Hp Power supply Charger Adapter 90W bullet shape


HP Comapq Genuine power supply charger power adapter power supply cord 90W bullet shape, 19v 4.74a.


HP Comaq Genuine power supply charger power adapter power supply cord 90W bullet shape, 19v 4.74a.  Shipping is free to anywhere, or stop by and pick it up if you are in Chicago area. Fits all of the following laptop model:

393945-001, PPP009H, 324815-001, 239428-002, 239428-001, 239705-001, 287515-001, 310744-002, PPP014S, PPP012H, PPP012L, PA-1900-05C1, PPP014L, 286755-001, 394224-001, ACCOM-C16, HP-OL091B13 This is a bullet shape tip with a 1.7mm Inside diameter by 4.8mm outside diameter 1.7×4.8. This is a brand new adapter, HP / Compaq Genuine product, not an aftermarket. Compatible Models of laptops.

HP Pavilion DV1000 , DV1010 , DV1100 , DV1130 Series HP Pavilion DV2000 , DV2100 , DV2200 , DV2300 , DV2400 , DV2500 , DV2600 , DV2700 Series HP Pavilion DV6000 , DV6100 , DV6200 , DV6300 , DV6400 , DV6500 , DV6600 , DV6700Series HP Pavilion DV8000 , DV8100 , DV8200 , DV8300 , DV8400 Series HP Pavilion DV9000 , DV9100 , DV9200 , DV9300 , DV9400 , DV9500 , DV9600 , DV9700 Series

HP Pavilion ZT3000 / ZT3200 / ZT3300 / ZT3400 Series

Compaq Presario 900 Series: 900, 900US, 905, 905US, 910, 910US, 912, 912RSH, 918, 918RSH, 920, 920US… Compaq Presario 1500 Series: 1500 1500T 1500US 1501 1501CL 1505, 1510, 1510CA, 1510US, 1516 1516US, 1520, 1520CA 1520US, 1525, 1525CA 1525US … Compaq Presario 2200 Series: 2204US, V2000, V2030US, V2010US, V2100 … Compaq Presario 2800 Series

Compaq Presario X1000 , X1200 , X1300 , X1400 , X1500 Series

Compaq Presario M2000 Series

Compaq Presario V2000 , V2100 , V2200 , V2300 , V2400 , V2500 , V2600 , V3000 , V4000 , V5000 , V6000 Series

Compaq EVO N100 Series: N110, N150

Compaq EVO N200 Series: N200

Compaq EVO N400 Series: N400c, N410c

Compaq EVO N600 Series: N600, N600c, N610, N610c, N620c

Compaq EVO N800 Series: N800, N800c, N800v, N800w

Compaq EVO N1000 Series: N1000, N1000C, N1000V, N1005V, N1015, N1015v, N1020, N1020v, N1050, N1050v

HP Compaq Tablet PC: TC1000 , TC1100 , TC4200

Compaq Armada 110,

Compaq Armada E300, E500, E500s, E700,

Compaq Armada M300, M700,

Compaq Armada V300

HP Compaq Business Notebook Series: nc4000, nc4010, nc4200, nc6000, nc6100, nx6100, nc6105, nx6105, nc6110, nc6115, nc6120, nc6220, nc7200, nc8000, nc8230 nx5000, nx5100, nx6110, nx6115, nx7000, nx7100, nx7200, nx4800 nw8000

HP Compaq nc8230 Notebook PC HP Compaq nx8220 Notebook PC

HP Compaq nw8240 Mobile Workstation

HP Compaq 6820s Notebook PC HP Compaq 6520s Notebook PC

Acer Aspire: 1200 Series, 1410, 1500, 1520, 1610, 1620, 1641WLMI, 1642WLMI, 1660, 1670, 1680, 2001WLCi, 2303WLCI, 2413, 3000, 3002LCI, 3003WLCI, 3210, 3500, 3610, 4000 series, 4150, 4400, 5000 Series, 5003WLMi, 7100 Series, 8100 Series
Acer Travelmate: 220, 230, 330, 332T, 370, 732, 734, 1350, 1360
Acer Travelmate: C100, Z9000
Acer TravelMate: C300, 622, 800, TM800, 800LCi, 800XC, 800XCi, 802, 802LCi, 803, 803LCi, 804, 804LMi, 2300 series, 2400 series, 4000 series, 5000 series
Acer: 290e,
Acer: TM370, C110
Alienware: Area 51 Sentia
Business Notebook: NX7000
Compaq Armada: 100, 110, V300, E500, E500S, E700
Compaq Armada: M700
Compaq EVO: N1000C, N1000V, N1005V, N1015V, N1020V
Compaq EVO: N110, N150, N180, N200, N400, N410, N600, N610, N620, N800, N800C, N800W, N800V
Compaq Presario M2000 series: M20xx, M21xx, M22xx, M23xx, M24xx, M25xx
Compaq Presario M2000 series: M20xx, M21xx, M22xx, M23xx, M24xx, M25xx
Compaq Presario V1000 series: V1000 CTO, V1001AD, V1001AP, V1002AD, V1002AP, V1003AD, V1003AP, V1004, V1004AD, V1004AP, V1005AD, V1005AP, V1006AD, V1006AP, V1007AD, V1007AP, V1008AD, V1008AP, V1009AD, V1009AP, V1010AP, V1011AP, V1012AP, V1013AP, V1014AP, V1015AP, V1016AP, V1017AP, V1018AP, V1019AP, V1020AP, V1021AP, V1022AP, V1023AP, V1024AP, V1025AP, V1026AP, V1027AP, V1028AP, V1029AP, V1030AP, V1031AP, V1032AP, V1033AP, V1034AP, V1035AP, V1036AP, V1037AP, V1038AP, V1039AP, V1040AP, V1041AP, V1042AP, V1043xx, V1044AP, V1045AP, V1046AP, V1047AP, V1048AP, V1049AP, V1050AP, V1051AP, V1052AP, V1053AP, V1054AP, V1055AP, V1056AP, V1057AP, V1058AP, V1059AP, V1060AP, V1061AP, V1062AP, V1065AP, V1066AP, V1067AP, V1068AP, V1069AP, V1070AP, V1071AP, V1072AP, V1073AP, V1074AP, V1075AP, V1100 CTO, V1101AP, V1102AP, V1103AP, V1104AP, V1105AP, V1106AP, V1107AP, V1108AP, V1109AP, V1110AP, V1111AP, V1112AP, V1113AP, V1114AP, V1115AP, V1116AP, V1117AP, V1118AP, V1119AP, V1120AP, V1121AP, V1122AP, V1123AP, V1124AP, V1125AP, V1126AP, V1127AP, V1128AP, V1129AP, V1130AP, V1131AP, V1132AP, V1133AP, V1134AP
Compaq Presario V4000 Series: V4000 CTO, V4000, V4000T CTO, V4000XX, V4001AP, V4002AP, V4002XX, V4003AP, V4003XX, V4004AP, V4004XX, V4005CL, V4005XX, V4015US, V4020US, V4025US, V4035CA, V4035EA, V4035US, V4040EA, V4050EA, V4055EA, V4058EA, V4060EA, V4075EA, V4100 CTO, V4101AP, V4102AP, V4103AP, V4104AP, V4105AP, V4106AP, V4107AP, V4108AP, V4109AP, V4110AP, V4110EA, V4111AP, V4112AP, V4113AP, V4114AP, V4115AP, V4116AP, V4117AP, V4118AP, V4119AP, V4120EA, V4120TU, V4120US, V4121TU, V4122TU, V4125CL, V4130EA, V4133EA, V4135US, V4144EA, V4145EA, V4146EA, V4147EA, V4160EA, V4200 CTO, V4201TU, V4201XX, V4202EA, V4202TU, V4202XX, V4203EA, V4203TU, V4203XX, V4204TU, V4205EA, V4205TU, V4206TU, V4207TU, V4208TU, V4209TU, V4210TU, V4211TU, V4212TU, V4213TU, V4214TU, V4215EA, v4215TU, V4216TU, V4217EA, V4217TU, V4218TU, V4219TU, V4220EA, V4220NR, V4220TU, V4221TU, V4222TU, V4223TU, V4224TU, V4225TU, V4226TU, V4227TU, V4228TU, V4229TU, V4230TU, V4231TU, V4232TU, V4233TU, V4240US, V4245US, V4260EA, V4263EA, V4265EA, V4274EA, V4275EA, V4276EA, V4278EA, V4285EA, V4305EA, V4308EA, V4310NR, V4320EA, V4322EA, V4325CA, V4325US, V4332EA, V4332US, V4333EA, V4335EA, V4336EA, V4338EA, V4347EA, V4354EA, V4376EA, V4377EA, V4382EA, V4387EA, V4400 CTO, V4401TU, V4402TU, V4402XX, V4403TU, V4404TU, V4405TU, V4406TU, V4407TU, V4408TU, V4435NR, V4440US, V4450EA
Compaq Presario: 2800, 2800CA, 2800T, 2835CA
Compaq Presario: 900, 903, 904, 905, 906, 907, 908, 909, 910, 911, 912, 914, 915, 916, 917, 918, 919, 920, 921, 922, 925, 927, 930, 935, 940, 943, 945, 950, 955, 1500, 1505, 1507, 1508, 1510, 1515, 1522, 1523, 1525, 1527
Compaq Presario: X1000, X1001, X1001US, X1002, X1002US, X1010, X1010CA, X1010US, X1015, X1015US, X1018, X1018CL, X1020, X1020US, X1028, X1028CL, X1030, X1030US, X1031, X1032, X1033, X1034, X1035, X1036, X1036AP, X1037, X1039, X1040, X1040US, X1050, X1050CA, X1050US, X1058, X1058CL, X1080, X1080AP, X1097, X1099, X1100, X1155, X1200, X1242, X1300, X1390
Compaq Prosignia: 190SMB
Gateway Solo: 3400, 3450
Gateway: 200STM
HP Compaq Business Notebook: NX4800, NX4820
HP Pavilion DV1000 Series: DV10xx, DV11xx, DV12xx, DV13xx, DV14xx, DV15xx, DV16xx, DV17xx
HP Pavilion DV4000 Series: DV4000 CTO, DV4000LA, DV4000XX, DV4001AP, DV4001EA, DV4001XX, DV4002AP, DV4003AP, DV4004AP, DV4004XX, DV4005AP, DV4005US, DV4005XX, DV4006AP, DV4006XX, DV4007AP, DV4007XX, DV4008AP, DV4009AP, DV4010AP, DV4011AP, DV4012AP, DV4013AP, DV4014AP, DV4014EA, DV4015AP, DV4015CL, DV4015EA, DV4016AP, DV4016EA, DV4017AP, DV4017EA, DV4018AP, DV4018CL, DV4018EA, DV4019AP, DV4019EA, DV4020AP, DV4020EA, DV4021AP, DV4021EA, DV4022AP, DV4022EA, DV4023AP, DV4023EA, DV4024AP, DV4024EA, DV4025AP, DV4025EA, DV4026AP, DV4027EA, DV4029EA, DV4030CA, DV4030EA, DV4030US, DV4031EA, DV4040CA, DV4040EA, DV4040US, DV4043EA, DV4045EA, DV4046EA, DV4049EA, DV4050EA, DV4051EA, DV4052EA, DV4054EA, DV4056EA, DV4057EA, DV4060EA, DV4070EA, DV4073EA, DV4075EA, DV4078EA, DV4080EA, DV4085EA, DV4086EA, DV4100 CTO, DV4100, DV4101AP, DV4102AP, DV4102EA, DV4103AP, DV4103EA, DV4104AP, DV4105AP, DV4106AP, DV4107AP, DV4108AP, DV4108EA, DV4109AP, DV4109EA, DV4110AP, DV4110EA, DV4111AP, DV4112AP, DV4113AP, DV4113EA, DV4114AP, DV4115AP, DV4115EA, DV4116AP, DV4117AP, DV4118AP, DV4119AP, DV4120AP, DV4121AP, DV4122AP, DV4122EA, DV4123AP, DV4124AP, DV4124EA, DV4125AP, DV4125EA, DV4125US, DV4126AP, DV4126EA, DV4127AP, DV4128AP, DV4128EA, DV4129AP, DV4129EA, DV4129US, DV4130AP, DV4130ea, DV4130US, DV4131EA, DV4134EA, DV4135EA, DV4135LA, DV4136EA, DV4137EA, DV4138EA, DV4139EA, DV4140EA, DV4141EA, DV4142EA, DV4143EA, DV4144EA, DV4145EA, DV4146EA, DV4148EA, DV4149EA, DV4150CA, DV4150EA, DV4150US, DV4151EA, DV4152EA, DV4153EA, DV4154EA, DV4155CL, DV4155EA, DV4155US, DV4156EA, DV4157EA, DV4158EA, DV4159EA, DV4160EA, DV4161EA, DV4162EA, DV4163EA, DV4164EA, DV4165CL, DV4165EA, DV4170CA, DV4170US, DV4174EA, DV4176EA, DV4178EA, DV4182EA, DV4199EA, DV4200 CTO, DV4200, DV4200EA, DV4201EA, DV4201TU, DV4201TX, DV4201XX, DV4202EA, DV4202TU, DV4202TX, DV4202XX, DV4203EA, DV4203TU, DV4203TX, DV4203XX, DV4204EA, DV4204TU, DV4204TX, DV4205EA, DV4205TU, DV4205TX, DV4206EA, DV4206TU, DV4206TX, DV4207EA, DV4207TU, DV4207TX, DV4208EA, DV4208TX, DV4209TX, DV4210TX, DV4211TX, DV4212TX, DV4213EA, DV4213TX, DV4214TX, DV4215TX, DV4216EA, DV4216TX, DV4217CL, DV4217TX, DV4218EA, DV4218TX, DV4219TX, DV4220TX, DV4221TX, DV4222TX, DV4223CL, DV4223EA, DV4223TX, DV4224EA, DV4224TX, DV4225EA, DV4225NR, DV4225TX, DV4226EA, DV4226TX, DV4227EA, DV4230US, DV4231EA, DV4232EA, DV4234EA, DV4235EA, DV4236EA, DV4241EA, DV4243EA, DV4245EA, DV4246EA, DV4250CA, DV4250EA, DV4250US, DV4251EA, DV4253EA, DV4253US, DV4254EA, DV4257US, DV4261EA, DV4264EA, DV4266EA, DV4268EA, DV4269EA, DV4269US, DV4270CA, DV4270EA, DV4270US, DV4271EA, DV4272EA, DV4272US, DV4273EA, DV4275EA, DV4275NR, DV4276EA, DV4277EA, DV4280EA, DV4282EA, DV4283EA, DV4284EA, DV4285EA, DV4287EA, DV4288EA, DV4289EA, DV4290EA, DV4291EA, DV4294EA, DV4295EA, DV4296EA, DV4302EA, DV4304EA, DV4305EA, DV4305US, DV4306EA, DV4307CA, DV4307CL, DV4308WM, DV4309EA, DV4310US, DV4312EA, DV4315EA, DV4318EA, DV4320US, DV4321EA, DV4322EA, DV4324EA, DV4325EA, DV4326EA, DV4327EA, DV4330CA, DV4330US, DV4334EA, DV4335EA, DV4335NR, DV4336EA, DV4337EA, DV4339EA, DV4340CA, DV4340US, DV4342EA, DV4344EA, DV4346EA, DV4348EA, DV4350EA, DV4351EA, DV4353EA, DV4354EA, DV4356EA, DV4357EA, DV4358EA, DV4360EA, DV4363EA, DV4364EA, DV4365EA, DV4367EA, DV4368EA, DV4376EA, DV4378EA, DV4379EA, DV4381EA, DV4383EA, DV4384EA, DV4385EA, DV4386EA, DV4388EA, DV4391EA, DV4392EA, DV4394EA, DV4395EA, DV4396EA, DV4398EA, DV4400 CTO, DV4401TU, DV4401XX, DV4402TU, DV4405NR, DV4410CA, DV4410US, DV4419US, DV4420CA, DV4420US, DV4430EA, DV4435EA, DV4440EA, DV4445EA, DV4450EACompaq Presario V2000 series: V20xx, V21xx, V22xx, V23xx, V24xx, V25xx, V26xx
HP Pavilion DV5000 Series: DV5000 CTO, DV5000ea, DV5000t CTO, DV5001xx, DV5002ea, DV5003cl, DV5003ea, DV5005ea, DV5006ea, DV5007ea, DV5008ea, DV5009ea, DV5010ea, DV5011ea, DV5012ea, DV5016ea, DV5017cl, DV5017ea, DV5018ea, DV5020ca, DV5020us, DV5021ea, DV5022ea, DV5023ea, DV5024ea, DV5026ea, DV5027ea, DV5029us, DV5030us, DV5031ea, DV5033ea, DV5034ea, DV5035ea, DV5035nr, DV5036ea, DV5037ea, DV5040us, DV5041ea, DV5046ea, DV5047ea, DV5050ea, DV5051ea, DV5052ea, DV5053ea, DV5054ea, DV5055ea, DV5056ea, DV5057ea, DV5058ea, DV5059ea, DV5061ea, DV5062ea, DV5063ea, DV5074ea, DV5075ea, DV5077ea, DV5078ea, DV5084ea, DV5088xx, DV5091ea, DV5092ea, DV5093ea, DV5094ea, DV5095ea, DV5096ea, DV5097ea, DV5098ea, DV5099ea, DV5099xx
HP Pavilion ZE2000 Series: ZE20xx, ZE21xx, ZE22xx, ZE23xx, ZE24xx, ZE25xx
HP Pavilion ZE2000 Series: ZE20xx, ZE21xx, ZE22xx, ZE23xx, ZE24xx, ZE25xx
HP Pavilion ZE49xx series: ZE4900, ZE4901, ZE4902, ZE4903, ZE4904, ZE4905, ZE4906, ZE4907, ZE4908, ZE4909, ZE4910, ZE4911, ZE4912, ZE4915, ZE4918, ZE4920, ZE4922, ZE4923, ZE4925, ZE4926, ZE4927, ZE4928, ZE4929, ZE4930, ZE4935, ZE4940, ZE4945, ZE4950, ZE4955, ZE4960, ZE4965, ZE4970, ZE4974, ZE4975, ZE4980
HP Pavilion: NC4000, NC6000, NC8000
HP Pavilion: ZT3000
HP/Compaq Business Notebook: NX5000 series
HP-Compaq: NX6110, NC6110, NX6120, NC6120, NX8200 Series, NC8200 Series
Pavilion DV8000 Series: DV8000 CTO, DV8000T CTO, DV8002EA, DV8005EA, DV8010EA, DV8013CL, DV8013xx, DV8025EA, DV8026EA, DV8027EA, DV8028EA, DV8029EA, DV8030EA, DV8035EA, DV8040CA, DV8040US, DV8040xx, DV8045EA, DV8050EA, DV8051EA, DV8075EA, DV8088US, DV8099xx
Samsung: Q series

Compaq Presario V5000 Series: V5000 CTO, V5000T CTO, V5002EA, V5004EA, V5005US, V5006EA, V5009EA, V5015CA, V5015US, V5025EA, V5026EA, V5030EA, V5031EA, V5032EA, V5033EA, V5054EA, V5059EA, V5079EA, V5088XX, V5094EA, V5099EA, V5099XX, V5100 CTO, V5100AU, V5100TU, V5101AU, V5101TU, V5101US, V5102AU, V5102EU, V5102NR, V5102TU, V5103AU, V5103TU, V5104AU, V5104EU, V5104TU, V5105CA, V5105EU, V5105TU, V5105US, V5106EU, V5106TU, V5107EU, V5107TU, V5108CU, V5108EU, V5108TU, V5109TU, V5110EU, V5110TU, V5111EU, V5111TU, V5115CA, V5115EU, V5115US, V5116EU, V5119US, V5120EU, V5120NR, V5122EU, V5125EU, V5126EU, V5128EA, V5132EA, V5150EA, V5155EA, V5160EA, V5160US, V5162EA, V5189XX, V5199XX, V5200 CTO, V5201CA, V5201TU, V5201US, V5202TU, V5203TU, V5204NR, V5204TU, V5204US, V5205NR, V5205TU, V5206OM, V5206TU, V5207NR, V5207TU, V5208CA, V5208TU, V5209TU, V5209US, V5210CA, V5210TU, V5210US, V5211TU, V5212TU, V5213TU, V5214EA, V5214TU, V5215EA, V5215LA, V5215TU, V5216EA, V5216TU, V5217TU, V5218LA, V5218TU, V5219TU, V5220EA, V5220TU, V5221EA, V5221TU, V5222EA, V5222TU, V5223TU, V5224TU, V5225TU, V5226TU, V5227TU, V5228TU, V5229TU, V5230TU, V5231TU, V5232EA, V5232TU, V5233EA, V5233TU, V5234EA, V5234TU, V5235EA, V5235TU, V5236EA, V5236EU, V5236TU, V5237TU, V5238TU, V5239TU, V5240TU, V5241TU, V5242TU, V5243TU, V5244TU, V5245EU, V5245TU, V5246TU, V5247TU, V5248TU, V5249TU, V5250TU, V5251TU, V5252TU, V5253TU, V5254TU, V5255TU, V5256TU, V5257TU, V5258TU, V5259TU, V5260TU, V5261TU, V5299XX, V5300 CTO, V5303NR, V5304US, V5305WM, V5306US, V5307US, V5308CA, V5310US, V5315WM
Compaq Presario C300 Series: C300 CTO, C300EA, C300EU, C301NR, C301TU, C302NR, C302TU, C303NR, C303TU, C304NR, C304TU, C305LA, C305TU, C306TU, C306US, C307NR, C307TU, C308LA, C308TU, C309TU, C310EA, C310EU, C310TU, C311TU, C312TU, C313TU, C315LA, C318LA, C350EA, C350EU, C351EA, C352EA, C353EA, C399XXCompaq Presario C500 Series: C500, C500EA, C500EU, C500T, C501NR, C501TU, C502CA, C502EA, C502EU, C502TU, C502US, C503TU, C503WM, C504EA, C504EU, C504TU, C504US, C505TU, C506CA, C506TU, C507TU, C507US, C508US, C509NR, C518LA, C540EA, C542EA, C550ED, C550EF, C550EL, C550EM, C551NR, C551TU, C552CA, C552TU, C552US, C553TU, C554EM, C554TU, C554US, C555EA, C555EL, C555EM, C555ES, C555EU, C555NR, C555TU, C556CA, C556EM, C556TU, C557CL, C557TU, C558TU, C559CL, C559EF, C559EM, C559TU, C560TU, C560US, C561TU, C562TU, C563NR, C563TU, C564TU, C564US, C565TU, C566TU, C567TU, C568LA, C570EA, C571NR, C571TU, C572TU, C573TU, C574TU, C575TU, C576TU, C577TU, C578TU, C579TU, C580TU, C581TU, C581WM, C582TU

Acer TravelMate : TM370, C110

Averatec : 5500

HP/Compaq Business Notebook DC Power Jack Connector: NC6220, NC6230, NC8000, NW8000, NX5000

Compaq Presario V1000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: V1000 CTO, V1001AD, V1001AP, V1002AD, V1002AP, V1003AD, V1003AP, V1004, V1004AD, V1004AP, V1005AD, V1005AP, V1006AD, V1006AP, V1007AD, V1007AP, V1008AD, V1008AP, V1009AD, V1009AP, V1010AP, V1011AP, V1012AP, V1013AP, V1014AP, V1015AP, V1016AP, V1017AP, V1018AP, V1019AP, V1020AP, V1021AP, V1022AP, V1023AP, V1024AP, V1025AP, V1026AP, V1027AP, V1028AP, V1029AP, V1030AP, V1031AP, V1032AP, V1033AP, V1034AP, V1035AP, V1036AP, V1037AP, V1038AP, V1039AP, V1040AP, V1041AP, V1042AP, V1043xx, V1044AP, V1045AP, V1046AP, V1047AP, V1048AP, V1049AP, V1050AP, V1051AP, V1052AP, V1053AP, V1054AP, V1055AP, V1056AP, V1057AP, V1058AP, V1059AP, V1060AP, V1061AP, V1062AP, V1065AP, V1066AP, V1067AP, V1068AP, V1069AP, V1070AP, V1071AP, V1072AP, V1073AP, V1074AP, V1075AP, V1100 CTO, V1101AP, V1102AP, V1103AP, V1104AP, V1105AP, V1106AP, V1107AP, V1108AP, V1109AP, V1110AP, V1111AP, V1112AP, V1113AP, V1114AP, V1115AP, V1116AP, V1117AP, V1118AP, V1119AP, V1120AP, V1121AP, V1122AP, V1123AP, V1124AP, V1125AP, V1126AP, V1127AP, V1128AP, V1129AP, V1130AP, V1131AP, V1132AP, V1133AP, V1134AP

Compaq Presario V6000 DC Power Jack Connector: V6000 Series, V6000AU, V6000T CTO, V6000TX CTO, V6000Z CTO, V6001AU, V6001XX, V6002AU, V6002XX, V6003AU, V6004AU, V6012EA, V6014EA, V6016EA, V6024EA, V6025EA, V6030US, V6048CL, V6057EA, V6065EA, V6066EA
V6100 Series, V6100 CTO, V6101AU, V6101EU, V6101TU, V6101US, V6101XX, V6102AU, V6102EA, V6102TU, V6102XX, V6103AU, V6103EA, V6103NR, V6103TU, V6104AU, V6104NR, V6104TU, V6104US, V6105AU, V6105EA, V6105NR, V6105TU, V6106AU, V6106TU, V6107AU, V6107TU, V6107US, V6108AU, V6108EA, V6108TU, V6109AU, V6109EA, V6109EU, V6109OM, V6109TU, V6110AU, V6110CA, V6110EA, V6110TU, V6110US, V6111AU, V6111EA, V6111TU, V6112AU, V6112EU, V6112TU, V6113EA, V6113TU, V6114TU, V6115EA, V6115EU, V6115OM, V6115TU, V6116TU, V6117EU, V6117TU, V6118TU, V6119TU, V6120CA, V6120TU, V6120US, V6121TU, V6122TU, V6123TU, V6124TU, V6125TU, V6126EU, V6126TU, V6127EA, V6127TU, V6128EA, V6128EU, V6128TU, V6129EA, V6129TU, V6130TU, V6130US, V6131EU, V6131TU, V6132TU, V6133CA, V6133CL, V6133EU, V6133TU, V6134TU, V6135TU, V6136TU, V6137EU, V6137TU, V6137US, V6138EU, V6138TU, V6139EU, V6139TU, V6140TU, V6141TU, V6142TU, V6143CL, V6143TU, V6144EA, V6144TU, V6145EA, V6145TU, V6146TU, V6147EA, V6147TU, V6148EA, V6148TU, V6149EA, V6149TU, V6150EA, V6150TU, V6151EA, V6151TU, V6152EA, V6152TU, V6153TU, V6154TU, V6155EA, V6155TU, V6156TU, V6157TU, V6171CL, V6180EA, V6181EA, V6182EA, V6198XX, V6199XX
V6200 Series, V6200 CTO, V6200XX, V6201AU, V6201TU, V6202AU, V6202EA, V6202TU, V6203AU, V6203TU, V6204AU, V6204EA, V6204TU, V6205AU, V6205NR, V6205TU, V6206AU, V6206TU, V6207AU, V6207TU, V6208AU, V6208TU, V6209AU, V6209TU, V6210AU, V6210BR, V6210CA, V6210TU, V6210US, V6211AU, V6211TU, V6212AU, V6212EA, V6212TU, V6213AU, V6213EA, V6213TU, V6214AU, V6214TU, V6215AU, V6215BR, V6215CA, V6215TU, V6216CA, V6216EA, V6216TU, V6217EA, V6217TU, V6218EA, V6218TU, V6219TU, V6220BR, V6220TU, V6221EU, V6221TU, V6222EA, V6223EA, V6223EU, V6223TU, V6224EA, V6225BR, V6230BR, V6230CA, V6233EU, V6239EU, V6241EA, V6261EU, V6263EA, V6264EA, V6268EA, V6272EU, V6299XX
V6300 Series, V6300 CTO, V6301AU, V6301TU, V6302AU, V6302EU, V6302TU, V6303AU, V6303TU, V6304AU, V6304TU, V6305AU, V6305CA, V6305NR, V6305TU, V6306TU, V6307TU, V6308TU, V6309TU, V6310CA, V6310TU, V6310US, V6311TU, V6312TU, V6313TU, V6314EA, V6314EM, V6314TU, V6315EA, V6315TU, V6316CA, V6316EA, V6316TU, V6317CA, V6317TU, V6318CA, V6318TU, V6319TU, V6320CA, V6320EA, V6320TU, V6321TU, V6322TU, V6325EA, V6325EM, V6328EA, V6329EA, V6330EA, V6332EA, V6335EA, V6336EA, V6337EA, V6337EU, V6338EU, V6339EU, V6340EU, V6341EA, V6341EU, V6342EA, V6343EA, V6345EA, V6346EA, V6355EU, V6399XX
V6400 Series, V6400 CTO, V6401AU, V6401TU, V6401XX, V6402AU, V6402CA, V6402TU, V6403AU, V6403TU, V6404AU, V6404TU, V6405AU, V6405CA, V6405TU, V6406AU, V6406TU, V6407TU, V6408TU, V6409TU, V6410CA, V6410ET, V6410TU, V6411TU, V6412TU, V6413TU, V6414TU, V6415CA, V6415ES, V6415TU, V6416TU, V6417TU, V6418TU, V6419TU, V6420ET, V6420TU, V6420US, V6421TU, V6422TU, V6423TU, V6424TU, V6425TU, V6426TU, V6427TU, V6428TU, V6429ES, V6430EE, V6430EF, V6430EN, V6430ES, V6435ES, V6444US, V6450EE, V6450EN, V6498XX, V6499XX
V6500 Series, V6254EA, V6500T CTO, V6500Z CTO, V6501AU, V6501TU, V6501XX, V6502AU, V6502EO, V6502TU, V6503AU, V6503TU, V6504AU, V6504TU, V6505AU, V6505TU, V6506AU, V6506TU, V6507AU, V6507TU, V6508AU, V6508EO, V6508TU, V6509TU, V6510ET, V6510TU, V6511TU, V6512TU, V6513TU, V6514TU, V6515ES, V6515TU, V6516TU, V6517TU, V6518ES, V6518TU, V6519TU, V6520ED, V6520TU, V6521TU, V6522TU, V6523TU, V6524TU, V6530ED, V6533EF, V6554ES, V6560EA, V6570ES, V6572ES, V6580ED, V6590ES, V6592ES, V6594ES, V6595ES, V6599XX
V6600 Series, V6600 CTO, V6601AU, V6601TU, V6602AU, V6602TU, V6603AU, V6603TU, V6604AU, V6604TU, V6605AU, V6605TU, V6606AU, V6606TU, V6607AU, V6607ES, V6607TU, V6608AU, V6608TU, V6609AU, V6609TU, V6610AU, V6610EO, V6610ES, V6610ET, V6610TU, V6611AU, V6611TU, V6612AU, V6612TU, V6613AU, V6613TU, V6614AU, V6614TU, V6615AU, V6615EE, V6615EF, V6615EN, V6615ES, V6615TU, V6616AU, V6616TU, V6617AU, V6618AU, V6620ET, V6620US, V6630EA, V6630EM, V6630ET, V6640ED, V6640ES, V6642EA, V6642EM, V6650ED, V6650ES, V6660ED
V6700 Series, V6700 CTO, V6700TX CTO, V6701AU, V6701TU, V6701XX, V6702AU, V6702TU, V6703AU, V6703TU, V6703XX, V6704AU, V6704TU, V6705AU, V6705TU, V6706TU, V6707TU, V6708TU, V6709TU, V6710ES, V6710ET, V6710TU, V6710XX, V6711TU, V6712TU, V6713TU, V6714TU, V6715EE, V6715EN, V6715ET, V6715TU, V6719NR, V6720ES, V6730ES, V6730ET, V6741US, V6751XX
V6800 Series, V6801AU, V6801TU, V6802TU, V6803TU, V6804TU, V6805TU, V6806TU, V6807TU, V6808TU, V6810EE, V6810EI, V6850ED, V6851XX, V6899XX
V6900 Series, V6900 CTO, V6901TU, V6902TU, V6903TU, V6904TU, V6905TU

Compaq Presario F500 DC Power Jack Connector: F500 Series, F500 CTO, F500EA, F500XX, F501AU, F501XX, F502AU, F502EA, F502EU, F502LA, F503AU, F504AU, F504EA, F504EM, F504EU, F505AU, F505EA, F505LA, F506EA, F506LA, F545EA, F545EU, F550 CTO, F550EE, F550EF, F550EL, F550EN, F550EO, F550ES, F550ET, F551AU, F552AU, F552LA, F553AU, F553CL, F553US, F554AU, F555AU, F555LA, F555US, F557US, F557WM, F558US, F560EA, F560EL, F560EM, F560ET, F560US, F560XX, F561XX, F562LA, F564LA, F565CA, F565LA, F566LA, F571AU, F572AU, F572US, F573AU, F574AU, F575AU, F576AU, F577AU, F577CL, F579WM

Compaq Presario F700 DC Power Jack Connector: F700 Series, F700 CTO, F700EF, F700EM, F700XX, F701XX, F702XX, F706LA, F710EE, F710EF, F710EL, F712NR, F715EF, F715EM, F715EO, F722CA, F725EL, F729EM, F730EE, F730EF, F730EO, F730ES, F730US, F731AU, F732AU, F732NR, F733AU, F734AU, F735AU, F735EL, F735ES, F736AU, F737AU, F738AU, F739AU, F739WM, F740EF, F740ES, F740ET, F750CA, F750EL, F750US, F752LA, F754CA, F754LA, F755LA, F755US, F756CA, F756LA, F756NR, F759WM, F760EE, F760EF, F760EL, F760EM, F760EO, F760XX, F761AU, F761US, F761XX, F762AU, F762NR, F763AU, F763NR, F764AU, F764CA, F765CA, F765EA, F765EL, F765EM, F767CL, F767NR, F768WM, F769CA, F769CL, F769WM, F770EL, F775EL, F780EL, F780ET

HP Pavilion DV6000 DC Power Jack Connector: DV6000 Series, DV6000 CTO, DV6000t CTO, DV6000Z CTO, DV6001EA, DV6001XX, DV6002XX, DV6003EA, DV6003XX, DV6004EA, DV6005EA, DV6006EA, DV6007EA, DV6010EA, DV6011EA, DV6012EA, DV6013EA, DV6014EA, DV6015EA, DV6016EA, DV6017EA, DV6018EA, DV6019EA, DV6020EA, DV6021EA, DV6022EA, DV6023EA, DV6024EA, DV6025EA, DV6040CA, DV6040US, DV6045NR, DV6054EA, DV6057EA, DV6058CL, DV6058EA, DV6059EA, DV6060EA, DV6061EA, DV6062EA, DV6063EA, DV6064EA, DV6065EA, DV6067EA, DV6086EA, DV6087EA, DV6088EA, DV6095EA, DV6097EA
DV6100 Series, DV6100 CTO, DV6100EA, DV6101EA, DV6101EU, DV6101TU, DV6101TX, DV6101XX, DV6102EA, DV6102EU, DV6102OD, DV6102TX, DV6102XX, DV6103EA, DV6103EU, DV6103NR, DV6103TX, DV6103XX, DV6104EA, DV6104EU, DV6104NR, DV6104TX, DV6105CA, DV6105EA, DV6105EU, DV6105TX, DV6105US, DV6106EA, DV6106EU, DV6106TX, DV6107EA, DV6107EU, DV6107TX, DV6107US, DV6108EA, DV6108NR, DV6108TX, DV6108US, DV6109EA, DV6109NR, DV6109OM, DV6109TX, DV6110BR, DV6110CA, DV6110EA, DV6110EU, DV6110TX, DV6110US, DV6111EA, DV6111EU, DV6111NR, DV6111TX, DV6112EA, DV6112TX, DV6113CA, DV6113EA, DV6113EU, DV6113TX, DV6113US, DV6114EA, DV6114TX, DV6115CA, DV6115EA, DV6115EU, DV6115NR, DV6115TX, DV6116EA, DV6116EU, DV6116NR, DV6116TX, DV6117EA, DV6117EU, DV6117TX, DV6118EA, DV6118EU, DV6118NR, DV6118TX, DV6119EA, DV6119EU, DV6119TX, DV6119US, DV6120BR, DV6120CA, DV6120EA, DV6120EU, DV6120LA, DV6120SE, DV6120TX, DV6120US, DV6121EA, DV6121EU, DV6121TX, DV6122EA, DV6122TX, DV6123EA, DV6123EU, DV6123TX, DV6124EA, DV6124EU, DV6124TX, DV6125BR, DV6125EA, DV6125OM, DV6125SE, DV6125TX, DV6126EA, DV6126EU, DV6126TX, DV6127EA, DV6127EU, DV6127TX, DV6128EA, DV6128EU, DV6128OD, DV6128TX, DV6129EA, DV6129EU, DV6129TX, DV6129US, DV6130CA, DV6130EA, DV6130EU, DV6130TX, DV6130US, DV6131EA, DV6131EU, DV6131OD, DV6131TX, DV6132EA, DV6132EU, DV6132TX, DV6133EA, DV6133EU, DV6133OD, DV6133TX, DV6134EA, DV6134EU, DV6134TX, DV6135CA, DV6135EA, DV6135EU, DV6135NR, DV6135TX, DV6136EA, DV6136EU, DV6136TX, DV6137EA, DV6137EU, DV6137TX, DV6138EA, DV6138EU, DV6138TX, DV6139EA, DV6139EU, DV6139TX, DV6139US, DV6140CA, DV6140EA, DV6140EU, DV6140TX, DV6140US, DV6141EA, DV6141EU, DV6141TX, DV6142EA, DV6142EU, DV6142TX, DV6143EA, DV6143EU, DV6143TX, DV6144EA, DV6144EU, DV6144TX, DV6145EA, DV6145EU, DV6145TX, DV6146EA, DV6146EU, DV6146TX, DV6147EA, DV6147EU, DV6147TX, DV6148EA, DV6148EU, DV6148TX, DV6149EA, DV6149EU, DV6149TX, DV6149US, DV6150BR, DV6150CA, DV6150EA, DV6150EU, DV6150TX, DV6150US, DV6151EA, DV6151EU, DV6152EA, DV6152EU, DV6153EA, DV6153EU, DV6154EA, DV6154EU, DV6155EA, DV6155EU, DV6156EA, DV6156EU, DV6157EA, DV6157EU, DV6158EA, DV6158EU, DV6159EA, DV6159EU, DV6160EA, DV6160EU, DV6161EA, DV6161EU, DV6162EA, DV6163EA, DV6164EA, DV6165CL, DV6165EA, DV6165EU, DV6166EA, DV6167EA, DV6168EA, DV6169EA, DV6170EA, DV6171CL, DV6171EA, DV6172EA, DV6173EA, DV6174CA, DV6174CL, DV6174EA, DV6175EA, DV6179EA, DV6180EA, DV6181EA, DV6182EA, DV6182EU, DV6183EA, DV6184EA, DV6184EU, DV6185EA, DV6185EU, DV6186EA, DV6186EU, DV6187EA, DV6187EU, DV6188EA, DV6188EU, DV6189EA, DV6189EU, DV6190EU, DV6191EU, DV6195EA, DV6195XX, DV6196EA, DV6196XX, DV6197EA, DV6197XX, DV6198XX, DV6199XX
DV6200 Series, DV6200 CTO, DV6200EA, DV6200XX, DV6201EA, DV6201EU, DV6201TU, DV6201TX, DV6202EA, DV6202EU, DV6202TU, DV6202TX, DV6203EA, DV6203EU, DV6203TU, DV6203TX, DV6204EA, DV6204EU, DV6204TX, DV6205CA, DV6205EU, DV6205TX, DV6205US, DV6206EA, DV6206TX, DV6206US, DV6207EA, DV6207TX, DV6208EA, DV6208NR, DV6208TX, DV6209EU, DV6209TX, DV6210EA, DV6210TX, DV6211EA, DV6211TX, DV6212EA, DV6212TX, DV6213CL, DV6213EA, DV6213TX, DV6214EA, DV6214TX, DV6215CA, DV6215EA, DV6215TX, DV6215US, DV6216EA, DV6216TX, DV6217EA, DV6217TX, DV6218EA, DV6218TX, DV6219EA, DV6219TX, DV6220BR, DV6220EA, DV6220EU, DV6220LA, DV6220TX, DV6221EA, DV6221TX, DV6222EA, DV6222TX, DV6223EU, DV6223TX, DV6224TX, DV6225EU, DV6225TX, DV6225US, DV6226TX, DV6226US, DV6227CL, DV6227TX, DV6228TX, DV6230BR, DV6230EA, DV6230EU, DV6231EA, DV6231EU, DV6232BR, DV6232EA, DV6233EA, DV6233SE, DV6234EA, DV6235CA, DV6235EA, DV6235EU, DV6235NR, DV6235US, DV6236EA, DV6236US, DV6237EA, DV6238EA, DV6239EA, DV6239EU, DV6240EA, DV6240EU, DV6241EA, DV6241EU, DV6242EA, DV6242EU, DV6243CL, DV6243EA, DV6243EU, DV6244EA, DV6244EU, DV6244US, DV6245CA, DV6245EA, DV6245EU, DV6245US, DV6246EA, DV6246EU, DV6247CA, DV6247CL, DV6247EA, DV6248EA, DV6248EU, DV6249EA, DV6249EU, DV6250EU, DV6251EU, DV6252EU, DV6253CL, DV6253EU, DV6254EA, DV6254EU, DV6255CA, DV6255EU, DV6255US, DV6256EU, DV6256US, DV6257EU, DV6258EU, DV6258SE, DV6259EU, DV6260EU, DV6261EU, DV6262EU, DV6263CL, DV6263EA, DV6263EU, DV6264EU, DV6265CA, DV6265EA, DV6265EU, DV6265US, DV6266EU, DV6267CL, DV6267EU, DV6268EU, DV6269EA, DV6269EU, DV6270EU, DV6271EA, DV6271EU, DV6274EA, DV6275EA, DV6275EU, DV6275US, DV6276EA, DV6276EU, DV6277EA, DV6278EA, DV6278EU, DV6280EA, DV6281EA, DV6282EA, DV6283EU, DV6284EU, DV6285EU, DV6286EA, DV6286EU, DV6287EU, DV6288EA, DV6290EA, DV6291EA, DV6292EA, DV6295EU, DV6296EA, DV6297EA, DV6298EA, DV6299EA, DV6299XX
DV6300 Series, DV6300 CTO, DV6301EA, DV6301EU, DV6301TU, DV6301TX, DV6302EA, DV6302TU, DV6302TX, DV6303EU, DV6303TU, DV6303TX, DV6304EA, DV6304EU, DV6304TU, DV6304TX, DV6305CA, DV6305EA, DV6305TX, DV6305US, DV6306EA, DV6306EU, DV6306RS, DV6306TX, DV6307CA, DV6307EA, DV6307EU, DV6307TX, DV6308CA, DV6308EA, DV6308NR, DV6308TX, DV6309EA, DV6309TX, DV6310EA, DV6310TX, DV6311EA, DV6311EU, DV6311TX, DV6312EA, DV6312EU, DV6312TX, DV6313EA, DV6313EU, DV6313TX, DV6314EA, DV6314EU, DV6314TX, DV6315CA, DV6315EA, DV6315EM, DV6315TX, DV6316EA, DV6316EU, DV6316TX, DV6317EA, DV6317EU, DV6318EA, DV6318EU, DV6319EA, DV6319EU, DV6320EA, DV6320EU, DV6321EA, DV6321EU, DV6322EA, DV6323EA, DV6324EA, DV6324US, DV6325CA, DV6325EA, DV6325US, DV6326EA, DV6326EU, DV6326US, DV6327CA, DV6327CL, DV6327EA, DV6328EA, DV6328EU, DV6329EA, DV6330EA, DV6331EA, DV6331EU, DV6332EA, DV6333EA, DV6334EA, DV6335CA, DV6335EU, DV6335US, DV6336EU, DV6337CL, DV6337US, DV6338SE, DV6339EU, DV6340EU, DV6341EU, DV6342EA, DV6343EA, DV6344EA, DV6345EA, DV6345EU, DV6345US, DV6346EU, DV6347EU, DV6349EA, DV6349EU, DV6350EU, DV6351EU, DV6352EU, DV6353CA, DV6353CL, DV6353EU, DV6353US, DV6354EU, DV6355CA, DV6355EA, DV6355EU, DV6355US, DV6356EA, DV6356EU, DV6357EA, DV6357EU, DV6358EA, DV6358EU, DV6358SE, DV6359EA, DV6359EU, DV6360EU, DV6361EA, DV6361EU, DV6362EA, DV6363CA, DV6363EU, DV6364EA, DV6364EU, DV6365EA, DV6365EU, DV6365US, DV6366EA, DV6366EU, DV6370EA, DV6372EA, DV6373EA, DV6374EA, DV6375EA, DV6375US, DV6376EA, DV6377EA, DV6378EA, DV6380EU, DV6382EU, DV6383EA, DV6383EU, DV6384EA, DV6384EU, DV6385EA, DV6385EU, DV6386EA, DV6386EU, DV6387EA, DV6387EU, DV6388EA, DV6388EU, DV6389EA, DV6389EU, DV6390EA, DV6390EU, DV6391EA, DV6391EU, DV6395EA, DV6396EA, DV6397EA, DV6399XX
DV6400 Series, DV6400 CTO, DV6400a CTO, DV6401CA, DV6401EO, DV6401TU, DV6401TX, DV6401XX, DV6402CA, DV6402TU, DV6402TX, DV6402XX, DV6403CL, DV6403TU, DV6403TX, DV6404CA, DV6404TU, DV6404TX, DV6405CA, DV6405EF, DV6405EO, DV6405TX, DV6405US, DV6406CA, DV6406NR, DV6406TX, DV6407NR, DV6407TX, DV6408CA, DV6408EZ, DV6408NR, DV6408TX, DV6409CA, DV6409TX, DV6409US, DV6409WM, DV6410CA, DV6410EO, DV6411EJ, DV6412EJ, DV6413EJ, DV6415CA, DV6415EB, DV6415EO, DV6415EZ, DV6415US, DV6416CA, DV6418CA, DV6420EB, DV6420EF, DV6420EM, DV6420EN, DV6420EO, DV6420EP, DV6420EW, DV6420LA, DV6422LA, DV6423OM, DV6424CA, DV6425CA, DV6425EF, DV6425EG, DV6425ES, DV6425US, DV6426CA, DV6426EI, DV6426US, DV6427CL, DV6428CA, DV6429ES, DV6433CL, DV6435CA, DV6436NR, DV6439NR, DV6444EZ, DV6445US, DV6446US, DV6447OM, DV6448SE, DV6449US, DV6450EC, DV6450EN, DV6450US, DV6451US, DV6452SE, DV6458SE, DV6460EC, DV6460ED, DV6460EE, DV6460EN, DV6465EC, DV6470EC, DV6470US, DV6499XX
DV6500 Series, DV6500 CTO, DV6500ER, DV6500EW, DV6500t CTO, DV6500z CTO, DV6501AU, DV6501EL, DV6501EO, DV6501TU, DV6501TX, DV6501XX, DV6502AU, DV6502TU, DV6502TX, DV6502XX, DV6503AU, DV6503EO, DV6503TU, DV6503TX, DV6504AU, DV6504TU, DV6504TX, DV6505AU, DV6505EL, DV6505EO, DV6505EZ, DV6505TU, DV6505TX, DV6506TU, DV6506TX, DV6507EL, DV6507EO, DV6507TU, DV6507TX, DV6508TU, DV6508TX, DV6509TU, DV6509TX, DV6510EB, DV6510EF, DV6510EJ, DV6510EL, DV6510EO, DV6510EP, DV6510ER, DV6510EW, DV6510TX, DV6511EF, DV6511TX, DV6512EF, DV6512TX, DV6513EF, DV6513EG, DV6513EM, DV6513TX, DV6514EJ, DV6514TX, DV6515EF, DV6515EJ, DV6515EO, DV6515TX, DV6516TX, DV6517TX, DV6518TX, DV6519EA, DV6519TX, DV6520EA, DV6520EB, DV6520EL, DV6520EO, DV6520ER, DV6520ET, DV6520EZ, DV6520TX, DV6521EA, DV6521EO, DV6521TX, DV6522EA, DV6522EI, DV6522EM, DV6522TX, DV6523EA, DV6523EI, DV6523TX, DV6524EA, DV6524EI, DV6524TX, DV6525EA, DV6525EL, DV6525EM, DV6525EN, DV6525EO, DV6525TX, DV6526EA, DV6526TX, DV6527EA, DV6527TX, DV6528EA, DV6529EA, DV6529EM, DV6530EA, DV6530EB, DV6530EL, DV6530EP, DV6530EW, DV6530TX, DV6531EF, DV6531TX, DV6532TX, DV6533EZ, DV6533TX, DV6534EA, DV6534TX, DV6535EA, DV6535EF, DV6535EL, DV6535EP, DV6535TX, DV6536EN, DV6540EB, DV6540EG, DV6540EL, DV6540EO, DV6540EW, DV6540TX, DV6541EV, DV6541TX, DV6542EV, DV6542TX, DV6543EV, DV6543TX, DV6544EO, DV6544EV, DV6544TX, DV6545EB, DV6545EG, DV6545EL, DV6545EO, DV6545TX, DV6547EA, DV6547EG, DV6547TX, DV6548EA, DV6548TX, DV6549EA, DV6549TX, DV6550EA, DV6550EB, DV6550EC, DV6550ED, DV6550EE, DV6550EG, DV6550EN, DV6550ER, DV6550TX, DV6551EA, DV6551EG, DV6551TX, DV6552EA, DV6552EG, DV6555EA, DV6555EL, DV6555EN, DV6557EO, DV6558EA, DV6559EA, DV6560EA, DV6560EC, DV6560EE, DV6560EG, DV6560EL, DV6560EN, DV6560EO, DV6560ET, DV6560EZ, DV6560US, DV6561EE, DV6563CL, DV6563EO, DV6565CA, DV6565EL, DV6565EN, DV6565EO, DV6565EZ, DV6565US, DV6567CL, DV6568SE, DV6570ED, DV6570EE, DV6570EL, DV6570EN, DV6570EO, DV6570ER, DV6570ES, DV6570ET, DV6570US, DV6573CL, DV6573ET, DV6575CA, DV6575EF, DV6575ET, DV6575US, DV6578EA, DV6579ET, DV6580EA, DV6580EC, DV6580EE, DV6580EL, DV6580EN, DV6580ES, DV6580ET, DV6581EE, DV6585CA, DV6585EF, DV6589US, DV6590EC, DV6590EP, DV6590ET, DV6594ES, DV6595EG, DV6597ES, DV6597XX, DV6598EE, DV6598EG, DV6598XX, DV6599EA, DV6599EB, DV6599EE, DV6599EF, DV6599EG, DV6599EL, DV6599EN, DV6599EO, DV6599ET, DV6599EW, DV6599XX
DV6600 Series, DV6600 CTO, DV6603CA, DV6604CL, DV6604NR, DV6605CA, DV6605US, DV6607CL, DV6607NR, DV6607RS, DV6608CA, DV6609WM, DV6611CA, DV6612CA, DV6618CA, DV6620LA, DV6622CA, DV6623CL, DV6624CA, DV6625CA, DV6625US, DV6626CA, DV6626US, DV6627CA, DV6627NR, DV6627OM, DV6628CL, DV6628US, DV6629CA, DV6629US, DV6629WM, DV6631CA, DV6633US, DV6634NR, DV6636NR, DV6640NR, DV6640US, DV6642CA, DV6645CA, DV6645US, DV6646US, DV6647CL, DV6647NR, DV6648SE, DV6650US, DV6653CL, DV6653US, DV6654CL, DV6654US, DV6660SE, DV6661SE, DV6662SE, DV6663CA, DV6663CL, DV6663US, DV6667CL, DV6670CA, DV6672US, DV6675US, DV6693US, DV6696NR
DV6700 Series, DV6700 CTO, DV6700t CTO, DV6700z CTO, DV6701CA, DV6701US, DV6702US, DV6702XX, DV6703CL, DV6704CA, DV6704NR, DV6705CA, DV6707US, DV6713CA, DV6714CA, DV6716CA, DV6718CA, DV6720LA, DV6724CA, DV6725CA, DV6725US, DV6727CA, DV6728CA, DV6729CA, DV6729US, DV6736NR, DV6744CA, DV6745US, DV6746CA, DV6746US, DV6747CL, DV6747NR, DV6748CA, DV6748US, DV6749US, DV6751US, DV6752US, DV6753CA, DV6753CL, DV6753US, DV6755CA, DV6755US, DV6756US, DV6757CA, DV6758US, DV6770SE, DV6772NR, DV6773CL, DV6775US, DV6780CA, DV6780SE, DV6785CA, DV6785SE
DV6800 Series, DV6801CA, DV6805CA, DV6807US, DV6809US, DV6809WM, DV6810US, DV6812NR, DV6814CA, DV6815NR, DV6818CA, DV6823US, DV6824CA, DV6825CA, DV6827CA, DV6830US, DV6833US, DV6834CA, DV6835CA, DV6835NR, DV6839CL, DV6853CA, DV6853CL, DV6854CA, DV6858CA, DV6864CA, DV6870CA, DV6871US, DV6872LA, DV6874CA, DV6875CA, DV6875SE, DV6880SE, DV6883CL, DV6884CA, DV6885CA, DV6885SE, DV6894CA, DV6898CA
DV6900 Series, DV6900 CTO, DV6900ES, DV6901TU, DV6901TX, DV6902TU, DV6903TU, DV6903TX, DV6904CA, DV6905EE, DV6905EF, DV6905EM, DV6905ES, DV6906TX, DV6907CA, DV6907EA, DV6907TX, DV6908EM, DV6908TX, DV6909TX, DV6910CA, DV6910EA, DV6910ED, DV6910EG, DV6910EL, DV6910ES, DV6910TX, DV6910US, DV6911OM, DV6911TX, DV6911US, DV6912TX, DV6913CA, DV6913RS, DV6913TX, DV6914TX, DV6915CA, DV6915EE, DV6915EF, DV6915EI, DV6915NR, DV6915TX, DV6916TX, DV6917CL, DV6917NR, DV6918EL, DV6918SE, DV6918TX, DV6919CA, DV6919TX, DV6920EA, DV6920EC, DV6920ED, DV6920EI, DV6920EK, DV6920ES, DV6920ET, DV6920LA, DV6920US, DV6921LA, DV6921TX, DV6922ET, DV6922EZ, DV6922TX, DV6923TX, DV6925EF, DV6925ET, DV6925LA, DV6926NR, DV6928US, DV6929NR, DV6929WM, DV6930EG, DV6930EI, DV6930EK, DV6930EL, DV6930ES, DV6930US, DV6933CA, DV6933CL, DV6934CA, DV6935CA, DV6936US, DV6937CL, DV6938SE, DV6939CA, DV6940EC, DV6940EH, DV6940EL, DV6940ER, DV6940EW, DV6940SE, DV6945ER, DV6948CA, DV6950EI, DV6950EJ, DV6950EP, DV6950ER, DV6950ET, DV6950LA, DV6951LA, DV6955ER, DV6955LA, DV6956LA, DV6958SE, DV6960EH, DV6960EJ, DV6960ER, DV6960EW, DV6965ER, DV6968CA, DV6970EJ, DV6974CA, DV6976CA, DV6980EI, DV6980EL, DV6985SE, DV6988CA, DV6990EL, DV6990LA, DV6995LA, DV6998CA

HP Pavilion DV9000 DC Power Jack Connector: DV9000 Series, DV9000 CTO, DV9000EA, DV9000t CTO, DV9000z CTO, DV9001EA, DV9001TX, DV9001XX, DV9002EA, DV9002NR, DV9002TX, DV9002XX, DV9003EA, DV9003TX, DV9003XX, DV9004EU, DV9004TX, DV9004XX, DV9005CA, DV9005EA, DV9005TX, DV9005US, DV9005XX, DV9006EA, DV9006OM, DV9006TX, DV9007TX, DV9008EA, DV9008NR, DV9008TX, DV9009CA, DV9009CL, DV9009NR, DV9009TX, DV9009US, DV9010CA, DV9010TX, DV9010US, DV9011TX, DV9012TX, DV9013CA, DV9013CL, DV9013TX, DV9014EA, DV9014TX, DV9015EA, DV9015TX, DV9016EA, DV9016TX, DV9017EA, DV9017TX, DV9018EA, DV9018TX, DV9019EA, DV9019TX, DV9020TX, DV9021TX, DV9022EA, DV9022TX, DV9023US, DV9024EA, DV9030EA, DV9030US, DV9033CL, DV9035EA, DV9035NR, DV9036EA, DV9037EA, DV9038EA, DV9039EA, DV9040EA, DV9040EU, DV9040US, DV9041EA, DV9042EA, DV9043EA, DV9044EA, DV9045EA, DV9046EA, DV9047EA, DV9048EA, DV9049EA, DV9050EA, DV9051EA, DV9052EA, DV9053EA, DV9054EA, DV9055EA, DV9056EA, DV9057EA, DV9058EA, DV9059EA, DV9060EA, DV9060US, DV9061EA, DV9062EA, DV9063EA, DV9064EA, DV9065EA, DV9066EA, DV9067EA, DV9068EA, DV9069EA, DV9071EA, DV9072EA, DV9073EA, DV9074CL, DV9074EA, DV9075EA, DV9075EU, DV9075LA, DV9076EA, DV9076EU, DV9077EA, DV9077EU, DV9078EA, DV9079EA, DV9080EA, DV9081EA, DV9082EA, DV9082EU, DV9083EA, DV9084EA, DV9085EA, DV9085EU, DV9086EA, DV9087EA, DV9088EA, DV9089EA, DV9090EA, DV9091EA, DV9092EA, DV9093EA, DV9093EU, DV9094EA, DV9095EA, DV9095EU, DV9095XX, DV9096EA, DV9096XX, DV9097EA, DV9097XX, DV9098XX, DV9099EA, DV9099XX, DV9100 Series
DV9200 Series, DV9200 CTO, DV9200XX, DV9201CA, DV9201TX, DV9202EA, DV9202TX, DV9203TX, DV9204TX, DV9205CA, DV9205EU, DV9205TX, DV9205US, DV9206EU, DV9206TX, DV9207TX, DV9207US, DV9208NR, DV9208TX, DV9209TX, DV9210CA, DV9210TX, DV9210US, DV9211EA, DV9211TX, DV9212EA, DV9212TX, DV9213EA, DV9213TX, DV9214EA, DV9214TX, DV9215TX, DV9216EA, DV9216TX, DV9217EA, DV9217TX, DV9218EA, DV9218TX, DV9219EA, DV9219TX, DV9220CA, DV9220EU, DV9220TX, DV9220US, DV9221EA, DV9221TX, DV9222TX, DV9223TX, DV9224TX, DV9225US, DV9230US, DV9231CA, DV9232EU, DV9233CA, DV9233CL, DV9233EU, DV9235NR, DV9237EU, DV9241EA, DV9243EA, DV9244EA, DV9244EU, DV9248EA, DV9252EU, DV9253EA, DV9254EU, DV9255EA, DV9260NR, DV9260US, DV9265EA, DV9265LA, DV9266EA, DV9266EU, DV9267EA, DV9268EA, DV9269EA, DV9271EA, DV9272EA, DV9273EA, DV9274EU, DV9275EA, DV9275LA, DV9276EA, DV9283EA, DV9285EA, DV9286EA, DV9287CL, DV9288EA, DV9289EA, DV9291EA, DV9292EU, DV9293EA, DV9294EA, DV9294EU, DV9295EA, DV9295EU, DV9296EA, DV9296EU, DV9297EA, DV9299EA, DV9299XX
DV9300 Series, DV9301TX, DV9302TX, DV9303EU, DV9303TX, DV9304EU, DV9304TX, DV9305EU, DV9305TX, DV9306TX, DV9307TX, DV9308EA, DV9308NR, DV9308TX, DV9309EA, DV9309EU, DV9309TX, DV9310CA, DV9310EA, DV9310EU, DV9310TX, DV9310US, DV9311EA, DV9311EU, DV9311TX, DV9312EA, DV9312EU, DV9312TX, DV9313EA, DV9314EA, DV9315CA, DV9315EA, DV9316EA, DV9317CA, DV9317CL, DV9317EA, DV9318CA, DV9318EA, DV9319EA, DV9320CA, DV9320EA, DV9320US, DV9321EA, DV9322EA, DV9323EA, DV9324EA, DV9330CA, DV9330US, DV9331EU, DV9332EA, DV9332EU, DV9334US, DV9335NR, DV9337EU, DV9338EU, DV9339US, DV9340EA, DV9341EU, DV9342EU, DV9343CA, DV9343EU, DV9344EA, DV9344EU, DV9345EU, DV9346EA, DV9347CL, DV9348EA, DV9350EA, DV9351EA, DV9361EA, DV9362EA, DV9363EA, DV9372EU, DV9373EA, DV9374EU, DV9375EU, DV9377EA, DV9378EA, DV9379EA, DV9380CA, DV9380EA, DV9381EA, DV9385EA, DV9389EA, DV9390EA, DV9391EU, DV9392EA, DV9393EA, DV9394EA, DV9395EA, DV9396EA, DV9397EA, DV9398EA, DV9398EU, DV9399EA
DV9400 Series, DV9400 CTO, DV9401XX, DV9407NR, DV9408CA, DV9408NR, DV9410CA, DV9410US, DV9413CL, DV9417CA, DV9417CL, DV9418CA, DV9420CA, DV9420US, DV9428CA, DV9428NR, DV9429US, DV9438CA, DV9443CA
DV9500 Series, DV9500 CTO, DV9500EF, DV9500EM, DV9500EW, DV9500t CTO, DV9500z CTO, DV9501AU, DV9501TX, DV9501XX, DV9502AU, DV9502TX, DV9502XX, DV9503AU, DV9503EF, DV9503ES, DV9503TX, DV9504TX, DV9505EF, DV9505EG, DV9505EO, DV9505TX, DV9506TX, DV9507EF, DV9507ES, DV9507TX, DV9508TX, DV9509TX, DV9510EO, DV9510TX, DV9511TX, DV9512TX, DV9513TX, DV9514TX, DV9515CA, DV9515EF, DV9515EO, DV9515TX, DV9516TX, DV9517TX, DV9518EM, DV9518TX, DV9519TX, DV9520EB, DV9520EG, DV9520TX, DV9521EI, DV9521TX, DV9522TX, DV9523TX, DV9525EN, DV9525EO, DV9525US, DV9530EB, DV9530EF, DV9530EG, DV9530EM, DV9532EF, DV9533EF, DV9533EG, DV9534EF, DV9535EF, DV9535EG, DV9535EO, DV9535NR, DV9535US, DV9536EF, DV9536EM, DV9540EB, DV9540EO, DV9540US, DV9541EV, DV9542EV, DV9543CL, DV9543EV, DV9545EB, DV9545EO, DV9547CL, DV9548CA, DV9548US, DV9550EO, DV9550EP, DV9552ES, DV9555EG, DV9555EO, DV9560EA, DV9560EG, DV9560ER, DV9562EA, DV9562EZ, DV9565EA, DV9565EG, DV9570EF, DV9570EL, DV9570EO, DV9571EO, DV9572EA, DV9572EL, DV9572EO, DV9574EA, DV9574LA, DV9575EM, DV9575EN, DV9575EO, DV9575EP, DV9575ES, DV9575LA, DV9575NR, DV9576EA, DV9580ED, DV9580EE, DV9580EG, DV9580EL, DV9580EN, DV9580EO, DV9580ET, DV9580EZ, DV9580US, DV9581EE, DV9585EG, DV9585EL, DV9585EO, DV9588EF, DV9590EA, DV9590ED, DV9590EG, DV9590ER, DV9590ET, DV9590EZ, DV9592EF, DV9595EA, DV9595ED, DV9596XX, DV9597XX, DV9598XX, DV9599XX
DV9600 Series, DV9601AU, DV9601EF, DV9601EM, DV9601TX, DV9602AU, DV9602TX, DV9603AU, DV9603TX, DV9604AU, DV9604TX, DV9605EA, DV9605EF, DV9605EM, DV9605EO, DV9605TX, DV9606CA, DV9606EF, DV9606TX, DV9607EO, DV9607TX, DV9607US, DV9608CA, DV9608ES, DV9608NR, DV9608TX, DV9609TX, DV9610CA, DV9610EB, DV9610EF, DV9610EM, DV9610ET, DV9610EV, DV9610TX, DV9610US, DV9611TX, DV9612CA, DV9612TX, DV9613TX, DV9614CA, DV9614TX, DV9615CA, DV9615TX, DV9616CA, DV9616TX, DV9617NR, DV9617TX, DV9618CA, DV9618TX, DV9620EB, DV9620ED, DV9620EN, DV9620ET, DV9620US, DV9623CA, DV9623CL, DV9623ED, DV9625CA, DV9625ER, DV9625EW, DV9626US, DV9627CL, DV9628CA, DV9628NR, DV9629CA, DV9630EB, DV9630ED, DV9630EF, DV9630ET, DV9631EF, DV9631EM, DV9634CA, DV9635CA, DV9635EF, DV9635EM, DV9635ES, DV9636EF, DV9636EM, DV9636EO, DV9638US, DV9639EO, DV9640CA, DV9640EF, DV9640EL, DV9640US, DV9643EG, DV9643EO, DV9644CA, DV9644EO, DV9645ED, DV9645EF, DV9645EM, DV9645EO, DV9646EF, DV9646EG, DV9646EM, DV9647EF, DV9647EM, DV9649EF, DV9649EM, DV9650EB, DV9650EE, DV9650ES, DV9650US, DV9651XX, DV9652EG, DV9652XX, DV9653CL, DV9653EO, DV9654EO, DV9655EA, DV9655EL, DV9655EO, DV9655EZ, DV9656EO, DV9657CL, DV9657EM, DV9657EO, DV9658EA, DV9660EB, DV9660EF, DV9660EG, DV9660EI, DV9660ES, DV9660EV, DV9664EG, DV9665EL, DV9665EO, DV9667EA, DV9667EG, DV9668EG, DV9670ED, DV9670EE, DV9670EF, DV9670EG, DV9670EL, DV9670EM, DV9670EO, DV9673EG, DV9674EG, DV9675EG, DV9675EL, DV9675EO, DV9680ED, DV9680EF, DV9680EP, DV9680EV, DV9680EW, DV9680EZ, DV9681ER, DV9682EG, DV9683ES, DV9684EG, DV9684EP, DV9685EG, DV9685EO, DV9686EO, DV9687EG, DV9687EO, DV9688EG, DV9689EA, DV9689EL, DV9690EE, DV9690EI, DV9690EL, DV9690EN, DV9690EV, DV9690EW, DV9690EZ, DV9691EG, DV9694EG, DV9695EA, DV9695EF, DV9695EG, DV9695EL, DV9695EO, DV9698EO, DV9699EF
DV9700 Series, DV9700 CTO, DV9700t CTO, DV9700z CTO, DV9701AU, DV9701AX, DV9701TX, DV9701XX, DV9702AU, DV9702AX, DV9702EA, DV9702TX, DV9702XX, DV9703AX, DV9703TX, DV9703XX, DV9704AX, DV9704TX, DV9705AX, DV9705EA, DV9705EF, DV9705TX, DV9706AX, DV9706TX, DV9707TX, DV9708TX, DV9709EF, DV9709TX, DV9710EA, DV9710EF, DV9710EI, DV9710EL, DV9710ES, DV9710EV, DV9710TX, DV9711TX, DV9712TX, DV9713TX, DV9714TX, DV9715EF, DV9715EL, DV9715NR, DV9715TX, DV9716TX, DV9717TX, DV9718CA, DV9718TX, DV9719TX, DV9720CA, DV9720EA, DV9720EG, DV9720ES, DV9720TX, DV9720US, DV9721TX, DV9722EG, DV9722TX, DV9723CA, DV9723CL, DV9723TX, DV9724CA, DV9724TX, DV9725EF, DV9725TX, DV9726TX, DV9727CL, DV9727EF, DV9727TX, DV9727US, DV9728CA, DV9728CL, DV9728TX, DV9729TX, DV9730CA, DV9730EB, DV9730EF, DV9730EI, DV9730EP, DV9730ET, DV9730EV, DV9730NR, DV9730TX, DV9730US, DV9731CA, DV9731TX, DV9732TX, DV9733TX, DV9734NR, DV9734TX, DV9735EL, DV9735ES, DV9735TX, DV9736CA, DV9736TX, DV9737EF, DV9737TX, DV9738ES, DV9738TX, DV9739EF, DV9739TX, DV9740CA, DV9740EA, DV9740EL, DV9740EO, DV9740ES, DV9740TX, DV9740US, DV9741EO, DV9741TX, DV9742TX, DV9743CL, DV9743TX, DV9744CA, DV9744EO, DV9744TX, DV9745EF, DV9745EL, DV9745ES, DV9745TX, DV9746TX, DV9747CL, DV9747EF, DV9747TX, DV9748CA, DV9748TX, DV9749EF, DV9750ED, DV9750EF, DV9750EG, DV9750EJ, DV9750EL, DV9750EO, DV9750EP, DV9750ER, DV9750EV, DV9750US, DV9751EF, DV9751EO, DV9751XX, DV9752EO, DV9753EO, DV9755ED, DV9757EO, DV9757EZ, DV9758CA, DV9760ED, DV9760EF, DV9760EI, DV9760EL, DV9760EO, DV9760EZ, DV9762EO, DV9762EZ, DV9764EG, DV9765EG, DV9766EZ, DV9767EG, DV9767EO, DV9769EG, DV9770EA, DV9770ED, DV9770EF, DV9770EG, DV9770EL, DV9770EO, DV9770ES, DV9770EV, DV9770EW, DV9770LA, DV9772EG, DV9773EG, DV9774CA, DV9775EE, DV9775EG, DV9775LA, DV9778EG, DV9778EO, DV9779EO, DV9780EA, DV9780EB, DV9780ED, DV9780EG, DV9780EO, DV9780EP, DV9780ES, DV9780ET, DV9780EW, DV9780EZ, DV9780LA, DV9784EG, DV9785EG, DV9785LA, DV9787EG, DV9788EG, DV9790EA, DV9790EB, DV9790ED, DV9790EF, DV9790EG, DV9790EL, DV9790EO, DV9790EP, DV9790ER, DV9790ES, DV9790ET, DV9790EW, DV9791EO
DV9800 Series, DV9800 CTO, DV9800EB, DV9800ES, DV9801TX, DV9802TX, DV9803TX, DV9804CA, DV9804TX, DV9805EF, DV9805EG, DV9805ES, DV9805TX, DV9806TX, DV9807TX, DV9808CA, DV9808EG, DV9808TX, DV9809TX, DV9810CA, DV9810EG, DV9810EL, DV9810ES, DV9810TX, DV9810US, DV9811EO, DV9811TX, DV9812EG, DV9812EO, DV9812TX, DV9812US, DV9813EO, DV9813TX, DV9814TX, DV9815EF, DV9815EL, DV9815NR, DV9815TX, DV9816TX, DV9817CL, DV9817TX, DV9818TX, DV9819TX, DV9819WM, DV9820EA, DV9820EF, DV9820EG, DV9820EL, DV9820EN, DV9820ES, DV9820EV, DV9820TX, DV9820US, DV9821EA, DV9821EO, DV9821TX, DV9822EA, DV9822TX, DV9823CA, DV9823CL, DV9823EF, DV9823EM, DV9823TX, DV9824CA, DV9825EA, DV9825EB, DV9825EG, DV9825EL, DV9825EO, DV9825NR, DV9827CL, DV9827EA, DV9827EG, DV9827EM, DV9829EO, DV9830EA, DV9830EB, DV9830EF, DV9830EG, DV9830EL, DV9830EO, DV9830ER, DV9830ES, DV9830EV, DV9830US, DV9831CA, DV9832EO, DV9834CA, DV9835EF, DV9835EO, DV9837EO, DV9838CA, DV9839EO, DV9840EO, DV9840ES, DV9842EG, DV9842EO, DV9843CL, DV9845EK, DV9845EO, DV9845EZ, DV9847CA, DV9847EO, DV9848EO, DV9849EF, DV9849EM, DV9850EA, DV9850EB, DV9850ED, DV9850EF, DV9850EL, DV9850EO, DV9850ER, DV9850ES, DV9850ET, DV9850EV, DV9851EG, DV9851XX, DV9852EG, DV9853EG, DV9854CA, DV9858CA, DV9858EZ, DV9860EB, DV9860ED, DV9860EF, DV9860ER, DV9860ES, DV9860EV, DV9860EZ, DV9865EG, DV9865EK, DV9868EG, DV9870EA, DV9870EB, DV9870ED, DV9870EF, DV9870EP, DV9870EW, DV9872EZ, DV9876EG, DV9880EA, DV9880ED, DV9880EE, DV9880EG, DV9880EO, DV9880EP, DV9880ES, DV9880EV, DV9880EW, DV9880EZ, DV9885EA, DV9885EB, DV9885EO, DV9888EO, DV9889EO, DV9890EA, DV9890ED, DV9890EF, DV9890EG, DV9890EL, DV9890EO, DV9890EP, DV9890ES, DV9890EW, DV9894CA, DV9899XX
DV9900 Series, DV9900 CTO, DV9901TX, DV9903CA, DV9904CA, DV9905EL, DV9907CA, DV9908CA, DV9910CA, DV9910EB, DV9910US, DV9912NR, DV9913CL, DV9914EL, DV9917CL, DV9920ED, DV9920US, DV9922US, DV9924CA, DV9925EZ, DV9925NR, DV9927CL, DV9930EB, DV9930EF, DV9930US, DV9933CA, DV9933CL, DV9933NR, DV9934CA, DV9935EB, DV9940EG, DV9940EJ, DV9940ER, DV9950EF, DV9950EK, DV9950ER, DV9950ES, DV9960EB, DV9960EW, DV9970EB, DV9970EF, DV9970EM, DV9975EF, DV9980EF, DV9980EI, DV9999US

HP Pavilion DX6600 Series DC Power Jack Connector: DX6600 CTO, DX6650CA, DX6650US, DX6653CA, DX6665CA, DX6667CL, DX6697US, DX6699XX

HP G6000 DC Power Jack Connector: G6000 Series, G6000 CTO, G6000XX, G6010EG, G6030EA, G6030EG, G6030EM, G6031EA, G6031EM, G6032EA, G6032EM, G6033EA, G6040EG, G6050EG, G6050EM, G6060EA, G6060EG, G6061EA, G6062EA, G6062EM, G6065EA, G6065EM, G6090EA, G6091EA, G6092EA, G6092EG, G6093EA, G6095EG, G6096EG, G6097EG

Acer Aspire 5520 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5520 AS5520, 5520-1CW50 AS5520-1CW50, 5520-5A2G16 AS5520-5A2G16, 5520-6A2G12Mi AS5520-6A2G12Mi, 5520-7A2G16Mi AS5520-7A2G16Mi, 5520-7A2G25Mi AS5520-7A2G25Mi, 5520-5033 AS5520-5033, 5520-5142 AS5520-5142, 5520-5147 AS5520-5147, 5520-5156 AS5520-5156, 5520-5201 AS5520-5201, 5520-5281 AS5520-5281, 5520-5313 AS5520-5313, 5520-5334 5520-5334, 5520-5374 AS5520-5374, AS5520-5377, 5520-5537 AS5520-5537, 5520-5551 AS5520-5551, 5520-5579 AS5520-5579, 5520-5678 AS5520-5678, 5520-5716 AS5520-5716, 5520-5741 AS5520-5741, 5520-5806 AS5520-5806, 5530-5824 AS5530-5824, 5520-5833 AS5520-5833, 5520-5865 AS5520-5865, 55520-5891 AS5520-5891, 5520-5901 AS5520-5901, 5520-5908 AS5520-5908, 5520-5912 AS5520-5912, 5520-5928 AS5520-5928, 5520-5929 AS5520-5929, 5520-6A2G12Mi AS5520-6A2G12Mi, 5520G AS5520G, 5520G-402G25Mi AS5520G-402G25Mi
Acer Aspire 5670 Series: 5670 AS5670, 5670Lc AS5670Lc, 5670WLMi AS5670WLMi, 5671 AS5671, 5671ALMi AS5671ALMi, 5671AWLMi AS5671AWLMi, 5671Lc AS5671Lc, 5671LMi AS5671LMi, 5671NLCi AS5671NLCi, 5671WLMi AS5671WLMi, 5672 AS5672, 5672LMi AS5672LMi, 5672NWLMi AS5672NWLMi, 5672WLCi AS5672WLCi, 5672WLi AS5672WLi, 5672WLM AS5672WLM, 5672WLMi AS5672WLMi, 5673WLHi AS5673WLHi, 5672WSMi AS5672WSMi, 5672WXCi AS5672WXCi, 5672WXMi AS5672WXMi, 5673 AS5673, 5673WLMi AS5673WLMi, 5673WXMi AS5673WXMi, 5674 AS5674, 5674WLMi, AS5674WLMi, 5674WLHi AS5674WLHi, 5674WLMi AS5674WLMi, 5674WXMi AS5674WXMi, 5675 AS5675, 5675LMi AS5675LMi, 5675WLHi AS5675WLHi, 5675WLMi AS5675WLMi, 5678 AS5678, 5678WLMi AS5678WLMi, 5679 AS5679, 5679WLMi AS5679WLMi
Acer Aspire 7520 7520G Series DC Power Jack Connector: 7520 AS7520, 7520-xxxx AS7520-xxxx, 7520-5A2G12Mi AS7520-5A2G12Mi, 7520-6A1G08Mi AS7520-6A1G08Mi, 7520-7A2G16Mi AS7520-7A2G16Mi, 7520-7A2G25 AS7520-7A2G25, 7520-5071 AS7520-5071, 7520-5115 AS7520-5115, 7520-5168 AS7520-5168, 7520-5181 AS7520-5181, 7520-5185 AS7520-5185, 7520-5311 AS7520-5311, 7520-5324 AS7520-5324, 7520-5374 AS7520-5374, 7520-5460 AS7520-5460, 7520-5115 AS7520-5115, 7520-5581 AS7520-5581, 7520-5618 AS7520-5618, 7520-5638 AS7520-5638, 7520-5757 AS7520-5757, 7520-5773 AS7520-5773, 7520-5823 AS7520-5823, 7520-5907 AS7520-5907, 7520-5971 AS7520-5971, 7520G AS7520G, 7520G-403G25Mi AS7520G-403G25Mi, 7520G-502G25Mi AS7520G-502G25Mi, 7520G-502G32Mi AS7520G-502G32Mi
Acer Aspire 7720, 7720G, 7720GZ, 7720Z Series DC Power Jack Connector: 7720 AS7720, 7720-xxxx AS7720-xxxx, 7720-1A2G16Mi AS7720-1A2G16Mi, 7720-3A2G12Mi AS7720-3A2G12Mi, 7720-302G16 AS7720-302G16, 7720-6A2G25Mi AS7720-6A2G25Mi, 7720-4030 AS7720-4030, 7720-4214 AS7720-4214, 7720-4284 AS7720-4284, 7720-4294 AS7720-4294, 7720-4428 AS7720-4428, 7720-4600 AS7720-4600, 7720-6001 AS7720-6001, 7720-6026 AS7720-6026, 7720-6102 AS7720-6102, 7720-6135 AS7720-6135, 7720-6152 AS7720-6152, 7720-6155 AS7720-6155, 7720-6182 AS7720-6182, 7720-6416 AS7720-6416, 7720-6307 AS7720-6307, 7720-6381 AS7720-6381, 7720-6395 AS7720-6395, 7720-6398 AS7720-6398, 7720-6528 AS7720-6528, 7720-6536 AS7720-6536, 7720-6569 AS7720-6569, 7720-6619 AS7720-6619, 7720-6604 AS7720-6604, 7720-6712 AS7720-6712, 7720-7520 AS7720-7520, 7720-6794 AS7720-6794, 7720-6811 AS7720-6811, 7720-6827 AS7720-6827, 7720-6844 AS7720-6844, 7720-6959 AS7720-6959, 7720-6727 AS7720-6727, 7720-6794 AS7720-6794, 7720G AS7720G, 7720G-1A2G16Mi AS7720G-1A2G16Mi, 7720G-1A2G24Mi AS7720G-1A2G24Mi, 7720-3A2G12Mi AS7720-3A2G12Mi, 7720G-3A2G16Mi AS7720G-3A2G16Mi, 7720G-302G25Mi AS7720G-302G25Mi, 7720G-302G25Mn AS7720G-302G25Mn, 7720G-302G32Hi AS7720G-302G32Hi, 7720G-3A2G32Mi AS7720G-3A2G32Mi, 7720G-5A2G16Mi AS7720G-5A2G16Mi, 7720G-602G50Mn AS7720G-602G50Mn, 7720G-603G50Hn AS7720G-603G50Hn, 7720G-702G50Hn AS7720G-702G50Hn, 7720Z AS7720Z, 7720Z-1A2G16Mi AS7720Z-1A2G16Mi, 7720ZG AS7720ZG, 7720ZG-3A1G16Mi AS7720ZG-3A1G16Mi
Acer: Acer Harness jacks

Packard Bell EasyNote MN85 Series DC MN85, MS2303

HP Pavilion Notebook PC Series  TX1000 CTO, TX1000Z CTO, TX1001XX, TX1002XX, TX1003XX, TX1017AU, TX1020EA, TX1021AU, TX1030EA, TX1040EA, TX1070BR, TX1080EA, TX1110CA, TX1110US, TX1115NR, TX1119US, TX1120US, TX1127CL, TX1200 CTO, TX1201XX, TX1202AU, TX1202XX, TX1205US, TX1206AU, TX1208CA, TX1210CA, TX1210US, TX1215NR, TX1217CL, TX1218AU, TX1218CA, TX1219US, TX1220AU, TX1220CA, TX1220US, TX1228CA, TX1230LA, TX1232LA, TX1304AU, TX1304CA, TX1305AU, TX1305CA, TX1305US, TX1306NR, TX1307AU, TX1308CA, TX1308NR, TX1313AU, TX1314AU, TX1314CA, TX1315AU, TX1316AU, TX1317AU, TX1318AU, TX1318CA, TX1319AU, TX1320AU, TX1320CA, TX1320US, TX1321AU, TX1325NR, TX1327CL, TX1330LA, TX1332LA, TX1400 CTO, TX1401AU, TX1403AU, TX1404AU, TX1410US, TX1414CA, TX1416CA, TX1417CL, TX1418CA, TX1419NR, TX1420CA, TX1420US, TX1499US
HP Pavilion TX2000 Series Entertainment Notebook PC DC Power Jack Connector: TX2000 CTO, TX2000Z CTO, TX2002AU, TX2003AU, TX2005AU, TX2006AU, TX2008AU, TX2010AU, TX2013AU, TX2014AU, TX2015AU, TX2016AU, TX2018AU, TX2019AU, TX2020AU, TX2021AU, TX2023AU, TX2024AU, TX2025AU, TX2026AU, TX2027AU, TX2030AU, TX2031AU, TX2032LA, TX2033AU, TX2051XX, TX2052XX, TX2053XX, TX2054XX, TX2104AU, TX2104CA, TX2105 CTO, TX2105AU, TX2106AU, TX2107AU, TX2108AU, TX2108CA, TX2109AU, TX2110AU, TX2110CA, TX2110US, TX2113CL, TX2114CA, TX2115NR, TX2117CL, TX2120US, TX2151XX, TX2152XX, TX2500 CTO, TX2500z CTO, TX2501AU, TX2504AU, TX2507AU, TX2508AU, TX2508CA, TX2510AU, TX2510CA, TX2511AU, TX2512AU, TX2513AU, TX2513CL, TX2514AU, TX2514CA, TX2516AU, TX2517AU, TX2517CA, TX2517CL, TX2518AU, TX2519AU, TX2520AU, TX2521AU, TX2524CA, TX2525AU, TX2525NR, TX2526AU, TX2527AU, TX2528AU, TX2532AU, TX2534AU, TX2551XX, TX2552XX, TX2601AU, TX2604AU, TX2604CA, TX2605AU, TX2608AU, TX2608CA, TX2609AU, TX2610AU, TX2611AU, TX2612AU, TX2614AU, TX2615AU, TX2616AU, TX2617CA, TX2622NR, TX2623CA, TX2635US, TX2697CL
HP TouchSmart TX2 Series  TX2-1002AU, TX2-1012NR, TX2-1016AU, TX2-1017AU, TX2-1018AU, TX2-1019AU, TX2-1020AU, TX2-1020CA, TX2-1020US, TX2-1022AU, TX2-1024CA, TX2-1025DX, TX2-1027CA, TX2-1030CM, TX2-1031CM, TX2-1032CM, TX2-1051XX, TX2-1070BR, TX2-1102AU, TX2-1103AU, TX2-1104AU, TX2-1105AU, TX2-1106AU, TX2-1107AU, TX2-1108AU, TX2-1109AU, TX2-1110AU, TX2-1118AU, TX2-1120AU, TX2-1122AU, TX2-1205AU, TX2-1207AU, TX2-1208AU, TX2-1209AU, TX2-1270US, TX2-1274NR, TX2-1277NR, TX2-1305AU, TX2-1307AU, TX2-1308AU, TX2-1310AU, TX2-1323AU, TX2-1326AU, TX2-1370US, TX2-1375DX, TX2-1377NR, TX2z-1000 CTO, TX2Z-1300 CTO

Compaq Presario A900 Series DC Power Jack Connector: A900 CTO, A900ED, A900EO, A900ES, A900ET, A900XX, A901TU, A901XX, A902TU, A902XX, A903TU, A903XX, A904TU, A905TU, A906TU, A907TU, A908TU, A909TU, A909US, A910CA, A910EG, A910EL, A910EM, A910TU, A913CL, A915EF, A915EL, A916NR, A918CA, A920EE, A920EG, A920EN, A924CA, A925EF, A928CA, A930CA, A930EL, A930ET, A930XX, A931NR, A931TU, A932TU, A933TU, A934TU, A935EA, A935EG, A935EM, A935TU, A936CA, A936TU, A937TU, A938CA, A938TU, A939CA, A940CA, A940ED, A940EG, A940EL, A940ES, A940NR, A944CA, A945EE, A945EF, A945EM, A945US, A948CA, A949NR, A950ED, A950EF, A950EL, A950EM, A950EO, A950ES, A960ED, A960EF, A960EM, A960EO, A961EM, A961TU, A962TU, A963TU, A964TU, A965EF, A965TU, A966TU, A967TU, A968TU, A969TU, A970ED, A970EE, A970EF, A970EG, A970EL, A970EM, A970EO, A970ES, A970TU, A971TU, A972TU, A975EM, A980EL, A980EO, A986EO

Compaq Presario C700 Series DC Power Jack Connector: C700, C700CTO, C700EM, C700ET, C700LA, C700TCTO, C700XX, C701EA, C701EM, C701LA, C701TU, C701XX, C702LA, C702TU, C703LA, C703TU, C704TU, C705LA, C705TU, C706NR, C706TU, C707LA, C707TU, C708LA, C708TU, C709LA, C709TU, C710BR, C710ED, C710EE, C710EF, C710EL, C710EM, C710EN, C710TU, C711EF, C711EM, C711TU, C712NR, C712TU, C713NR, C713TU, C714NR, C714TU, C715BR, C715NR, C715TU, C716TU, C717NR, C717TU, C718TU, C719TU, C720BR, C720ES, C721TU, C722TU, C725BR, C727US, C730CTO, C730BR, C730EE, C730EL, C730ES, C730ET, C731EM, C731TU, C732EF, C732EM, C732ES, C732TU, C733TU, C734TU, C735BR, C735ED, C735EE, C735EF, C735EL, C735EM, C735ET, C735TU, C736TU, C737BR, C737EL, C737TU, C738TU, C739TU, C740ED, C740EE, C740EG, C740EL, C740EM, C740ES, C740ET, C740TU, C741TU, C742EA, C742EM, C742ES, C742TU, C743TU, C744TU, C745EE, C745EF, C745EG, C745EL, C745ES, C745TU, C746TU, C747TU, C748TU, C749TU, C750BR, C750ED, C750EF, C750EL, C750EM, C750ES, C750LA, C750TU, C751LA, C751NR, C751TU, C752LA, C752TU, C753TU, C754CA, C754TU, C755BR, C755EF, C755EL, C755ES, C755TU, C756CA, C756ES, C757CA, C757EA, C757EL, C757EM, C757LA, C758CA, C758LA, C759LA, C760CTO, C760ED, C760EL, C760EM, C760ES, C760ET, C760LA, C761ES, C761TU, C762NR, C762TU, C763TU, C764NR, C764TU, C765BR, C765EL, C765EM, C765ET, C765TU, C766LA, C766TU, C767EL, C767LA, C767TU, C768BR, C768CA, C768LA, C768TU, C769CA, C769LA, C769TU, C769US, C770BR, C770ED, C770EE, C770EF, C770EG, C770EL, C770EM, C770ES, C770ET, C770LA, C770T, C770US, C771TU, C771US, C772EG, C772EM, C772TU, C773EA, C773EL, C773EM, C773TU, C774TU, C775EF, C775EL, C775EM, C775TU, C776CA, C776NR, C776TU, C777CL, C777EL, C777TU, C778TU, C779TU, C780EE, C780EF, C780EL, C780ES, C780TU, C781TU, C782TU, C783EF, C783TU, C784TU, C785EM, C785TU, C786TU, C790ED, C790EE, C790EF, C790EI, C790EL, C790EM, C790ES, C791EM, C791ER, C791TU, C791VU, C791WU, C792EA, C792EB, C792EI, C792EJ, C792EK, C792ES, C792EW, C792TU, C792VU, C792WU, C793EM, C793TU, C793VU, C793WU, C794EF, C794EW, C794TU, C794VU, C795EB, C795ED, C795EE, C795EF, C795EI, C795EJ, C795EL, C795EM, C795ER, C795TR, C795TU, C795VU, C796ET, C796TU, C796VU, C797EE, C797EO, C797TU, C797VU, C798EL, C798TR, C798TU, C798VU, C799ER, C799TR, C799TU, C799VU

Compaq Presario V3000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: V3000, V3000T, V3000Z, V3001AU, V3001TU, V3001XX, V3002AU, V3002TU, V3002XX, V3003AU, V3003TU, V3003XX, V3004AU, V3004TU, V3004XX, V3005AU, V3005TU, V3006AU, V3006TU, V3007AU, V3007TU, V3008AU, V3008TU, V3009AU, V3009TU, V3010AU, V3010CA, V3010TU, V3010US, V3011AU, V3011TU, V3012AU, V3012TU, V3013AU, V3013TU, V3014AU, V3014TU, V3015AU, V3015CA, V3015NR, V3015TU, V3016AU, V3016TU, V3016US, V3017AU, V3017LA, V3017TU, V3018AU, V3018CL, V3018TU, V3018US, 3019AU, V3019TU, V3019US, V3020AU, V3020CA, V3020TU, V3020US, V3021AU, V3021TU, V3022AU, V3022TU, V3023AU, V3023TU, V3024AU, V3024TU, V3025AU, V3025TU, V3026AU, V3026TU, V3027AU, V3027TU, V3028AU, V3028TU, V3029AU, V3029TU, V3030AU, V3030CA, V3030TU, V3030US, V3031AU, V3031TU, V3032AU, V3032TU, V3033AU, V3033TU, V3034AU, V3034TU, V3035AU, V3035TU, V3036AU, V3036TU, V3037AU, V3037TU, V3038AU, V3038TU, V3039AU, V3039TU, V3040TU, V3041AU, V3041TU, V3042AU, V3042TU, V3043AU, V3043TU, V3044AU, V3044TU, V3045AU, V3045TU, V3046AU, V3046TU, V3047TU, V3048TU, V3049TU, V3050TU, V3051TU, V3052TU, V3053TU, V3054TU, V3055TU, V3056TU, V3057TU, V3058TU, V3059TU, V3060TU, V3061TU, V3062TU, V3063TU, V3064TU, V3065TU, V3066TU, V3067TU, V3069TU, V3070TU, V3071TU, V3072TU, V3100, V3101AU, V3101TU, V3102AU, V3102TU, V3102XX, V3103AU, V3103TU, V3104AU, V3104TU, V3105AU, V3105TU, V3106AU, V3106TU, V3107AU, V3107TU, V3108AU, V3108TU, V3109AU, V3109TU, V3110AU, V3110CA, V3110TU, V3111AU, V3111TU, V3112AU, V3112TU, V3113AU, V3113TU, V3114AU, V3114TU, V3115AU, V3115LA, V3115TU, V3116AU, V3116TU, V3117AU, V3117LA, V3117TU, V3118AU, V3118TU, V3119AU, V3119TU, V3120AU, V3120TU, V3121AU, V3121TU, V3122AU, V3122TU, V3123AU, V3123TU, V3124AU, V3124TU, V3125AU, V3125TU, V3126AU, V3126TU, V3127AU, V3127TU, V3128AU, V3128TU, V3129AU, V3129TU, V3130AU, V3130TU, V3131AU, V3131TU, V3132AU, V3132TU, V3133AU, V3133TU, V3134AU, V3134TU, V3135AU, V3135TU, V3136AU, V3136TU, V3137AU, V3137TU, V3138AU, V3138TU, V3139AU, V3140AU, V3140TU, V3141AU, V3141TU, V3142AU, V3142TU, V3143AU, V3143TU, V3144AU, V3144TU, V3145AU, V3145TU, V3146AU, V3146TU, V3147TU, V3148AU, V3148TU, V3149AU, V3149TU, V3150AU, V3150TU, V3151AU, V3151TU, V3152AU, V3152TU, V3153AU, V3153TU, V3154AU, V3154TU, V3155AU, V3156AU, V3156TU, V3157AU, V3157TU, V3158AU, V3158TU, V3159AU, V3159TU, V3160AU, V3160TU, V3161AU, V3161TU, V3162AU, V3162TU, V3163AU, V3163TU, V3164AU, V3164TU, V3165AU, V3165TU, V3166AU, V3167AU, V3168AU, V3169AU, V3170AU, V3171AU, V3172AU, V3172TU, V3173TU, V3174TU, V3175TU, V3176TU, V3177TU, V3178TU, V3179TU, V3180TU, V3181TU, V3182TU, V3183TU, V3184TU, V3185TU, V3186TU, V3187TU, V3188TU, V3189TU, V3190TU, V3191TU, V3192TU, V3193TU, V3194TU, V3195TU, V3196TU, V3197TU, V3198TU, V3199TU, V3200, V3201AU, V3201TU, V3202AU, V3202TU, V3203AU, V3203TU, V3204AU, V3204TU, V3205AU, V3205TU, V3206AU, V3206TU, V3207AU, V3207TU, V3208AU, V3208TU, V3209AU, V3209TU, V3210AU, V3210TU, V3211AU, V3211TU, V3212AU, V3212TU, V3213AU, V3213TU, V3214AU, V3214TU, V3215AU, V3215LA, V3215TU, V3216AU, V3216TU, V3217AU, V3217LA, V3217TU, V3218AU, V3218LA, V3218TU, V3219AU, V3219TU, V3220AU, V3220TU, V3221AU, V3221TU, V3222AU, V3222TU, V3223AU, V3223TU, V3224AU, V3224TU, V3225AU, V3225TU, V3226AU, V3226TU, V3227AU, V3227TU, V3228AU, V3228TU, V3229AU, V3229TU, V3230AU, V3230TU, V3231AU, V3231TU, V3232AU, V3232TU, V3233AU, V3233TU, V3234AU, V3234TU, V3235AU, V3235TU, V3236AU, V3236TU, V3237AU, V3237TU, V3238AU, V3238TU, V3239AU, V3239TU, V3240AU, V3240TU, V3241AU, V3241TU, V3242AU, V3242TU, V3243AU, V3243TU, V3244AU, V3244TU, V3245AU, V3245TU, V3246TU, V3247AU, V3247TU, V3248AU, V3248TU, V3249AU, V3249TU, V3250AU, V3250TU, V3251AU, V3251TU, V3252AU, V3252TU, V3253AU, V3253TU, V3254AU, V3254TU, V3255AU, V3255TU, V3256TU, V3257TU, V3258TU, V3259TU, V3260TU, V3261TU, V3301AU, V3301TU, V3302AU, V3302TU, V3303AU, V3303TU, V3304AU, V3304TU, V3305AU, V3305TU, V3306AU, V3306TU, V3307AU, V3307TU, V3308AU, V3308TU, V3309AU, V3309TU, V3310AU, V3310TU, V3311TU, V3312AU, V3312TU, V3313TU, V3314TU, V3315LA, V3315TU, V3316TU, V3317LA, V3317TU, V3318TU, V3319TU, V3320TU, V3321TU, V3322TU, V3323TU, V3324TU, V3325TU, V3326TU, V3327TU, V3328TU, V3329TU, V3330TU, V3331TU, V3332TU, V3333TU, V3334TU, V3335TU, V3336TU, V3337TU, V3338TU, V3339TU, V3340TU, V3341TU, V3342TU, V3343TU, V3344TU, V3345TU, V3346TU, V3347TU, V3348TU, V3349TU, V3351TU, V3352TU, V3400, V3401AU, V3401TU, V3401TX, V3402AU, V3402TU, V3402TX, V3403AU, V3403TU, V3403TX, V3404AU, V3404TU, V3404TX, V3405AU, V3405TU, V3405TX, V3406AU, V3406TU, V3406TX, V3407AU, V3407TU, V3407TX, V3408AU, V3408TU, V3408TX, V3409AU, V3409TU, V3409TX, V3410AU, V3410TU, V3410TX, V3411AU, V3411TU, V3411TX, V3412AU, V3412TU, V3412TX, V3413AU, V3413TU, V3413TX, V3414AU, V3414TU, V3414TX, V3415AU, V3415LA, V3415TU, V3415TX, V3416AU, V3416TU, V3416TX, V3417AU, V3417LA, V3417TU, V3417TX, V3418AU, V3418LA, V3418TU, V3418TX, V3419AU, V3419TU, V3419TX, V3420AU, V3420TU, V3420TX, V3421AU, V3421TU, V3421TX, V3422AU, V3422TU, V3422TX, V3423AU, V3423TU, V3423TX, V3424AU, V3424TU, V3424TX, V3425AU, V3425TU, V3425TX, V3426AU, V3426TU, V3427AU, V3427TU, V3428AU, V3428TU, V3429AU, V3429TU, V3430AU, V3430TU, V3431AU, V3431TU, V3432AU, V3432TU, V3433AU, V3433TU, V3434AU, V3434TU, V3435AU, V3435TU, V3436AU, V3436TU, V3437AU, V3437TU, V3438AU, V3438TU, V3439AU, V3439TU, V3440AU, V3440TU, V3441AU, V3441TU, V3442AU, V3442TU, V3443AU, V3443TU, V3444AU, V3444TU, V3445AU, V3445TU, V3446AU, V3446TU, V3447AU, V3448AU, V3449AU, V3450AU

HP Pavilion G7000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: G7000 CTO, G7001TU, G7002TU, G7005EG, G7010EA, G7010EB, G7010EG, G7010EI, G7010EM, G7010EO, G7010EW, G7015EA, G7015EM, G7015EO, G7018EP, G7020EC, G7020EF, G7020EJ, G7020EV, G7021EB, G7023EO, G7023EZ, G7025EG, G7030 CTO, G7030EA, G7030EC, G7030EF, G7030EI, G7030EJ, G7030EO, G7030EP, G7030ER, G7030EV, G7030EW, G7030XX, G7031EO, G7031ER, G7031TU, G7032EO, G7032TU, G7035EA, G7035EM, G7035ER, G7040EA, G7040EG, G7040EM, G7040EP, G7045EA, G7050EB, G7050EI, G7050EV, G7060 CTO, G7060EI, G7060EO, G7060EP, G7060ER, G7060EV, G7061EO, G7061ER, G7061TU, G7062ER, G7063EO, G7063ER, G7064EA, G7064ER, G7065EA, G7065EB, G7065EG, G7065EM, G7070EB, G7070EC, G7070EI, G7070EJ, G7070EP, G7073EI, G7075EK, G7077EZ, G7080EV, G7090EM, G7091EA, G7091EM, G7091TU, G7093EA, G7093EM, G7094EM, G7095EM, G7096EA

HP Pavilion DV2000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: DV2000, DV2000T, DV2000Z, DV2001TU, DV2001TX, DV2001XX, DV2002TU, DV2002TX, DV2002XX, DV2003EA, DV2003TU, DV2003TX, DV2004EA, DV2004TU, DV2004TX, DV2004XX, DV2005EA, DV2005TU, DV2005TX, DV2005XX, DV2006EA, DV2006TU, DV2006TX, DV2006XX, DV2007EA, DV2007TU, DV2007TX, DV2008EA, DV2008TU, DV2008TX, DV2009EA, DV2009TU, DV2009TX, DV2009XX, DV2010EA, DV2010TU, DV2010TX, DV2011EA, DV2011TU, DV2011TX, DV2012EA, DV2012TU, DV2012TX, DV2013EA, DV2013TU, DV2013TX, DV2014EA, DV2014TU, DV2014TX, DV2015EA, DV2015NR, DV2015TU, DV2015TX, DV2016EA, DV2016TU, DV2016TX, DV2017EA, DV2017TU, DV2017TX, DV2018EA, DV2018TU, DV2018TX, DV2019EA, DV2019TU, DV2019TX, DV2020CA, DV2020EA, DV2020TU, DV2020TX, DV2020US, DV2021TU, DV2021TX, DV2022TU, DV2023TU, DV2024TU, DV2024TX, DV2025LA, DV2025NR, DV2025TU, DV2025TX, DV2026TU, DV2026TX, DV2027TU, DV2027TX, DV2028EA, DV2028TU, DV2028TX, DV2029EA, DV2029TU, DV2029TX, DV2030EA, DV2030TU, DV2030TX, DV2031EA, DV2031TU, DV2031TX, DV2032EA, DV2032TU, DV2032TX, DV2033EA, DV2033TU, DV2033TX, DV2034EA, DV2034TU, DV2034TX, DV2035EA, DV2035LA, DV2035TU, DV2035TX, DV2035US, DV2036EA, DV2036TU, DV2036TX, DV2037TU, DV2037TX, DV2037US, DV2038TU, DV2038TX, DV2039TU, DV2039TX, DV2040CA, DV2040TU, DV2040TX, DV2040US, DV2041TU, DV2041TX, DV2042TU, DV2042TX, DV2043TU, DV2043TX, DV2044TU, DV2044TX, DV2045EA, DV2045TU, DV2046TU, DV2046TX, DV2047CL, DV2047TX, DV2048TX, DV2049TX, DV2050TX, DV2050US, DV2053EA, DV2054EA, DV2055EA, DV2056EA, DV2057EA, DV2058EA, DV2064EA, DV2065EA, DV2080EA, DV2081EA, DV2082EA, DV2083EA, DV2084EA, DV2085EA, DV2088XX, DV2095EA, DV2097EA, DV2098EA, DV2099EA, DV2100, DV2101AU, DV2101EU, DV2101TU, DV2101TX, DV2101XX, DV2102AU, DV2102EU, DV2102TU, DV2102TX, DV2103AU, DV2103EA, DV2103TU, DV2103TX, DV2104AU, DV2104EA, DV2104EU, DV2104TU, DV2104TX, DV2105EA, DV2105TU, DV2105TX, DV2106EA, DV2106EU, DV2106TU, DV2106TX, DV2107TU, DV2107TX, DV2108EA, DV2108TU, DV2108TX, DV2109NR, DV2109TU, DV2109TX, DV2110EU, DV2110TU, DV2110TX, DV2111TU, DV2111TX, DV2112TU, DV2112TX, DV2113TU, DV2113TX, DV2114TX, DV2115EA, DV2115TU, DV2115TX, DV2116EA, DV2116TX, DV2116WM, DV2117TX, DV2118LA, DV2118TX, DV2119TX, DV2120CA, DV2120LA, DV2120TU, DV2120TX, DV2120US, DV2121TU, DV2121TX, DV2122TU, DV2122TX, DV2123EU, DV2123TU, DV2123TX, DV2124TU, DV2124TX, DV2125EA, DV2125LA, DV2125NR, DV2125TU, DV2125TX, DV2126EA, DV2126TU, DV2126TX, DV2127TX, DV2128TX, DV2129EA, DV2129TX, DV2130BR, DV2130EA, DV2130TX, DV2130US, DV2131EA, DV2131TX, DV2132EA, DV2132TX, DV2133EA, DV2133TX, DV2134EA, DV2134TX, DV2135BR, DV2135LA, DV2135TX, DV2136TX, DV2137TX, DV2138TX, DV2138XX, DV2139TX, DV2140BR, DV2140EU, DV2140TX, DV2141EU, DV2141TX, DV2142TX, DV2143TX, DV2144TX, DV2145BR, DV2145TX, DV2146TX, DV2147EA, DV2147TX, DV2148TX, DV2149EA, DV2149TX, DV2150EA, DV2150TX, DV2151EA, DV2151TX, DV2152EA, DV2152TX, DV2153TX, DV2154TX, DV2155TX, DV2156TX, DV2157TX, DV2158TX, DV2159TX, DV2160BR, DV2160TX, DV2161TX, DV2164EU, DV2166EU, DV2171CA, DV2171CL, DV2171EA, DV2172EA, DV2173EA, DV2174CL, DV2174EA, DV2175EA, DV2180EU, DV2184EA, DV2185EA, DV2188EA, DV2190EA, DV2195EU, DV2196EA, DV2197EA, DV2200, DV2200EA, DV2201AU, DV2201CA, DV2201TU, DV2201TX, DV2201XX, DV2202AU, DV2202CA, DV2202TU, DV2202TX, DV2203AU, DV2203TU, DV2203TX, DV2204AU, DV2204TU, DV2204TX, DV2205EA, DV2205TU, DV2205TX, DV2206TU, DV2206TX, DV2207EA, DV2207TU, DV2207TX, DV2208EA, DV2208TU, DV2208TX, DV2209EA, DV2209TU, DV2209TX, DV2210EA, DV2210TU, DV2210TX, DV2210US, DV2211TU, DV2211TX, DV2212TU, DV2212TX, DV2213CA, DV2213CL, DV2213TU, DV2213TX, DV2214TU, DV2214TX, DV2214US, DV2215EA, DV2215TU, DV2215TX, DV2216EA, DV2216TX, DV2217EA, DV2217TX, DV2218TU, DV2218TX, DV2219TX, DV2220LA, DV2220TX, DV2220US, DV2221TX, DV2221US, DV2222EA, DV2222LA, DV2222TX, DV2223TX, DV2224EA, DV2224TX, DV2225LA, DV2225NR, DV2225TX, DV2226EA, DV2226TX, DV2227EA, DV2227TX, DV2235LA, DV2240BR, DV2241EA, DV2244EA, DV2245BR, DV2245EA, DV2246EA, DV2247BR, DV2249BR, DV2250BR, DV2255BR, DV2260BR, DV2265EA, DV2267EA, DV2268EA, DV2275EA, DV2276EA, DV2278EA, DV2281EA, DV2282EA, DV2290EA, DV2297EA, DV2298EA, DV2301AU, DV2301TU, DV2301TX, DV2302AU, DV2302TU, DV2302TX, DV2303AU, DV2303TU, DV2303TX, DV2304AU, DV2304TU, DV2304TX, DV2305AU, DV2305EA, DV2305TU, DV2305TX, DV2306AU, DV2306EA, DV2306TU, DV2306TX, DV2307TU, DV2307TX, DV2308TU, DV2308TX, DV2309TU, DV2309TX, DV2310CA, DV2310TU, DV2310TX, DV2310US, DV2311TU, DV2311TX, DV2312TX, DV2312US, DV2313CA, DV2313CL, DV2313TX, DV2314TX, DV2315NR, DV2315TX, DV2315US, DV2316TX, DV2317CA, DV2317US, DV2320LA, DV2320US, DV2322LA, DV2323EA, DV2324EA, DV2325EA, DV2325LA, DV2326EA, DV2327EA, DV2335EA, DV2336EA, DV2344EA, DV2348EA, DV2351EA, DV2352EA, DV2354EA, DV2355EA, DV2363EA, DV2369EA, DV2370EA, DV2375EA, DV2383EA, DV2384EA, DV2385EA, DV2386EA, DV2395EA, DV2396EA, DV2401AU, DV2401TU, DV2401TX, DV2402AU, DV2402CA, DV2402TU, DV2402TX, DV2403AU, DV2403TU, DV2403TX, DV2404AU, DV2404CA, DV2404TU, DV2404TX, DV2405AU, DV2405TU, 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