQ60-110EG, CQ60-110EI, CQ60-110EJ, CQ60-110EM, CQ60-110EN, CQ60-110EO, CQ60-110ES, CQ60-110EW, CQ60-110TU, CQ60-110TX, CQ60-111EM, CQ60-111TU, CQ60-111TX, CQ60-112EM, CQ60-112LA, CQ60-112TU, CQ60-112TX, CQ60-113EE, CQ60-113EM, CQ60-113EO, CQ60-113LA, CQ60-113TU, CQ60-113TX, CQ60-114EA, CQ60-114EM, CQ60-114TU, CQ60-114TX, CQ60-115EF, CQ60-115EG, CQ60-115EM, CQ60-115EO, CQ60-115ET, CQ60-115TU, CQ60-115TX, CQ60-116EE, CQ60-116EM, CQ60-116EO, CQ60-116TU, CQ60-116TX, CQ60-117EL, CQ60-117EM, CQ60-117EO, CQ60-117TU, CQ60-117TX, CQ60-118EL, CQ60-118EM, CQ60-118TU, CQ60-118TX, CQ60-119TU, CQ60-119TX, CQ60-120EB, CQ60-120EC, CQ60-120ED, CQ60-120EF, CQ60-120EG, CQ60-120EJ, CQ60-120EK, CQ60-120EM, CQ60-120EO, CQ60-120ES, CQ60-120ET, CQ60-120EV, CQ60-120EW, CQ60-120TU, CQ60-121ET, CQ60-121TU, CQ60-122EF, CQ60-122EL, CQ60-122TU, CQ60-123EF, CQ60-123EZ, CQ60-124EF, CQ60-125EC, CQ60-125EF, CQ60-125EI, CQ60-125EO, CQ60-125ES, CQ60-125ET, CQ60-127EL, CQ60-127EO, CQ60-130EB, CQ60-130EC, CQ60-130ED, CQ60-130EG, CQ60-130EI, CQ60-130EM, CQ60-130EO, CQ60-130ES, CQ60-130ET, CQ60-130EW, CQ60-131EZ, CQ60-132EL, CQ60-135EC, CQ60-135EO, CQ60-135ES, CQ60-135ET, CQ60-135EZ, CQ60-136EM, CQ60-136ES, CQ60-137EL, CQ60-137EM, CQ60-140ED, CQ60-140EG, CQ60-140EK, CQ60-140EO, CQ60-140ES, CQ60-140EV, CQ60-140EW, CQ60-142EL, CQ60-144US, CQ60-145EI, CQ60-150EG, CQ60-150EP, CQ60-151EM, CQ60-151EP, CQ60-152EM, CQ60-152EP, CQ60-153EM, CQ60-153EP, CQ60-155EP, CQ60-160EP, CQ60-160EV, CQ60-170EP, CQ60-200 Series, CQ60-200ED, CQ60-200EG, CQ60-200EL, CQ60-200EM, CQ60-200EO, CQ60-200EP, CQ60-200ER, CQ60-200ES, CQ60-200ET, CQ60-201AU, CQ60-201EE, CQ60-201EL, CQ60-201EO, CQ60-201EP, CQ60-201ET, CQ60-201TU, CQ60-201TX, CQ60-202AU, CQ60-202ED, CQ60-202EL, CQ60-202EO, CQ60-202ER, CQ60-202ES, CQ60-202TU, CQ60-202TX, CQ60-202US, CQ60-203AU, CQ60-203EE, CQ60-203EL, CQ60-203EO, CQ60-203NR, CQ60-203TU, CQ60-203TX, CQ60-204AU, CQ60-204ED, CQ60-204EL, CQ60-204EM, CQ60-204EO, CQ60-204ES, CQ60-204NR, CQ60-204TU, CQ60-204TX, CQ60-205AU, CQ60-205EC, CQ60-205EE, CQ60-205EF, CQ60-205EI, CQ60-205EL, CQ60-205EM, CQ60-205EN, CQ60-205EO, CQ60-205EP, CQ60-205ER, CQ60-205ES, CQ60-205EZ, CQ60-205TU, CQ60-205TX, CQ60-206AU, CQ60-206ED, CQ60-206EM, CQ60-206TU, CQ60-206TX, CQ60-206US, CQ60-207AU, CQ60-207EE, CQ60-207EL, CQ60-207EO, CQ60-207ER, CQ60-207TU, CQ60-207TX, CQ60-208AU, CQ60-208CA, CQ60-208ED, CQ60-208TU, CQ60-208TX, CQ60-209AU, CQ60-209EO, CQ60-209TU, CQ60-209TX, CQ60-210AU, CQ60-210CA, CQ60-210EB, CQ60-210EF, CQ60-210EG, CQ60-210EI, CQ60-210EL, CQ60-210EM, CQ60-210EN, CQ60-210EO, CQ60-210EP, CQ60-210ER, CQ60-210ES, CQ60-210ET, CQ60-210TU, CQ60-210TX, CQ60-210US, CQ60-211DX, CQ60-211EF, CQ60-211ES, CQ60-211ET, CQ60-211TU, CQ60-211TX, CQ60-212EA, CQ60-212EL, CQ60-212EM, CQ60-212EO, CQ60-212ET, CQ60-212TU, CQ60-212TX, CQ60-212US, CQ60-213EF, CQ60-213EM, CQ60-213TU, CQ60-213TX, CQ60-214DX, CQ60-214EF, CQ60-214EM, CQ60-214TU, CQ60-214TX, CQ60-215DX, CQ60-215EC, CQ60-215EE, CQ60-215EF, CQ60-215EG, CQ60-215EI, CQ60-215EM, CQ60-215EN, CQ60-215EP, CQ60-215ER, CQ60-215ES, CQ60-215TU, CQ60-215TX, CQ60-216DX, CQ60-216EF, CQ60-216EM, CQ60-216EO, CQ60-216TU, CQ60-216TX, CQ60-217EF, CQ60-217EL, CQ60-217EM, CQ60-217TU, CQ60-217TX, CQ60-218CA, CQ60-218EA, CQ60-218EM, CQ60-218TU, CQ60-218TX, CQ60-219EA, CQ60-219TU, CQ60-219TX, CQ60-220EB, CQ60-220EC, CQ60-220EG, CQ60-220EJ, CQ60-220EK, CQ60-220EL, CQ60-220EO, CQ60-220ES, CQ60-220ET, CQ60-220EV, CQ60-220TU, CQ60-220TX, CQ60-220US, CQ60-221EM, CQ60-221TU, CQ60-222EI, CQ60-222EZ, CQ60-224CA, CQ60-224NR, CQ60-225EF, CQ60-225EJ, CQ60-225EL, CQ60-225EM, CQ60-227CA, CQ60-227EF, CQ60-228EL, CQ60-228US, CQ60-230EF, CQ60-230EG, CQ60-230EI, CQ60-230EM, CQ60-230EV, CQ60-233EZ, CQ60-235EF, CQ60-235EM, CQ60-240EK, CQ60-240EV, CQ60-243EZ, CQ60-249US, CQ60-250EG, CQ60-250EI, CQ60-252EG, CQ60-255EG, CQ60-260EG, CQ60-260EK, CQ60-260ES, CQ60-260EV, CQ60-270EG, CQ60-300 Series, CQ60-300ED, CQ60-300EE, CQ60-300EO, CQ60-300EV, CQ60-300EW, CQ60-300SB, CQ60-300SD, CQ60-300SI, CQ60-300SO, CQ60-300SV, CQ60-301AU, CQ60-301EG, CQ60-301ET, CQ60-301SL, CQ60-302AU, CQ60-302SL, CQ60-303AU, CQ60-304AU, CQ60-305AU, CQ60-305EA, CQ60-305EF, CQ60-305EG, CQ60-305ER, CQ60-305EZ, CQ60-305SA, CQ60-305SF, CQ60-305SL, CQ60-306AU, CQ60-307AU, CQ60-307EA, CQ60-307SA, CQ60-307SL, CQ60-308AU, CQ60-309AU, CQ60-310AU, CQ60-310EC, CQ60-310ED, CQ60-310EG, CQ60-310EL, CQ60-310EN, CQ60-310EO, CQ60-310EQ, CQ60-310ET, CQ60-310SA, CQ60-311AU, CQ60-311SA, CQ60-311SL, CQ60-312AU, CQ60-313AU, CQ60-313EA, CQ60-313SA, CQ60-314AU, CQ60-315AU, CQ60-315EE, CQ60-315EF, CQ60-315EL, CQ60-315EO, CQ60-315SF, CQ60-316AU, CQ60-320EC, CQ60-320EG, CQ60-320EI, CQ60-320EO, CQ60-320ES, CQ60-320SA, CQ60-325ES, CQ60-327EZ, CQ60-328SZ, CQ60-330EG, CQ60-330EO, CQ60-330ES, CQ60-342LA, CQ60-355LA, CQ60-359LA, CQ60-400 Series, CQ60-400EQ, CQ60-400SB, CQ60-400SD, CQ60-400SL, CQ60-401AU, CQ60-402AU, CQ60-403AU, CQ60-404CA, CQ60-404SA, CQ60-405EE, CQ60-405EI, CQ60-405EO, CQ60-405SA, CQ60-405SF, CQ60-405SO, CQ60-406AU, CQ60-407AU, CQ60-409AU, CQ60-409CA, CQ60-409EZ, CQ60-409SA, CQ60-410AU, CQ60-410EB, CQ60-410EG, CQ60-410ER, CQ60-410SA, CQ60-410SF, CQ60-410SL, CQ60-410SS, CQ60-410SV, CQ60-410US, CQ60-412EG, CQ60-413AU, CQ60-413NR, CQ60-413SO, CQ60-415EE, CQ60-415EG, CQ60-415EN, CQ60-415EW, CQ60-415SL, CQ60-415SO, CQ60-416AU, CQ60-417CA, CQ60-417DX, CQ60-417NR, CQ60-418CA, CQ60-418DX, CQ60-419AU, CQ60-419WM, CQ60-420AU, CQ60-420ED, CQ60-420EG, CQ60-420EO, CQ60-420ER, CQ60-420SA, CQ60-420SP, CQ60-420US, CQ60-421NR, CQ60-422DX, CQ60-423DX, CQ60-425EI, CQ60-425EW, CQ60-425SL, CQ60-427NR, CQ60-430CA, CQ60-430EB, CQ60-430ED, CQ60-430EG, CQ60-430SA, CQ60-433US, CQ60-440EC, CQ60-440EN, CQ60-514NR, CQ60-615DX, CQ60Z-200 CTO
Compaq Presario CQ61 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ61-100 Series, CQ61-100EE, CQ61-100EO, CQ61-100EP, CQ61-100ES, CQ61-100EW, CQ61-100SD, CQ61-100SL, CQ61-100SO, CQ61-100SP, CQ61-101ET, CQ61-101TU, CQ61-101TX, CQ61-102TU, CQ61-102TX, CQ61-103EF, CQ61-103EO, CQ61-103TU, CQ61-103TX, CQ61-104EL, CQ61-104SB, CQ61-104SL, CQ61-104SV, CQ61-104TU, CQ61-104TX, CQ61-105ED, CQ61-105EE, CQ61-105EI, CQ61-105EK, CQ61-105EO, CQ61-105EQ, CQ61-105ER, CQ61-105ET, CQ61-105SA, CQ61-105SS, CQ61-105TU, CQ61-105TX, CQ61-106TU, CQ61-106TX, CQ61-107TU, CQ61-107TX, CQ61-108TU, CQ61-108TX, CQ61-109TU, CQ61-109TX, CQ61-110EB, CQ61-110EC, CQ61-110ED, CQ61-110EF, CQ61-110EG, CQ61-110EH, CQ61-110EI, CQ61-110EK, CQ61-110EO, CQ61-110EP, CQ61-110ER, CQ61-110ES, CQ61-110ET, CQ61-110EW, CQ61-110SA, CQ61-110SF, CQ61-110SL, CQ61-110TU, CQ61-110TX, CQ61-111TU, CQ61-111TX, CQ61-112SL, CQ61-112TU, CQ61-112TX, CQ61-113TU, CQ61-113TX, CQ61-114TU, CQ61-114TX, CQ61-115EE, CQ61-115EF, CQ61-115EI, CQ61-115EO, CQ61-115EQ, CQ61-115ES, CQ61-115SF, CQ61-115SL, CQ61-115TU, CQ61-115TX, CQ61-116ES, CQ61-116TU, CQ61-116TX, CQ61-117TU, CQ61-117TX, CQ61-118TU, CQ61-118TX, CQ61-119TU, CQ61-119TX, CQ61-120EA, CQ61-120EF, CQ61-120EG, CQ61-120EH, CQ61-120EI, CQ61-120EJ, CQ61-120EL, CQ61-120EO, CQ61-120ES, CQ61-120ET, CQ61-120EW, CQ61-120SA, CQ61-120SF, CQ61-120TU, CQ61-121TU, CQ61-122EL, CQ61-122SA, CQ61-122TU, CQ61-123TU, CQ61-124EZ, CQ61-124TU, CQ61-125EI, CQ61-125EL, CQ61-125EO, CQ61-125EQ, CQ61-125TU, CQ61-126SZ, CQ61-126TU, CQ61-127TU, CQ61-128TU, CQ61-129TU, CQ61-130EI, CQ61-130EK, CQ61-130ES, CQ61-130SK, CQ61-130TU, CQ61-131TU, CQ61-132TU, CQ61-133TU, CQ61-134TU, CQ61-135TU, CQ61-136EZ, CQ61-136TU, CQ61-140EI, CQ61-140EJ, CQ61-140SK, CQ61-200 Series, CQ61-200EP, CQ61-200SH, CQ61-200SL, CQ61-200SP, CQ61-200SQ, CQ61-201TU, CQ61-201TX, CQ61-202TU, CQ61-202TX, CQ61-203EO, CQ61-203TU, CQ61-203TX, CQ61-204SF, CQ61-204TX, CQ61-205EE, CQ61-205EF, CQ61-205EI, CQ61-205EQ, CQ61-205ER, CQ61-205SF, CQ61-205SL, CQ61-205SO, CQ61-205TU, CQ61-206TU, CQ61-206TX, CQ61-207SF, CQ61-207SL, CQ61-207TU, CQ61-207TX, CQ61-208ER, CQ61-208TX, CQ61-209ER, CQ61-209SL, CQ61-209TU, CQ61-209TX, CQ61-210EI, CQ61-210EK, CQ61-210ER, CQ61-210EV, CQ61-210EW, CQ61-210SB, CQ61-210SD, CQ61-210SG, CQ61-210SH, CQ61-210SL, CQ61-210SN, CQ61-210SO, CQ61-210SP, CQ61-210SQ, CQ61-210SR, CQ61-210SS, CQ61-210ST, CQ61-210SV, CQ61-210TU, CQ61-210TX, CQ61-211ER, CQ61-211TU, CQ61-211TX, CQ61-212TU, CQ61-213TU, CQ61-214TU, CQ61-214TX, CQ61-215EE, CQ61-215SO, CQ61-215TU, CQ61-216TU, CQ61-216TX, CQ61-217TU, CQ61-217TX, CQ61-218SL, CQ61-218TU, CQ61-219TU, CQ61-220ED, CQ61-220EF, CQ61-220EG, CQ61-220EI, CQ61-220EJ, CQ61-220EK, CQ61-220EW, CQ61-220SA, CQ61-220SF, CQ61-220SL, CQ61-220SN, CQ61-220SO, CQ61-220SS, CQ61-220SV, CQ61-221EK, CQ61-221SA, CQ61-221TU, CQ61-221TX, CQ61-222SA, CQ61-222SL, CQ61-222SZ, CQ61-222TU, CQ61-222TX, CQ61-223EA, CQ61-223EG, CQ61-223SA, CQ61-223TU, CQ61-223TX, CQ61-224SG, CQ61-224TX, CQ61-225EE, CQ61-225EO, CQ61-225EP, CQ61-225ES, CQ61-225SA, CQ61-225SG, CQ61-225TU, CQ61-225TX, CQ61-226SL, CQ61-226TU, CQ61-227TU, CQ61-227TX, CQ61-228TU, CQ61-230EC, CQ61-230EG, CQ61-230EP, CQ61-230SB, CQ61-230SF, CQ61-230SL, CQ61-230SN, CQ61-230SS, CQ61-231EZ, CQ61-231SO, CQ61-231TU, CQ61-232TU, CQ61-233EZ, CQ61-235ET, CQ61-235EZ, CQ61-235TU, CQ61-237EZ, CQ61-240ED, CQ61-240EG, CQ61-240EJ, CQ61-240EK, CQ61-240SS, CQ61-241EZ, CQ61-245EI, CQ61-245ET, CQ61-249ET, CQ61-250SO, CQ61-260EJ, CQ61-280EJ, CQ61-300 Series, CQ61-300EB, CQ61-300ES, CQ61-300ST, CQ61-300SV, CQ61-301SG, CQ61-301SL, CQ61-301TX, CQ61-302SL, CQ61-302SZ, CQ61-302TX, CQ61-303SF, CQ61-303SL, CQ61-303SV, CQ61-303SW, CQ61-303TU, CQ61-303TX, CQ61-303XX, CQ61-304SL, CQ61-304SW, CQ61-304TU, CQ61-305AX, CQ61-305EC, CQ61-305EQ, CQ61-305ER, CQ61-305EV, CQ61-305EZ, CQ61-305SA, CQ61-305SF, CQ61-305SL, CQ61-305ST, CQ61-305TX, CQ61-306AX, CQ61-306EL, CQ61-306TX, CQ61-307AU, CQ61-307SF, CQ61-307TU, CQ61-307TX, CQ61-308TX, CQ61-309AX, CQ61-309EZ, CQ61-309SL, CQ61-309TU, CQ61-309TX, CQ61-310EA, CQ61-310EC, CQ61-310EH, CQ61-310EI, CQ61-310EJ, CQ61-310EK, CQ61-310EL, CQ61-310EM, CQ61-310EN, CQ61-310EQ, CQ61-310ER, CQ61-310EV, CQ61-310EX, CQ61-310SA, CQ61-310SB, CQ61-310SD, CQ61-310SF, CQ61-310SG, CQ61-310SL, CQ61-310SO, CQ61-310SP, CQ61-310SV, CQ61-310US, CQ61-311AX, CQ61-311ER, CQ61-311SO, CQ61-311TU, CQ61-312EF, CQ61-312EG, CQ61-312EL, CQ61-312ER, CQ61-312SA, CQ61-312SF, CQ61-312SL, CQ61-312SO, CQ61-312TU, CQ61-312TX, CQ61-313AX, CQ61-313ER, CQ61-313NR, CQ61-313SZ, CQ61-313TU, CQ61-313TX, CQ61-313US, CQ61-314ER, CQ61-314SL, CQ61-314TU, CQ61-314US, CQ61-315EC, CQ61-315EM, CQ61-315ER, CQ61-315EX, CQ61-315SA, CQ61-315SB, CQ61-315SD, CQ61-315SF, CQ61-315SG, CQ61-315SH, CQ61-315SL, CQ61-315SN, CQ61-315SO, CQ61-315SP, CQ61-315SQ, CQ61-315SS, CQ61-315ST, CQ61-315TU, CQ61-315TX, CQ61-316EG, CQ61-316ER, CQ61-316SO, CQ61-316TX, CQ61-317ER, CQ61-317SA, CQ61-317SL, CQ61-318ER, CQ61-318SG, CQ61-318SL, CQ61-318SO, CQ61-318TX, CQ61-319ER, CQ61-319SL, CQ61-319TX, CQ61-319WM, CQ61-320CA, CQ61-320EA, CQ61-320EC, CQ61-320EG, CQ61-320EI, CQ61-320EJ, CQ61-320EM, CQ61-320EN, CQ61-320ER, CQ61-320ET, CQ61-320EX, CQ61-320SA, CQ61-320SB, CQ61-320SD, CQ61-320SF, CQ61-320SG, CQ61-320SH, CQ61-320SL, CQ61-320SO, CQ61-320SQ, CQ61-320SS, CQ61-320TX, CQ61-321ER, CQ61-322ER, CQ61-322EZ, CQ61-322SL, CQ61-323EO, CQ61-323ER, CQ61-323TX, CQ61-324CA, CQ61-324EZ, CQ61-324SA, CQ61-324SP, CQ61-324TX, CQ61-325EB, CQ61-325EC, CQ61-325ED, CQ61-325EI, CQ61-325ES, CQ61-325EZ, CQ61-325SA, CQ61-325SG, CQ61-325SH, CQ61-325SO, CQ61-325SP, CQ61-325SQ, CQ61-325TU, CQ61-326SA, CQ61-326TU, CQ61-326TX, CQ61-327SA, CQ61-327SF, CQ61-327SO, CQ61-327TU, CQ61-327TX, CQ61-328EZ, CQ61-328TU, CQ61-328TX, CQ61-329TU, CQ61-330EC, CQ61-330EE, CQ61-330EG, CQ61-330EI, CQ61-330EJ, CQ61-330EK, CQ61-330EM, CQ61-330EN, CQ61-330ET, CQ61-330SA, CQ61-330SB, CQ61-330SD, CQ61-330SO, CQ61-330SQ, CQ61-330SS, CQ61-331ER, CQ61-332ER, CQ61-333EN, CQ61-333ER, CQ61-333SO, CQ61-334ER, CQ61-335EN, CQ61-335ER, CQ61-335ES, CQ61-335EV, CQ61-335SB, CQ61-335SO, CQ61-335SQ, CQ61-340EC, CQ61-340ED, CQ61-340EN, CQ61-340EV, CQ61-340SA, CQ61-340SS, CQ61-345SQ, CQ61-350EK, CQ61-350SF, CQ61-355EP, CQ61-355SQ, CQ61-360EV, CQ61-360SA, CQ61z-300 CTO, CQ61-400 Series, CQ61-400ES, CQ61-400EY, CQ61-400SO, CQ61-400SS, CQ61-401SA, CQ61-401SY, CQ61-401TX, CQ61-402EA, CQ61-402EO, CQ61-402SA, CQ61-402SZ, CQ61-402TU, CQ61-403EA, CQ61-403EK, CQ61-403SA, CQ61-403SF, CQ61-403SY, CQ61-403SZ, CQ61-404AU, CQ61-405AU, CQ61-405AX, CQ61-405EB, CQ61-405ED, CQ61-405EK, CQ61-405EO, CQ61-405ER, CQ61-405ET, CQ61-405EY, CQ61-405EZ, CQ61-405SA, CQ61-405SE, CQ61-405SF, CQ61-405SO, CQ61-405SW, CQ61-405SY, CQ61-406SA, CQ61-406SZ, CQ61-406TU, CQ61-406TX, CQ61-407CA, CQ61-407EF, CQ61-407EK, CQ61-407EO, CQ61-407SA, CQ61-407SF, CQ61-407TX, CQ61-408AX, CQ61-408EF, CQ61-408SL, CQ61-408SO, CQ61-408TX, CQ61-409SL, CQ61-409SO, CQ61-409TU, CQ61-410EC, CQ61-410EG, CQ61-410EJ, CQ61-410EK, CQ61-410EM, CQ61-410ER, CQ61-410EV, CQ61-410EY, CQ61-410SB, CQ61-410SF, CQ61-410SH, CQ61-410SJ, CQ61-410SL, CQ61-410SM, CQ61-410SP, CQ61-410SQ, CQ61-410SV, CQ61-410SW, CQ61-410TX, CQ61-410US, CQ61-411SE, CQ61-411TU, CQ61-411TX, CQ61-411WM, CQ61-412AX, CQ61-412EO, CQ61-412EZ, CQ61-412NR, CQ61-412SL, CQ61-413SL, CQ61-413SO, CQ61-413TU, CQ61-414EO, CQ61-414NR, CQ61-414TU, CQ61-415EG, CQ61-415EI, CQ61-415EM, CQ61-415EP, CQ61-415EQ, CQ61-415EW, CQ61-415EY, CQ61-415SA, CQ61-415SG, CQ61-415SH, CQ61-415SM, CQ61-415ST, CQ61-415SZ, CQ61-415TU, CQ61-416EG, CQ61-416SA, CQ61-416SO, CQ61-416TU, CQ61-417ER, CQ61-417EZ, CQ61-417SA, CQ61-417SG, CQ61-417SO, CQ61-417TU, CQ61-418ER, CQ61-418TU, CQ61-419EO, CQ61-419ER, CQ61-419TU, CQ61-420EC, CQ61-420EJ, CQ61-420EM, CQ61-420ER, CQ61-420EW, CQ61-420EY, CQ61-420SA, CQ61-420SH, CQ61-420SO, CQ61-420SQ, CQ61-420TU, CQ61-420US, CQ61-421ER, CQ61-421SA, CQ61-421SG, CQ61-422ER, CQ61-422SA, CQ61-423ER, CQ61-423SA, CQ61-423SG, CQ61-424EG, CQ61-424ER, CQ61-424SA, CQ61-425EA, CQ61-425EC, CQ61-425EG, CQ61-425EI, CQ61-425EM, CQ61-425ER, CQ61-425ET, CQ61-425SA, CQ61-425SH, CQ61-425SO, CQ61-425SQ, CQ61-426EG, CQ61-426EO, CQ61-427EG, CQ61-427SA, CQ61-428EZ, CQ61-429SG, CQ61-429US, CQ61-430EC, CQ61-430EI, CQ61-430EJ, CQ61-430EM, CQ61-430ER, CQ61-430EV, CQ61-430SD, CQ61-430SV, CQ61-431SZ, CQ61-432EZ, CQ61-433SA, CQ61-433SZ, CQ61-435EM, CQ61-435SA, CQ61-435SM, CQ61-435SQ, CQ61-440EC, CQ61-440EI, CQ61-440EK, CQ61-440SA, CQ61-440SE, CQ61-440SM, CQ61-441SE, CQ61-445ED, CQ61-445EM, CQ61-445SI, CQ61-449ES, CQ61-450EK, CQ61-450ES, CQ61-450EV, CQ61-450SS, CQ61-450ST, CQ61-455EM, CQ61-455SQ, CQ61-457EE, CQ61-460SS, CQ61-465SQ, CQ61-475SQ, CQ61-488EE, CQ61-489EE, CQ61z-300 CTO, CQ61Z-400 CTO
Compaq Presario CQ70 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ70-100 Series, CQ70-100 CTO, CQ70-100ER, CQ70-101TU, CQ70-101TX, CQ70-101XX, CQ70-102TU, CQ70-102TX, CQ70-102XX, CQ70-103EB, CQ70-103EF, CQ70-103EM, CQ70-103TU, CQ70-103TX, CQ70-104TX, CQ70-105EB, CQ70-105EF, CQ70-105TX, CQ70-110EB, CQ70-110EF, CQ70-110EM, CQ70-110EO, CQ70-110ER, CQ70-110ES, CQ70-111CA, CQ70-115EE, CQ70-115EF, CQ70-115EO, CQ70-115ES, CQ70-116EA, CQ70-116EM, CQ70-117CA, CQ70-118CA, CQ70-118EF, CQ70-118EO, CQ70-118NR, CQ70-119CA, CQ70-120EF, CQ70-120EG, CQ70-120EM, CQ70-120EO, CQ70-120ES, CQ70-120US, CQ70-123EO, CQ70-124CA, CQ70-125EO, CQ70-126NR, CQ70-127NR, CQ70-128NR, CQ70-130ED, CQ70-130EG, CQ70-130EO, CQ70-134CA, CQ70-135EO, CQ70-140ED, CQ70-140EG, CQ70-150EG, CQ70-150EV, CQ70-158EZ, CQ70-200 Series, CQ70-200ED, CQ70-201TU, CQ70-201TX, CQ70-202TX, CQ70-203EF, CQ70-203TX, CQ70-205ED, CQ70-205EE, CQ70-205EF, CQ70-205EM, CQ70-206EF, CQ70-207EF, CQ70-208EF, CQ70-209EM, CQ70-210EB, CQ70-210ED, CQ70-210EF, CQ70-210EM, CQ70-211EM, CQ70-212ER, CQ70-214EA, CQ70-214EM, CQ70-215EM, CQ70-215EO, CQ70-215ER, CQ70-220EB, CQ70-220EM, CQ70-220EO, CQ70-225EF, CQ70-230EL, CQ70-230EO, CQ70-235EZ, CQ70-237EZ, CQ70-240EL, CQ70-240ES, CQ70-240EV, CQ70-246EZ, CQ70-250EG, CQ70-250EO, CQ70-253EG, CQ70-255EG, CQ70-260EG, CQ70-260EV, CQ70-265EG

HP Pavilion G60 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: G60-100 Series, G60-101CA, G60-101XX, G60-102XX, G60-103XX, G60-104CA, G60-104XX, G60-108CA, G60-117US, G60-118NR, G60-119OM, G60-120CA, G60-120US, G60-121CA, G60-121WM, G60-123CL, G60-125CA, G60-125NR, G60-126CA, G60-127CL, G60-127NR, G60-128CA, G60-129CA, G60-146CA, G60-200 Series, G60-208CA, G60-219CA, G60-225CA, G60-228CA, G60-230CA, G60-230US, G60-231WM, G60-233CA, G60-233NR, G60-234CA, G60-235CA, G60-235DX, G60-235WM, G60-236US, G60-237NR, G60-237US, G60-238CA, G60-243CL, G60-243DX, G60-244DX, G60-245CA, G60-247CL, G60-249CA, G60-249WM, G60-300 Series, G60-304CA, G60-324CA, G60-348CA, G60-400 Series, G60-414CA, G60-418CA, G60-427CA, G60-428CA, G60-430CA, G60-432NR, G60-433CA, G60-437CA, G60-438NR, G60-439CA, G60-440US, G60-441US, G60-442OM, G60-443CL, G60-443NR, G60-445DX, G60-447CL, G60-453NR, G60-458DX, G60-468CA, G60-471NR, G60-500 Series, G60-501NR, G60-506US, G60-507DX, G60-508US, G60-511CA, G60-513NR, G60-519WM, G60-526NR, G60-530CA, G60-530US, G60-531CA, G60-531NR, G60-533CL, G60-535DX, G60-536NR, G60-538CA, G60-549DX, G60-550CA, G60-551CA, G60-552NR, G60-554CA, G60-600 Series, G60-610CA, G60-619CA, G60-630CA, G60-630US, G60-633CL, G60-633NR, G60-634CA, G60-635DX, G60-637CL, G60-642NR, G60-645NR, G60-647NR, G60-657CA, G60T-200 CTO, G60T-500 CTO, G60T-600 CTO
HP Pavilion G61 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: G61-100 Series, G61-100EA, G61-100SA, G61-101TU, G61-102TU, G61-103TU, G61-104TU, G61-110EA, G61-110SA, G61-200 Series, G61-203TU, G61-204TU, G61-300 Series, G61-300CA, G61-304NR, G61-306NR, G61-320CA, G61-320US, G61-321NR, G61-322NR, G61-323CA, G61-327CL, G61-329CA, G61-336NR, G61-400 Series, G61-400EP, G61-400SL, G61-400SP, G61-401SA, G61-405EL, G61-405SL, G61-406SA, G61-407SL, G61-408CA, G61-409CA, G61-410EB, G61-410ED, G61-410EL, G61-410SA, G61-410SI, G61-410SS, G61-415EA, G61-415EL, G61-415ES, G61-415SA, G61-415SB, G61-418EO, G61-420CA, G61-420EA, G61-420EB, G61-420ED, G61-420EF, G61-420SI, G61-420SL, G61-420SO, G61-420SS, G61-421SO, G61-422SO, G61-423CA, G61-423EO, G61-425EL, G61-425ES, G61-428CA, G61-429SA, G61-429WM, G61-430EF, G61-430EG, G61-430EL, G61-430SB, G61-430SF, G61-430SI, G61-430SL, G61-430SS, G61-435ES, G61-435SI, G61-435SL, G61-435ST, G61-440EA, G61-440EL, G61-440SG, G61-440SS, G61-440ST, G61-445SI, G61-448CA, G61-450EE, G61-450ES, G61-450SG, G61-451EE, G61-452EE, G61-453EE, G61-454EE, G61-455EE, G61-455ET, G61-456EE, G61-465SL, G61-511WM, G61-600 Series, G61-631NR, G61-632NR
HP Pavilion G70 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: G70-100 Series, G70-100 CTO, G70-105EA, G70-110EA, G70-110EM, G70-111EA, G70-111EM, G70-120EA, G70-120EM, G70-200 Series, G70-246US, G70-250CA, G70-250US, G70-256US, G70-257CL, G70-258US, G70-400 Series, G70-450CA, G70-457CA, G70-460US, G70-463CL, G70-467CL, G70-468NR, G70-481NR, G70T-100 CTO, G70T-200 CTO

HP Pavilion DV4 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: DV4-1000 Series, DV4-1000EA, DV4-1000ET, DV4-1001AX, DV4-1001TU, DV4-1001TX, DV4-1001XX, DV4-1002AX, DV4-1002TU, DV4-1002TX, DV4-1002XX, DV4-1003AX, DV4-1003TU, DV4-1003TX, DV4-1004AX, DV4-1004TU, DV4-1004TX, DV4-1005TX, DV4-1006TX, DV4-1007TX, DV4-1008TX, DV4-1009TX, DV4-1010TX, DV4-1011TX, DV4-1012TX, DV4-1013TX, DV4-1014NR, DV4-1014TX, DV4-1015TX, DV4-1016TX, DV4-1017TX, DV4-1018TX, DV4-1019TX, DV4-1020TX, DV4-1020US, DV4-1021TX, DV4-1022TX, DV4-1023TX, DV4-1024TX, DV4-1025TX, DV4-1026TX, DV4-1027TX, DV4-1028TX, DV4-1028US, DV4-1029TX, DV4-1030EE, DV4-1030EI, DV4-1030EJ, DV4-1030EN, DV4-1030TX, DV4-1031TX, DV4-1032TX, DV4-1033TX, DV4-1034TX, DV4-1035LA, DV4-1035TX, DV4-1036TX, DV4-1037TX, DV4-1038TX, DV4-1039TX, DV4-1040EE, DV4-1040EI, DV4-1040TX, DV4-1041TX, DV4-1042TX, DV4-1043TX, DV4-1044TX, DV4-1045TX, DV4-1046TX, DV4-1047TX, DV4-1048TX, DV4-1049TX, DV4-1050EE, DV4-1050EL, DV4-1050EP, DV4-1050ER, DV4-1050TX, DV4-1051TX, DV4-1051XX, DV4-1052TX, DV4-1052XX, DV4-1053TX, DV4-1053XX, DV4-1054TX, DV4-1055TX, DV4-1070EE, DV4-1070EF, DV4-1070ER, DV4-1070ES, DV4-1080EI, DV4-1080EO, DV4-1080ES, DV4-1090EO, DV4-1090ES, DV4-1100 Series, DV4-1100EA, DV4-1101TU, DV4-1101XX, DV4-1102TU, DV4-1102TX, DV4-1102XX, DV4-1103TU, DV4-1103TX, DV4-1104TU, DV4-1104TX, DV4-1105EF, DV4-1105EM, DV4-1105TU, DV4-1105TX, DV4-1106EE, DV4-1106EM, DV4-1106TX, DV4-1107TX, DV4-1108TX, DV4-1109TX, DV4-1110EO, DV4-1110TX, DV4-1114NR, DV4-1115EF, DV4-1116TX, DV4-1117CA, DV4-1117NR, DV4-1117TX, DV4-1118CA, DV4-1118TX, DV4-1119TX, DV4-1120BR, DV4-1120US, DV4-1121BR, DV4-1121CA, DV4-1121TX, DV4-1122LA, DV4-1122TX, DV4-1123LA, DV4-1123TX, DV4-1123US, DV4-1124LA, DV4-1124NR, DV4-1124TX, DV4-1125BR, DV4-1125LA, DV4-1125NR, DV4-1125TX, DV4-1126LA, DV4-1127LA, DV4-1127TX, DV4-1128TX, DV4-1129LA, DV4-1129TX, DV4-1130BR, DV4-1130TX, DV4-1131BR, DV4-1131TX, DV4-1132TX, DV4-1133TX, DV4-1134TX, DV4-1135BR, DV4-1135EE, DV4-1135EI, DV4-1135TX, DV4-1136BR, DV4-1136TX, DV4-1137TX, DV4-1138TX, DV4-1139TX, DV4-1140EK, DV4-1140GO, DV4-1140TX, DV4-1141TX, DV4-1142TX, DV4-1143GO, DV4-1143TX, DV4-1144TX, DV4-1144US, DV4-1145BR, DV4-1145GO, DV4-1145TX, DV4-1146TX, DV4-1147CL, DV4-1147TX, DV4-1148TX, DV4-1149TX, DV4-1150BR, DV4-1150EO, DV4-1150EP, DV4-1150ER, DV4-1150ES, DV4-1150TX, DV4-1151TX, DV4-1152TX, DV4-1153TX, DV4-1154TX, DV4-1155SE, DV4-1155TX, DV4-1156TX, DV4-1157TX, DV4-1158TX, DV4-1159TX, DV4-1160ES, DV4-1160TX, DV4-1161TX, DV4-1164TX, DV4-1165TX, DV4-1166CA, DV4-1167TX, DV4-1168TX, DV4-1180BR, DV4-1190BR, DV4-1190EJ, DV4-1190EL, DV4-1200 Series, DV4-1201AU, DV4-1201TU, DV4-1202AU, DV4-1202TU, DV4-1202TX, DV4-1203AU, DV4-1203TU, DV4-1203TX, DV4-1204AU, DV4-1204TU, DV4-1204TX, DV4-1205TU, DV4-1205TX, DV4-1206TU, DV4-1206TX, DV4-1207TU, DV4-1207TX, DV4-1208TU, DV4-1208TX, DV4-1209TU, DV4-1210EA, DV4-1210EF, DV4-1210EO, DV4-1210ER, DV4-1210TU, DV4-1211EA, DV4-1211TU, DV4-1212LA, DV4-1212TU, DV4-1212TX, DV4-1213LA, DV4-1213TU, DV4-1213TX, DV4-1214LA, DV4-1214TU, DV4-1215EF, DV4-1215TU, DV4-1215TX, DV4-1216TU, DV4-1216TX, DV4-1217LA, DV4-1217TX, DV4-1218TX, DV4-1219TX, DV4-1220BR, DV4-1220TX, DV4-1220US, DV4-1221TX, DV4-1222LA, DV4-1222NR, DV4-1223LA, DV4-1223TX, DV4-1224LA, DV4-1224TX, DV4-1225DX, DV4-1225EE, DV4-1225LA, DV4-1225TX, DV4-1226TX, DV4-1227LA, DV4-1227TX, DV4-1227US, DV4-1228CA, DV4-1228LA, DV4-1228TX, DV4-1229LA, DV4-1229TX, DV4-1230BR, DV4-1230TX, DV4-1231TX, DV4-1232TX, DV4-1233TX, DV4-1234TX, DV4-1235BR, DV4-1235EE, DV4-1235EI, DV4-1235TX, DV4-1236TX, DV4-1237TX, DV4-1238TX, DV4-1239TX, DV4-1240TX, DV4-1241BR, DV4-1241TX, DV4-1242TX, DV4-1243TX, DV4-1244TX, DV4-1245BR, DV4-1245TX, DV4-1246TX, DV4-1247TX, DV4-1248TX, DV4-1250BR, DV4-1250TX, DV4-1251TX, DV4-1252TX, DV4-1253TX, DV4-1254TX, DV4-1255TX, DV4-1256TX, DV4-1257TX, DV4-1258TX, DV4-1259TX, DV4-1260TX, DV4-1261TX, DV4-1265DX, DV4-1272CM, DV4-1275MX, DV4-1280BR, DV4-1280US, DV4-1281US, DV4-1282CM, DV4-1283CL, DV4-1287CL, DV4-1290BR, DV4-1290EL, DV4-1292CM, DV4-1300 Series, DV4-1301TU, DV4-1301TX, DV4-1302TU, DV4-1302TX, DV4-1303TU, DV4-1303TX, DV4-1304TU, DV4-1304TX, DV4-1305TU, DV4-1305TX, DV4-1306TU, DV4-1306TX, DV4-1307TU, DV4-1307TX, DV4-1308CA, DV4-1308TU, DV4-1308TX, DV4-1309TU, DV4-1309TX, DV4-1310TU, DV4-1310TX, DV4-1311TU, DV4-1311TX, DV4-1312TU, DV4-1312TX, DV4-1313DX, DV4-1313TU, DV4-1313TX, DV4-1314TU, DV4-1314TX, DV4-1315TU, DV4-1315TX, DV4-1316TU, DV4-1316TX, DV4-1317TU, DV4-1317TX, DV4-1318TU, DV4-1318TX, DV4-1319TU, DV4-1319TX, DV4-1320CA, DV4-1320TX, DV4-1321TX, DV4-1322TX, DV4-1322US, DV4-1323TX, DV4-1324TX, DV4-1325TX, DV4-1326TX, DV4-1327TX, DV4-1328TX, DV4-1329TX, DV4-1330TX, DV4-1331TX, DV4-1332TX, DV4-1365DX, DV4-1379NR, DV4-1400 Series, DV4-1401TU, DV4-1401TX, DV4-1402TU, DV4-1402TX, DV4-1403TU, DV4-1403TX, DV4-1404TU, DV4-1404TX, DV4-1405TX, DV4-1406TX, DV4-1407TX, DV4-1408TX, DV4-1409TU, DV4-1409TX, DV4-1411TU, DV4-1412TU, DV4-1412TX, DV4-1413LA, DV4-1413TX, DV4-1414LA, DV4-1414TX, DV4-1415TU, DV4-1416LA, DV4-1416TX, DV4-1417CA, DV4-1419CA, DV4-1421LA, DV4-1421TX, DV4-1423LA, DV4-1423TX, DV4-1424LA, DV4-1424TX, DV4-1425TX, DV4-1427NR, DV4-1428CA, DV4-1428DX, DV4-1428LA, DV4-1428TX, DV4-1429TX, DV4-1430TX, DV4-1430US, DV4-1431US, DV4-1432TX, DV4-1433CL, DV4-1433SB, DV4-1433US, DV4-1434TX, DV4-1435CA, DV4-1435DX, DV4-1436TX, DV4-1437TX, DV4-1438TX, DV4-1442TX, DV4-1443TX, DV4-1444DX, DV4-1454CA, DV4-1465DX, DV4-1500 Series, DV4-1502TU, DV4-1503TU, DV4-1503TX, DV4-1504TU, DV4-1504TX, DV4-1505TU, DV4-1506TU, DV4-1506TX, DV4-1508TX, DV4-1509TX, DV4-1511TX, DV4-1512TX, DV4-1514DX, DV4-1515TX, DV4-1516TX, DV4-1517TX, DV4-1518TX, DV4-1520BR, DV4-1520LA, DV4-1520TX, DV4-1521LA, DV4-1521TX, DV4-1522LA, DV4-1523LA, DV4-1523TX, DV4-1524LA, DV4-1524TX, DV4-1525LA, DV4-1526LA, DV4-1526TX, DV4-1527TX, DV4-1528LA, DV4-1528TX, DV4-1529TX, DV4-1530BR, DV4-1530CA, DV4-1530TX, DV4-1531TX, DV4-1532TX, DV4-1540US, DV4-1541US, DV4-1543SB, DV4-1547SB, DV4-1548DX, DV4-1548NR, DV4-1550BR, DV4-1551DX, DV4-1555DX, DV4-1570BR, DV4-1580BR, DV4-1600 Series, DV4-1601TU, DV4-1601TX, DV4-1620BR, DV4-1621LA, DV4-1622LA, DV4-1623LA, DV4-1624LA, DV4-1626LA, DV4-2000 Series, DV4-2012BR, DV4-2012LA, DV4-2013LA, DV4-2014BR, DV4-2014LA, DV4-2015BR, DV4-2016BR, DV4-2016LA, DV4-2020CA, DV4-2025LA, DV4-2028LA, DV4-2030BR, DV4-2040BR, DV4-2040US, DV4-2041NR, DV4-2045DX, DV4-2046NR, DV4-2048CA, DV4-2049US, DV4-2049WM, DV4-2051XX, DV4-2055BR, DV4-2058NR, DV4-2060BR, DV4-2070BR, DV4-2080BR, DV4-2090BR, DV4-2100 Series, DV4-2101TU, DV4-2101TX, DV4-2102TX, DV4-2103TU, DV4-2103TX, DV4-2104TU, DV4-2104TX, DV4-2105TU, DV4-2106TX, DV4-2107TX, DV4-2108TX, DV4-2109TX, DV4-2110TX, DV4-2111LA, DV4-2111TX, DV4-2112BR, DV4-2112LA, DV4-2112TX, DV4-2113LA, DV4-2113TX, DV4-2114BR, DV4-2114LA, DV4-2114TX, DV4-2115BR, DV4-2115TX, DV4-2116LA, DV4-2116TX, DV4-2117LA, DV4-2118LA, DV4-2118TX, DV4-2119TX, DV4-2120CA, DV4-2120TX, DV4-2124TX, DV4-2125TX, DV4-2140US, DV4-2141NR, DV4-2142NR, DV4-2145DX, DV4-2148CA, DV4-2153CL, DV4-2154CA, DV4-2155DX, DV4-2160US, DV4-2161NR, DV4-2162NR, DV4-2165DX, DV4-2167SB, DV4-2170US, DV4I-2100 CTO, DV4T-1000 CTO, DV4T-1100 CTO, DV4T-1200 CTO, DV4T-1200SE CTO, DV4T-1300 CTO, DV4T-1300SE CTO, DV4T-1400 CTO, DV4T-1500 CTO, DV4T-1600 CTO, DV4Z-1000 CTO, DV4Z-1100 CTO, DV4Z-1200 CTO

HP Pavilion DV7 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: DV7-1000 Series, DV7-1000EA, DV7-1000EF, DV7-1000EG, DV7-1001EA, DV7-1001EF, DV7-1001EG, DV7-1001TX, DV7-1001XX, DV7-1002EA, DV7-1002TX, DV7-1002XX, DV7-1003EA, DV7-1003EL, DV7-1003EO, DV7-1003TX, DV7-1003XX, DV7-1004EA, DV7-1004TX, DV7-1005EF, DV7-1005EG, DV7-1005EO, DV7-1005ES, DV7-1005TX, DV7-1006TX, DV7-1007EF, DV7-1007TX, DV7-1008EF, DV7-1008EG, DV7-1008TX, DV7-1009TX, DV7-1010ED, DV7-1010EF, DV7-1010EG, DV7-1010EL, DV7-1010EO, DV7-1010EP, DV7-1010ES, DV7-1010ET, DV7-1010TX, DV7-1011TX, DV7-1012TX, DV7-1013TX, DV7-1014CA, DV7-1014TX, DV7-1015EG, DV7-1015EL, DV7-1015EO, DV7-1015TX, DV7-1016NR, DV7-1016TX, DV7-1017EG, DV7-1017TX, DV7-1018EG, DV7-1018TX, DV7-1019TX, DV7-1020EA, DV7-1020EG, DV7-1020EL, DV7-1020EO, DV7-1020ES, DV7-1020EV, DV7-1020EW, DV7-1020TX, DV7-1020US, DV7-1021TX, DV7-1022TX, DV7-1023CL, DV7-1023EM, DV7-1023TX, DV7-1024EL, DV7-1024TX, DV7-1025EG, DV7-1025NR, DV7-1025TX, DV7-1026TX, DV7-1027CA, DV7-1027TX, DV7-1029EG, DV7-1029TX, DV7-1030EB, DV7-1030EF, DV7-1030EG, DV7-1030EL, DV7-1030EN, DV7-1030EO, DV7-1030EP, DV7-1030ES, DV7-1030EV, DV7-1030TX, DV7-1031TX, DV7-1032TX, DV7-1033TX, DV7-1034CA, DV7-1034TX, DV7-1035EF, DV7-1035EM, DV7-1035EO, DV7-1035ES, DV7-1038CA, DV7-1040EC, DV7-1040EF, DV7-1040EM, DV7-1040EO, DV7-1040ES, DV7-1040ET, DV7-1040EW, DV7-1045EG, DV7-1045TX, DV7-1048EZ, DV7-1050EA, DV7-1050EB, DV7-1050ED, DV7-1050EF, DV7-1050EG, DV7-1050EO, DV7-1050ER, DV7-1051XX, DV7-1052XX, DV7-1053EZ, DV7-1053XX, DV7-1055EA, DV7-1060EC, DV7-1060EF, DV7-1060EG, DV7-1060EL, DV7-1060EM, DV7-1060EN, DV7-1060EO, DV7-1060EP, DV7-1060EW, DV7-1060EZ, DV7-1065EF, DV7-1067EF, DV7-1070EB, DV7-1070ED, DV7-1070EE, DV7-1070EF, DV7-1070EG, DV7-1070EI, DV7-1070EK, DV7-1070EL, DV7-1070EO, DV7-1070EV, DV7-1075LA, DV7-1080ED, DV7-1080EL, DV7-1080EO, DV7-1080ES, DV7-1080EW, DV7-1080EZ, DV7-1090EB, DV7-1090ED, DV7-1090EN, DV7-1090EO, DV7-1090ER, DV7-1092EO, DV7-1093EO, DV7-1094EO, DV7-1095EO, DV7-1098EO, DV7-1099EF, DV7-1100 Series, DV7-1100EF, DV7-1100EG, DV7-1100EM, DV7-1101EF, DV7-1101EM, DV7-1101TX, DV7-1101XX, DV7-1102TX, DV7-1102XX, DV7-1103EA, DV7-1103EF, DV7-1103TX, DV7-1103XX, DV7-1104TX, DV7-1105EA, DV7-1105EF, DV7-1105EG, DV7-1105EM, DV7-1105TX, DV7-1106EF, DV7-1106EG, DV7-1106TX, DV7-1107EA, DV7-1107EF, DV7-1107EM, DV7-1107TX, DV7-1110EA, DV7-1110EB, DV7-1110ED, DV7-1110EF, DV7-1110EG, DV7-1110EL, DV7-1110EN, DV7-1110EO, DV7-1110ES, DV7-1112EG, DV7-1113EO, DV7-1114EF, DV7-1115EB, DV7-1115EF, DV7-1115EG, DV7-1115EO, DV7-1115EZ, DV7-1116EF, DV7-1117EF, DV7-1117EM, DV7-1118EG, DV7-1118EO, DV7-1119EF, DV7-1119EM, DV7-1120EB, DV7-1120ED, DV7-1120EF, DV7-1120EG, DV7-1120EL, DV7-1120EM, DV7-1120EO, DV7-1120EW, DV7-1122EG, DV7-1123CA, DV7-1123EF, DV7-1123EG, DV7-1123EO, DV7-1125EA, DV7-1125EB, DV7-1125EF, DV7-1125EG, DV7-1125EO, DV7-1125EZ, DV7-1126EL, DV7-1127CL, DV7-1127EO, DV7-1128CA, DV7-1128EO, DV7-1128EZ, DV7-1129WM, DV7-1130EA, DV7-1130ED, DV7-1130EG, DV7-1130EI, DV7-1130EL, DV7-1130EN, DV7-1130EO, DV7-1130EV, DV7-1130EW, DV7-1130US, DV7-1131EG, DV7-1132EG, DV7-1132NR, DV7-1133CL, DV7-1134EZ, DV7-1134US, DV7-1135EA, DV7-1135EO, DV7-1135NR, DV7-1137EO, DV7-1137US, DV7-1140EB, DV7-1140EC, DV7-1140ED, DV7-1140EG, DV7-1140EK, DV7-1140EN, DV7-1140EO, DV7-1140ES, DV7-1140EW, DV7-1145EB, DV7-1145EF, DV7-1145EG, DV7-1145ES, DV7-1150EB, DV7-1150ED, DV7-1150EF, DV7-1150EG, DV7-1150EJ, DV7-1150ES, DV7-1150ET, DV7-1150EV, DV7-1150EW, DV7-1150US, DV7-1151XX, DV7-1153CA, DV7-1155ES, DV7-1155EZ, DV7-1157CL, DV7-1157ES, DV7-1160EB, DV7-1160ED, DV7-1160EG, DV7-1160EK, DV7-1160EO, DV7-1160EP, DV7-1160ER, DV7-1160ES, DV7-1165EB, DV7-1165EG, DV7-1165ER, DV7-1166EG, DV7-1169ER, DV7-1170EG, DV7-1170EL, DV7-1170EO, DV7-1170EZ, DV7-1170US, DV7-1172EG, DV7-1173ER, DV7-1174CA, DV7-1175EG, DV7-1175EO, DV7-1175ER, DV7-1175NR, DV7-1177CA, DV7-1179ER, DV7-1180EG, DV7-1180EO, DV7-1183CL, DV7-1185EG, DV7-1185NR, DV7-1190EG, DV7-1190EO, DV7-1190ER, DV7-1190ES, DV7-1190ET, DV7-1195EG, DV7-1195EO, DV7-1195ER, DV7-1196EG, DV7-1198EG, DV7-1199EC, DV7-1199ED, DV7-1199EF, DV7-1199EG, DV7-1199EL, DV7-1199EO, DV7-1199ES, DV7-1199EV, DV7-1199EW, DV7-1199EZ, DV7-1200 Series, DV7-1200EG, DV7-1200EO, DV7-1201EF, DV7-1201EG, DV7-1201TX, DV7-1201XX, DV7-1202EF, DV7-1202TX, DV7-1203EF, DV7-1203EM, DV7-1203TX, DV7-1204EF, DV7-1204EG, DV7-1204TX, DV7-1205EF, DV7-1205EG, DV7-1205EO, DV7-1205TX, DV7-1206EF, DV7-1206EL, DV7-1206EZ, DV7-1206TX, DV7-1207EF, DV7-1207TX, DV7-1208EF, DV7-1208EZ, DV7-1208TX, DV7-1209EF, DV7-1209EM, DV7-1209TX, DV7-1210EA, DV7-1210ED, DV7-1210EF, DV7-1210EG, DV7-1210EL, DV7-1210EO, DV7-1210ER, DV7-1210ET, DV7-1210TX, DV7-1211EA, DV7-1211TX, DV7-1212EA, DV7-1212TX, DV7-1213EA, DV7-1213TX, DV7-1214EA, DV7-1214TX, DV7-1215EF, DV7-1215EG, DV7-1215EO, DV7-1215ER, DV7-1215EZ, DV7-1215TX, DV7-1216TX, DV7-1217EF, DV7-1220EB, DV7-1220ED, DV7-1220EF, DV7-1220EG, DV7-1220EL, DV7-1220EM, DV7-1220EO, DV7-1220ER, DV7-1220ES, DV7-1220EW, DV7-1222EZ, DV7-1223CA, DV7-1225EF, DV7-1225EO, DV7-1225EZ, DV7-1228CA, DV7-1230EB, DV7-1230ED, DV7-1230EG, DV7-1230EO, DV7-1230ET, DV7-1230EW, DV7-1230EZ, DV7-1232NR, DV7-1233EO, DV7-1235EO, DV7-1236EZ, DV7-1240EB, DV7-1240ED, DV7-1240EK, DV7-1240EL, DV7-1240EO, DV7-1240US, DV7-1243CL, DV7-1245CA, DV7-1245DX, DV7-1245EF, DV7-1245EO, DV7-1247CL, DV7-1249EF, DV7-1250EB, DV7-1250ED, DV7-1250EG, DV7-1250EN, DV7-1250EO, DV7-1250EP, DV7-1250ES, DV7-1251EG, DV7-1252EG, DV7-1253CA, DV7-1253EO, DV7-1255EO, DV7-1260EK, DV7-1260EO, DV7-1260ES, DV7-1260EW, DV7-1260US, DV7-1261WM, DV7-1262EG, DV7-1262US, DV7-1264NR, DV7-1265EO, DV7-1267CL, DV7-1270CA, DV7-1270EG, DV7-1270EO, DV7-1270ES, DV7-1270EZ, DV7-1270US, DV7-1273CL, DV7-1273EO, DV7-1275DX, DV7-1275EO, DV7-1279WM, DV7-1280EC, DV7-1280EG, DV7-1280ES, DV7-1280EW, DV7-1285DX, DV7-1289EG, DV7-1290EG, DV7-1290EO, DV7-1298EL, DV7-1299EB, DV7-1299ED, DV7-1299EF, DV7-1299EL, DV7-1299ES, DV7-1299EW, DV7-1400 Series, DV7-1424NR, DV7-1426NR, DV7-1428CA, DV7-1444US, DV7-1448CA, DV7-1448DX, DV7-1450US, DV7-1451NR, DV7-1464NR, DV7-1468NR, DV7-2000 Series, DV7-2001ET, DV7-2001TX, DV7-2001XX, DV7-2002TU, DV7-2002TX, DV7-2003TX, DV7-2004TX, DV7-2005EG, DV7-2005EL, DV7-2005EO, DV7-2005TX, DV7-2006TX, DV7-2007TX, DV7-2008TX, DV7-2009TX, DV7-2010EB, DV7-2010EG, DV7-2010EO, DV7-2010ES, DV7-2010EV, DV7-2010TX, DV7-2011EG, DV7-2011TX, DV7-2012TX, DV7-2013TX, DV7-2014TX, DV7-2015EF, DV7-2015EG, DV7-2015EO, DV7-2015ES, DV7-2015TX, DV7-2016EG, DV7-2016TX, DV7-2017EG, DV7-2018TX, DV7-2019CA, DV7-2019TX, DV7-2020EB, DV7-2020EF, DV7-2020EK, DV7-2020EO, DV7-2020ES, DV7-2020EV, DV7-2020TX, DV7-2021TX, DV7-2022EG, DV7-2022TX, DV7-2023EG, DV7-2025EF, DV7-2025EG, DV7-2025EO, DV7-2025ES, DV7-2027EO, DV7-2030EA, DV7-2030EB, DV7-2030EF, DV7-2030EO, DV7-2030ER, DV7-2030ES, DV7-2030EV, DV7-2030SF, DV7-2033EF, DV7-2033EG, DV7-2033SF, DV7-2034EG, DV7-2035EF, DV7-2035EG, DV7-2035EO, DV7-2035ES, DV7-2035EZ, DV7-2036EG, DV7-2037EF, DV7-2037EG, DV7-2037EZ, DV7-2040CA, DV7-2040EB, DV7-2040ED, DV7-2040EF, DV7-2040EK, DV7-2040EO, DV7-2040SF, DV7-2040US, DV7-2043CL, DV7-2044CA, DV7-2045EA, DV7-2045EG, DV7-2045EO, DV7-2045EZ, DV7-2046EG, DV7-2050EA, DV7-2050ED, DV7-2050EF, DV7-2050EI, DV7-2050EO, DV7-2050ES, DV7-2050EV, DV7-2051ET, DV7-2055EG, DV7-2055EO, DV7-2055EW, DV7-2055EZ, DV7-2057EO, DV7-2058EO, DV7-2060ED, DV7-2060EF, DV7-2060EG, DV7-2060EN, DV7-2060EO, DV7-2060EZ, DV7-2065EF, DV7-2065EG, DV7-2065EO, DV7-2070EA, DV7-2070ED, DV7-2070EF, DV7-2070EG, DV7-2070EO, DV7-2070EW, DV7-2075EG, DV7-2075EO, DV7-2078CA, DV7-2080EB, DV7-2080EC, DV7-2080ED, DV7-2080EG, DV7-2080EL, DV7-2080EN, DV7-2080EO, DV7-2080EP, DV7-2080ES, DV7-2080EV, DV7-2080EW, DV7-2085EL, DV7-2085EO, DV7-2088EZ, DV7-2090EC, DV7-2090EG, DV7-2090EH, DV7-2090EL, DV7-2090EO, DV7-2090EQ, DV7-2092EO, DV7-2100 Series, DV7-2100EG, DV7-2101TX, DV7-2102TX, DV7-2103TX, DV7-2104TX, DV7-2105EZ, DV7-2105TX, DV7-2107TX, DV7-2108TX, DV7-2109TX, DV7-2110EB, DV7-2110EG, DV7-2110ER, DV7-2110EV, DV7-2110SA, DV7-2110SF, DV7-2110SO, DV7-2110SS, DV7-2110TX, DV7-2111EO, DV7-2111ER, DV7-2111TX, DV7-2111US, DV7-2112EG, DV7-2112EO, DV7-2112TX, DV7-2113EO, DV7-2113SF, DV7-2114EO, DV7-2114ES, DV7-2114TX, DV7-2115EG, DV7-2115EO, DV7-2115ES, DV7-2115SF, DV7-2116ES, DV7-2117SF, DV7-2117TX, DV7-2118SF, DV7-2118TX, DV7-2120ED, DV7-2120EF, DV7-2120EG, DV7-2120ER, DV7-2120EV, DV7-2120SA, DV7-2120SB, DV7-2120SF, DV7-2120SN, DV7-2120SO, DV7-2120SS, DV7-2120TX, DV7-2121EO, DV7-2121TX, DV7-2122EO, DV7-2122TX, DV7-2123EO, DV7-2123TX, DV7-2124EO, DV7-2124EZ, DV7-2124TX, DV7-2125EG, DV7-2125EO, DV7-2125SF, DV7-2125TX, DV7-2126EO, DV7-2126EZ, DV7-2126TX, DV7-2127EO, DV7-2127EZ, DV7-2127SF, DV7-2128EO, DV7-2128TX, DV7-2129EO, DV7-2130EG, DV7-2130EO, DV7-2130ER, DV7-2130EV, DV7-2130SB, DV7-2130SF, DV7-2133EG, DV7-2133EO, DV7-2133ET, DV7-2135EB, DV7-2135EO, DV7-2135SF, DV7-2138EF, DV7-2138SF, DV7-2140EB, DV7-2140ED, DV7-2140EG, DV7-2140EO, DV7-2140EV, DV7-2140SF, DV7-2141EO, DV7-2142EG, DV7-2143SG, DV7-2145EF, DV7-2145EG, DV7-2150EB, DV7-2150EG, DV7-2150EI, DV7-2150EK, DV7-2150EP, DV7-2150ES, DV7-2150EZ, DV7-2155EG, DV7-2155EW, DV7-2157CA, DV7-2160EB, DV7-2160ED, DV7-2160EF, DV7-2160EG, DV7-2160EP, DV7-2165EF, DV7-2165SG, DV7-2170EB, DV7-2170ED, DV7-2170EF, DV7-2170EG, DV7-2170EK, DV7-2170EL, DV7-2170ES, DV7-2170US, DV7-2173CA, DV7-2173CL, DV7-2174CA, DV7-2175EG, DV7-2177CL, DV7-2180EB, DV7-2180EC, DV7-2180ED, DV7-2180EG, DV7-2180EL, DV7-2180ES, DV7-2180EW, DV7-2180US, DV7-2185DX, DV7-2185EB, DV7-2190EB, DV7-2190EC, DV7-2190EF, DV7-2190EL, DV7-2190EN, DV7-2190EQ, DV7-2195EO, DV7-2198EO, DV7-2200 Series, DV7-2200EB, DV7-2201TX, DV7-2202TX, DV7-2204TX, DV7-2205EB, DV7-2206TX, DV7-2210EG, DV7-2210EH, DV7-2210ET, DV7-2210EV, DV7-2210SB, DV7-2210TX, DV7-2211TX, DV7-2212EF, DV7-2212EG, DV7-2212SF, DV7-2212TX, DV7-2213TX, DV7-2215EB, DV7-2215EG, DV7-2215EL, DV7-2215SA, DV7-2215SF, DV7-2220EB, DV7-2220EC, DV7-2220EF, DV7-2220EG, DV7-2220EL, DV7-2220EN, DV7-2220EP, DV7-2220EQ, DV7-2220EV, DV7-2220SF, DV7-2220SS, DV7-2221EZ, DV7-2225EF, DV7-2225SF, DV7-2225SG, DV7-2225SS, DV7-2226SS, DV7-2227SF, DV7-2230EA, DV7-2230EB, DV7-2230EG, DV7-2230EK, DV7-2230EN, DV7-2230ES, DV7-2230EV, DV7-2230SA, DV7-2230SF, DV7-2232ES, DV7-2235EB, DV7-2235ES, DV7-2237EZ, DV7-2238SF, DV7-2240EB, DV7-2240EF, DV7-2240ES, DV7-2250EB, DV7-2250ED, DV7-2250EI, DV7-2250EM, DV7-2250ER, DV7-2250EZ, DV7-2250SF, DV7-2251TX, DV7-2255ER, DV7-2255SF, DV7-2260ED, DV7-2260EF, DV7-2260ER, DV7-2270EF, DV7-2270EO, DV7-2270ER, DV7-2270US, DV7-2273CA, DV7-2273CL, DV7-2275EO, DV7-2277CL, DV7-2278CA, DV7-2280EF, DV7-2280EO, DV7-2281EO, DV7-2282EO, DV7-2285EO, DV7-2290EO, DV7-2301NR, DV7-3000 Series, DV7-3000EB, DV7-3000SL, DV7-3001TX, DV7-3001XX, DV7-3002TX, DV7-3003EL, DV7-3003TX, DV7-3004EB, DV7-3004EL, DV7-3004TX, DV7-3005EB, DV7-3005EG, DV7-3005EW, DV7-3005SF, DV7-3006TX, DV7-3007EL, DV7-3007SG, DV7-3007TX, DV7-3008TX, DV7-3010EB, DV7-3010EG, DV7-3010EN, DV7-3010ER, DV7-3010EW, DV7-3010SF, DV7-3010SG, DV7-3010SO, DV7-3010SS, DV7-3011EO, DV7-3012EO, DV7-3013EO, DV7-3014EO, DV7-3015EG, DV7-3015EO, DV7-3015EW, DV7-3015SF, DV7-3016EO, DV7-3017EZ, DV7-3017SO, DV7-3020EA, DV7-3020EB, DV7-3020ED, DV7-3020EG, DV7-3020EL, DV7-3020EN, DV7-3020ES, DV7-3020ET, DV7-3020EW, DV7-3020SA, DV7-3021EA, DV7-3021EO, DV7-3024CA, DV7-3025SF, DV7-3025SS, DV7-3028CA, DV7-3030EB, DV7-3030ED, DV7-3030EG, DV7-3030EO, DV7-3030EW, DV7-3030SF, DV7-3036EZ, DV7-3039EZ, DV7-3040EV, DV7-3048CA, DV7-3050EB, DV7-3050EC, DV7-3050EG, DV7-3050ER, DV7-3051XX, DV7-3056EZ, DV7-3057NR, DV7-3060CA, DV7-3060EO, DV7-3060SB, DV7-3060US, DV7-3061NR, DV7-3063CL, DV7-3065DX, DV7-3067CL, DV7-3067NR, DV7-3069WM, DV7-3070EB, DV7-3070EZ, DV7-3074CA, DV7-3078NR, DV7-3079NR, DV7-3079WM, DV7-3080CA, DV7-3080ED, DV7-3080EF, DV7-3080EG, DV7-3080US, DV7-3085DX, DV7-3089NR, DV7-3090EB, DV7-3090ED, DV7-3090EG, DV7-3090EO, DV7-3090EP, DV7-3090ER, DV7-3090ES, DV7-3098CA, DV7-3099SB, DV7-3100 Series, DV7-3100EB, DV7-3101EA, DV7-3101SA, DV7-3101TX, DV7-3105EA, DV7-3105sw, DV7-3105sz, DV7-3105TX, DV7-3107TX, DV7-3108TX, DV7-3109TX, DV7-3110EA, DV7-3110EF, DV7-3110EG, DV7-3110ER, DV7-3110ES, DV7-3110EV, DV7-3110SF, DV7-3110SG, DV7-3110SS, DV7-3110sv, DV7-3110sw, DV7-3110TX, DV7-3111EA, DV7-3111SO, DV7-3112EA, DV7-3112EO, DV7-3112SA, DV7-3112TX, DV7-3113EO, DV7-3113TX, DV7-3114EO, DV7-3114TX, DV7-3115EO, DV7-3115EW, DV7-3115TX, DV7-3116EO, DV7-3116TX, DV7-3117EO, DV7-3118EF, DV7-3118SO, DV7-3118TX, DV7-3119EF, DV7-3119EZ, DV7-3120ED, DV7-3120EG, DV7-3120EO, DV7-3120ES, DV7-3120EV, DV7-3120EW, DV7-3120SF, DV7-3120TX, DV7-3121SO, DV7-3122EO, DV7-3124EO, DV7-3125EF, DV7-3125EG, DV7-3125EL, DV7-3125EO, DV7-3125SF, DV7-3125SG, DV7-3126EG, DV7-3126EO, DV7-3126EZ, DV7-3126TX, DV7-3127EG, DV7-3127TX, DV7-3128CA, DV7-3128EG, DV7-3129ER, DV7-3130ED, DV7-3130EG, DV7-3130EO, DV7-3130EW, DV7-3130SB, DV7-3131EZ, DV7-3133EL, DV7-3133ER, DV7-3133EZ, DV7-3134EZ, DV7-3135EG, DV7-3135EO, DV7-3135ER, DV7-3136EZ, DV7-3140EB, DV7-3140ED, DV7-3140EF, DV7-3140EG, DV7-3140EL, DV7-3140ER, DV7-3140ES, DV7-3140SF, DV7-3145EF, DV7-3145ER, DV7-3145SF, DV7-3145sr, DV7-3148CA, DV7-3150EB, DV7-3150ED, DV7-3150EI, DV7-3150EK, DV7-3150EL, DV7-3150EP, DV7-3150EQ, DV7-3150EZ, DV7-3150SG, DV7-3152CA, DV7-3153CA, DV7-3155EB, DV7-3155EF, DV7-3155EL, DV7-3157CA, DV7-3160EB, DV7-3160EC, DV7-3160ED, DV7-3160EH, DV7-3160EL, DV7-3160EM, DV7-3160EP, DV7-3160ES, DV7-3160US, DV7-3162NR, DV7-3163CL, DV7-3163EF, DV7-3164CL, DV7-3165DX, DV7-3165EB, DV7-3165EF, DV7-3165EL, DV7-3165EV, DV7-3166EB, DV7-3166NR, DV7-3167NR, DV7-3169WM, DV7-3170CA, DV7-3170EB, DV7-3170EG, DV7-3170EL, DV7-3170EM, DV7-3170EO, DV7-3170EP, DV7-3170ES, DV7-3170EY, DV7-3170EZ, DV7-3171NR, DV7-3173CA, DV7-3173NR, DV7-3174CA, DV7-3174NR, DV7-3175EV, DV7-3178CA, DV7-3180EF, DV7-3180ES, DV7-3180EY, DV7-3180SG, DV7-3180US, DV7-3183CL, DV7-3183NR, DV7-3186CL, DV7-3187CL, DV7-3188CL, DV7-3190EC, DV7-3190ED, DV7-3190EG, DV7-3190EI, DV7-3190EM, DV7-3190EO, DV7-3190ES, DV7-3190EV, DV7-3190EY, DV7-3197EO, DV7-3198EO, DV7-3199EO, DV7-3199SB, DV7T-1000 CTO, DV7T-1100 CTO, DV7T-1200 CTO, DV7T-2000 CTO, DV7T-2200

HP Premium HDX X16 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: HDX X16-1001XX, HDX X16-1025NR, HDX X16-1040US, HDX X16-1044NR, HDX X16-1056CA, HDX X16-1140US, HDX X16-1145DX, HDX X16-1155CA, HDX X16-1160US, HDX X16-1258CA, HDX X16-1353CA, HDX X16-1354CA, HDX X16-1358CA, HDX X16-1370US, HDX X16-1375DX, HDX X16T-1000 CTO, HDX X16T-1100 CTO, HDX X16T-1200 CTO

Dell Latitude DC Power Jack Connector: E5410, E5510
Dell Studio Series DC Power Jack Connector: 1569

HP Compaq NC Series DC Power Jack Connector: NC8430
HP Compaq NW Series DC Power Jack Connector: NW8440, NW9440
HP Compaq NX Series DC Power Jack Connector: NX7300, NX7400, NX8420, NX9410, NX9420
HP Elitebook DC Power Jack Connector: 6930P
HP Mini 2100 Notebook PC Series DC Power Jack Connector: 2133, 2140

Dell Inspiron dc power plugs socket input port connector: 1150, 1420, 1425, 1500, 1501, 1520, 1521, 1525, 1526, 1540, 1555, 1720, 1721, 5150, 5160, 6000, 6400, 8500, 8600, 9100, 9200, 9300, 9400, 500M, 600M, 630M, 640M, 700M, 710M, 740M, E1405, E1505, E1505N, E1705, XPS M140, XPS M1210, M170, XPS M1710, XPS M2010, XPS Gen1, XPS Gen2

Dell Latitude dc power plugs socket input port connector: 100L, 130L, 131L, D400, D410, D420, D430, D500, D505, D510, D520, D530, D531, D600, D610, D620, D630, D630C, D630N, D631, D800, D810, D820, D830, E4200

Dell Precision Workstation dc power plugs socket input port connector: M20, M60, M65, M90

Vostro dc power plugs socket input port connector: 1000, 1310, 1400, 1500, 1510, 1520, 1700, 1710, 1720, 1721, 2500, 2510

Compaq Presario CQ20 Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: CQ20-100, CTO, CQ20-101TU, CQ20-102TU, CQ20-103TU, CQ20-104TU, CQ20-105TU, CQ20-106TU, CQ20-107TU, CQ20-108TU, CQ20-109TU, CQ20-110TU, CQ20-111TU, CQ20-112TU, CQ20-113TU, CQ20-114TU, CQ20-115TU, CQ20-116TU, CQ20-117TU, CQ20-118TU, CQ20-119TU, CQ20-120TU, CQ20-121TU, CQ20-122TU, CQ20-123TU, CQ20-124TU, CQ20-125TU, CQ20-126TU, CQ20-127TU, CQ20-128TU, CQ20-129TU, CQ20-130TU, CQ20-201TU, CQ20-202TU, CQ20-203TU, CQ20-204TU, CQ20-205TU, CQ20-206TU, CQ20-207TU, CQ20-208TU, CQ20-209TU, CQ20-210TU, CQ20-211TU, CQ20-212TU, CQ20-213TU, CQ20-214TU, CQ20-215TU, CQ20-216TU, CQ20-217TU, CQ20-218TU, CQ20-219TU, CQ20-220TU, CQ20-221TU, CQ20-222TU, CQ20-223TU, CQ20-224TU, CQ20-225TU, CQ20-301TU, CQ20-302TU, CQ20-303TU, CQ20-304TU, CQ20-305TU, CQ20-306TU, CQ20-307TU, CQ20-308TU, CQ20-309TU, CQ20-310TU, CQ20-311TU, CQ20-312TU, CQ20-313TU, CQ20-314TU, CQ20-315TU, CQ20-316TU, CQ20-317TU, CQ20-318TU, CQ20-319TU, CQ20-320TU, CQ20-321TU, CQ20-322TU, CQ20-323TU, CQ20-324TU, CQ20-325TU, CQ20-326TU, CQ20-327TU, CQ20-328TU, CQ20-329TU, CQ20-330TU, CQ20-331TU, CQ20-401TU, CQ20-402TU, CQ20-403TU, CQ20-404TU, CQ20-405TU, CQ20-406TU, CQ20-407TU, CQ20-408TU, CQ20-409TU, CQ20-410TU, CQ20-411TU, CQ20-412TU, CQ20-414TU, CQ20-415TU

HP Compaq dc power plugs socket input port connector: 6510B, 6515B, 6530B, 6535B, 6545B, 6710B, 6710S, 6715B, 6715S, 6730B, 6735B

HP Compaq NC & NX Series dc power plugs socket input port connector: NC4400 , NC6320 , NC6400, NX6310 , NX6315 , NX6320 , NX6325, NX6510

HP Compaq Tablet dc power plugs socket input port connector: TC4400

N5110 N5040 N5050 N411z TN800 TW587