Samsung DC power plug tip cord for laptop




Samsung DC power plug tip cord for Samsung laptop power adapter power supply. This is the connector male end with the pin inside fits most of the Samsung laptops, most common models are listed below.

Fits all of the following models:

Samsung NP 700Z3A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 700Z3A, NP 700Z3A-xxxxx, NP 700Z3A-S0xxx, NP 700Z3A-S01xx, NP 700Z3A-S02xx, NP 700Z3A-S03xx, NP 700Z3A-S04xx, NP 700Z3A-S05xx, NP 700Z3A-S06xx, NP 700Z3A-S07xx
Samsung NP 700Z4A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 700Z4A, NP 700Z4A-xxxxx, NP 700Z4A-S0xxx, NP 700Z4A-S01xx, NP 700Z4A-S02xx, NP 700Z4A-SDxxx, NP 700Z4A-SD1xx
Samsung NP 700Z5A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 700Z5A, NP 700Z5A-xxxxx, NP 700Z5A-A0xxx, NP 700Z5A-A01xx, NP 700Z5A-S0xxx, NP 700Z5A-S01xx, NP 700Z5A-S02xx, NP 700Z5A-S03xx, NP 700Z5A-S04xx, NP 700Z5A-S05xx, NP 700Z5A-S06xx, NP 700Z5A-S07xx
Samsung NP 700Z5B Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 700Z5B, NP 700Z5B-xxxxx, NP 700Z5B-S0xxx, NP 700Z5B-S01xx, NP 700Z5B-S01xx, NP 700Z5B-W0xxx, NP 700Z5B-W01xx
Samsung NP 700G7A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 700G7A, NP 700G7A-xxxxx, NP 700G7A-S0xxx, NP 700G7A-S01xx, NP 700G7A-S02xx, NP 700G7A-S03xx
Samsung NP 700G7C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 700G7C, NP 700G7C-xxxxx, NP 700G7C-C0xxx, NP 700G7C-C01xx, NP 700G7C-S0xxx, NP 700G7C-S01xx, NP 700G7C-S03xx

Samsung NP 200A4A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 200A4A, NP 200A4A-xxxxx, NP 200A4A-S0xxx, NP 200A4A-S01xx
Samsung NP 200A4B Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 200A4B, NP 200A4B-xxxxx
Samsung NP 200B4A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 200B4A, NP 200B4A-xxxxx, NP 200B4A-A0xxx, NP 200B4A-A01xx
Samsung NP 200B4B Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 200B4B, NP 200B4B-xxxxx, NP 200B4B-A0xxx, NP 200B4B-A01xx
Samsung NP 200A5A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 200A5A, NP 200A5A-xxxxx, NP 200A5A-A0xxx, NP 200A5A-A01xx, NP 200A5A-A02xx
Samsung NP 200A5B Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 200A5B, NP 200A5B-xxxxx, NP 200A5B-A0xxx, NP 200A5B-A01xx, NP 200A5B-A02xx, NP 200A5B-A03xx, NP 200A5BI
Samsung NP 200B5A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 200B5A, NP 200B5A-xxxxx, NP 200B5A-A0xxx, NP 200B5A-A01xx
Samsung NP 200B5B Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 200B5B, NP 200B5B-xxxxx, NP 200B5B-A0xxx, NP 200B5B-A01xx, NP 200B5B-S0xxx, NP 200B5B-S01xx
Samsung NP E272 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP E272, NP E272-xxxx, NP E272-FSxxxx, NP E272-FS01xx, NP E272-FS02xx, NP E272-FS03xx, NP E272-FS04xx, NP E272-JSxx, NP E272-JS01xx
Samsung NP NC20 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP NC20, NP NC20-xxxxxx, NP NC20-GBKxx, NP NC20-KAxxxx, NP NC20-KA01xx, NP NC20-KA02xx, NP NC20-KA03xx, NP NC20-KA04xx, NP NC20-KA05xx, NP NC20-KA06xx
Samsung NP N120 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP N120, NP N120-xxxxxx, NP N120-12GBK, NP N120-JAxxxx, NP N120-JA01xx, NP N120-JA02xx, NP N120-KAxxxx, NP N120-KA01xx, NP N120-KA02xx, NP N120-KA03xx, NP N120-KA04xx, NP N120-KA05xx, NP N120-KA06xx, NP N120-KA07xx, NP N120-KA08xx
Samsung NP N130 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP N130, NP N130-xxxx, NP N130-13x, NP N130-13B, NP N130-13P, NP N130-KA01xx, NP N130-KA02xx, NP N130-KA03xx, NP N130-KA04xx, NP N130-KA05xx, NP N130-KA06xx, NP N130-HAV1xx, NP N130-HAV2xx, NP N130-HAZ1xx, NP N130-JA01xx, NP N130-JA02xx, NP N130-JA03xx, NP N130-JA04xx, NP N130-JA05xx, NP N130-JA06xx
Samsung NP N135 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP N135, NP N135-xxxxxx, NP N135-JAxxxx, NP N135-JA01xx, NP N135-JA02xx, NP N135-KAxxxx, NP N135-KA01xx, NP N135-KA02xx
Samsung NP N140 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP N140, NP N140-xxxx, NP N140-14x, NP N140-14B, NP N140-14R, NP N140-KA01xx, NP N140-KA02xx, NP N140-KA03xx, NP N140-KA04xx, NP N140-KA06xx, NP N140-KA07xx, NP N140-JA01xx, NP N140-JA02xx, NP N140-JA03xx, NP N140-JA04xx, NP N140-JA05xx, NP N140-JA06xx, NP N140-JA08xx, NP N140-JA09xx
Samsung NP Q318 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP Q318, NP Q318-xxxxxx, NP Q318-DS01xx, NP Q318-DS02xx, NP Q318-DS03xx, NP Q318-DS07xx, NP Q318-DS08xx, NP Q318-DS09xx, NP Q318-DS0Axx, NP Q318-DS0Bxx, NP Q318-DS0Cxx, NP Q318-DS0Dxx, NP Q318-DS0Exx, NP Q318-DS0Fxx, NP Q318-DS0Gxx, NP Q318-DS0Hxx, NP Q318-DS0Jxx, NP Q318-DS0Kxx, NP Q318-DS0Lxx, Harness part number BA39-00804A
Samsung NP Q320 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP Q320, NP Q320-xxxx, NP Q320-ASxxxx, NP Q320-AS01xx, NP Q320-AS02xx, NP Q320-AS03xx, NP Q320-AS04xx, NP Q320-AS05xx, NP Q320-FSxxxx, NP Q320-FS01xx, NP Q320-FS02xx, NP Q320-FS03xx, NP Q320-FS04xx, NP Q320-FS05xx, NP Q320-JSxxxx, NP Q320-JS01xx, NP Q320-JS02xx, NP Q320-JS03xx, NP Q320-JS04xx, NP Q320-JS05xx
Samsung NP Q330 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP Q330, NP Q330-xxxxxx, NP Q330-JAxxxx, NP Q330-JA01xx, NP Q330-JA02xx, NP Q330-JA03xx, NP Q330-JA04xx, NP Q330-JA05xx, NP Q330-JA07xx, NP Q330-JA08xx, NP Q330-JSxxxx, NP Q330-JS01xx, NP Q330-JS02xx, NP Q330-JS03xx, NP Q330-JS04xx, NP Q330-JS05xx, NP Q330-JS07xx, NP Q330-JS0Cxx
Samsung NP Q430 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP Q430, NP Q430-xxxxxx, NP Q430-11, NP Q430-JAxxxx, NP Q430-JA01xx, NP Q430-JUxxxx, NP Q430-JU01xx, NP Q430-JU02xx, NP Q430-JU03xx, NP Q430-JU04xx, NP Q430-JU05xx, NP Q430-JU06xx, NP Q430-JU07xx, NP Q430-JSxxxx, NP Q430-JS01xx, NP Q430-JS02xx, NP Q430-JS03xx, NP Q430-JSB1xx, Q430-JTxxxx, NP Q430-JT01xx, NP Q430-JT02xx
Samsung NP Q530 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP Q530, NP Q530-xxxxxx, NP Q530-11, NP Q530-JAxxxx, NP Q530-JA01xx, NP Q530-JA02xx, NP Q530-JUxxxx, NP Q530-JU01xx, NP Q530-JU02xx, NP Q530-JSxxxx, NP Q530-JS01xx, NP Q530-JS02xx, NP Q530-JS03xx, NP Q530-JS04xx, NP Q530-JS05xx, Q530-JTxxxx, NP Q530-JT01xx, NP Q530-JT02xx, NP Q530-JT03xx
Samsung NP R418 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R418, NP R418-xxxxxx, NP R418-Axxxx, NP R418-A01xx, NP R418-A02xx, NP R418-A03xx, NP R418-DAxxxx, NP R418-DA01xx, NP R418-DA02xx, NP R418-DA03xx, NP R418-DA04xx, NP R418-DA05xx, NP R418-DA06xx, NP R418-DA07xx, NP R418-DA08xx, NP R418-DA09xx, NP R418-DA0Axx, NP R418-DA0Bxx, NP R418-DA0Cxx, NP R418-DA0Dxx, NP R418-DA0Exx
Samsung NP R420 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R420, NP R420-xxxxxx, NP R420-FAxxxx, NP R420-FA01xx, NP R420-FA02xx, NP R420-FA03xx, NP R420-FA04xx, NP R420-JAxxxx, NP R420-JA01xx, NP R420-JA02xx, NP R420-JA03xx, NP R420-JA04xx, NP R420-XAxxxx, NP R420-XA01xx, NP R420-XA02xx, NP R420-XA03xx, NP R420-XA04xx, NP R420-XA07xx, NP R420-XA08xx
Samsung NP R423 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R423, NP R423-xxxxxx, NP R423-DUxxxx, NP R423-DU01xx, NP R423-DU02xx, NP R423-DU04xx, NP R423-DSxxxx, NP R423-DS04xx, NP R423-DS05xx, NP R423-DS07xx, NP R423-DS08xx, NP R423-DS0Bxx, NP R423-DS0Cxx, NP R423-DTxxxx, NP R423-DT01xx, NP R423-DT02xx, NP R423-DT03xx
Samsung NP R463 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R463, NP R463-xxxxxx, NP R463-DSxxxx, NP R463-DS01xx, NP R463-DS02xx, NP R463-DS0Dxx, NP R463-DS0Gxx
Samsung NP R464 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R464, NP R464-xxxxxx, NP R464-DSxxxx, NP R464-DS01xx,
Samsung NP R467 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R467, NP R467-xxxxxx, NP R467-DSxxxx, NP R467-DS08xx, NP R467-DS09xx, NP R467-DS0Gxx, NP R467-DS0Hxx, NP R467-DS0Jxx, NP R467-DT01xx, NP R467-DT02xx, NP R467-DT03xx, NP R467-DT04xx, NP R467-DT05xx, NP R467-DT08xx, NP R467-DT09xx, NP R467-DT0Bxx, NP R467-DT0Cxx, NP R467-DT0Fxx
Samsung NP R468 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R468, NP R468-xxxxxx, NP R468-DSxxxx, NP R468-DS01xx, NP R468-DS02xx, NP R468-DS03xx, NP R468-DS04xx, NP R468-DS05xx, NP R468-DS06xx, NP R468-DS07xx, NP R468-DS08xx, NP R468-DS09xx, NP R468-DS0Hxx, NP R468-DTxxxx, NP R468-DT01xx, NP R468-DT02xx
Samsung NP R469 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R469, NP R469-xxxxxx, NP R469-JSxxxx, NP R469-JS01xx, NP R469-JTxxxx, NP R469-JT01xx, NP R469-JT02xx, NP R469-XSxxxx, NP R469-XS01xx, NP R469-XS02xx
Samsung NP R470 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R470, NP R470-xxxx, NP R470-ASxxxx, NP R470-AS01xx, NP R470-AS02xx, NP R470-AS03xx, NP R470-AS04xx, NP R470-AS05xx, NP R470-AS06xx, NP R470-AS07xx, NP R470-FSxxxx, NP R470-FS01xx, NP R470-FS02xx, NP R470-JTxxxx, NP R470-JT01xx
Samsung NP R518 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R518, NP R518-xxxxxx, NP R518-Axxxx, NP R518-A02xx, NP R518-DAxxxx, NP R518-DA01xx, NP R518-DA02xx, NP R518-DA03xx, NP R518-DA04xx, NP R518-DA05xx, NP R518-DA06xx, NP R518-DA07xx, NP R518-DA08xx, NP R518-DA09xx, NP R518-DA0Bxx, NP R518-DA0Cxx, NP R518-DA0Dxx, NP R518-DSxxxx, NP R518-DS01xx, NP R518-DS02xx, NP R518-DS03xx, NP R518-DS04xx, NP R518-DS05xx, NP R518-DS06xx, NP R518-DS07xx, NP R518-DS08xx, NP R518-DS09xx, NP R518-DS0Axx, NP R518-DS0Bxx, NP R518-DS0Cxx
Samsung NP R519 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R519, NP R519-xxxxxx, NP R519-FAxxxx, NP R519-FA01xx, NP R519-FA02xx, NP R519-FA03xx, NP R519-FA04xx, NP R519-FA05xx, NP R519-FA06xx, NP R519-FA07xx, NP R519-FA08xx, NP R519-FA09xx, NP R519-FSxxxx, NP R519-FS01xx, NP R519-FS02xx, NP R519-FS03xx, NP R519-FS04xx, NP R519-JAxxxx, NP R519-JA01xx, NP R519-JA02xx, NP R519-JA03xx, NP R519-JA04xx, NP R519-JA05xx, NP R519-JA06xx, NP R519-JA07xx, NP R519-JA08xx, NP R519-JA09xx, NP R519-JA0Axx, NP R519-JA0Bxx, NP R519-JA0Cxx, NP R519-JAExxx, NP R519-JAE1xx, NP R519-JSxxxx, NP R519-JS01xx, NP R519-JS02xx, NP R519-JS03xx, NP R519-JS04xx, NP R519-JS05xx, NP R519-JS06xx, NP R519-JS07xx, NP R519-JS08xx, NP R519-XAxxxx, NP R519-XA01xx, NP R519-XA02xx, NP R519-XA03xx, NP R519-XA04xx, NP R519-XA05xx, NP R519-XA06xx, NP R519-XA07xx, NP R519-XA08xx, NP R519-XA09xx, NP R519-XSxxxx, NP R519-XS01xx
Samsung NP R520 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R520, NP R520-xxxxxx, NP R520-FAxxxx, NP R520-FA01xx, NP R520-FA02xx, NP R520-FA03xx, NP R520-FA04xx, NP R520-FA05xxNP, R520-FSxxxx, NP R520-FS01xx, NP R520-FS02xx, NP R520-FS03xx, NP R520-FS04xx, NP R520-FS05xx, NP R520-FS06xx, NP R520-FS07xx, NP R520-FS08xx, NP R520-FS09xx, NP R520-JAxxxx, NP R520-JA01xx, NP R520-JA02xx, NP R520-JA03xx, NP R520-JA04xx, NP R520-JA05xx, NP R520-JSxxxx, NP R520-JS01xx, NP R520-JS02xx, NP R520-JS03xx, NP R520-XAxxxx, NP R520-XA01xx, NP R520-XA02xx, NP R520-XA03xx, NP R520-XA04xx, NP R520-XA05xx, NP R520-XA06xx, NP R520-XA07xx, NP R520-XA08xx, NP R520-XSxxxx, NP R520-XS02xx, NP R520-XS03xx, NP R520-XS08xx
Samsung NP R620 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R620, NP R620-xxxxxx, NP R620-ASxxxx, NP R620-AS01xx, NP R620-FSxxxx, NP R620-FS01xx, NP R620-FS02xx, NP R620-FS03xx, NP R620-FS04xx, NP R620-FS05xx, NP R620-FS06xx, NP R620-FS08xx, NP R620-FS09xx, NP R620-JSxxxx, NP R620-JS01xx, NP R620-JS02xx, NP R620-JS03xx
Samsung NP R719 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R719, NP R719-xxxxxx, NP R719-FAxxxx, NP R719-FA01xx, NP R719-FA02xx, NP R719-JAxxxx, NP R719-JA01xx, NP R719-JA02xx, NP R719-JA03xx, NP R719-JA04xx, NP R719-JA05xx, NP R719-JA06xx, NP R719-JSxxxx, NP R719-JS01xx, NP R719-JS02xx, NP R719-JS03xx, NP R719-JS04xx, NP R719-JS05xx, NP R719-JS06xx, NP R719-XAxxxx, NP R719-XA01xx, NP R719-X10H
Samsung NP R720 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R720, NP R720-xxxx, NP R720-FSxxxx, NP R720-FS01xx, NP R720-FS02xx, NP R720-FS03xx, NP R720-FS04xx, NP R720-FS05xx, NP R720-FS06xx, NP R720-FS07xx, NP R720-FS09xx, NP R720-JAxxxx, NP R720-JA02xx, NP R720-JSxxxx, NP R720-JS01xx, NP R720-JS02xx, NP R720-JS03xx, NP R720-JS04xx, NP R720-JS05xx, NP R720-JS06xx
Samsung NP X420 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP X420, NP X420-xxxxxx, NP X420-JAxxxx, NP X420-JA01xx, NP X420-JA02xx, NP X420-JA03xx, NP X420-JA04xx, NP X420-JA05xx, NP X420-JA06xx, NP X420-JA07xx, NP X420-XAxxxx, X420-XA01xx, X420-XA02xx

Samsung NP 300E4A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300E4A, NP 300E4A-xxxxx, NP 300E4A-A0xxx, NP 300E4A-A01xx, NP 300E4A-A02xx, NP 300E4A-A03xx, NP 300E4A-S0xxx, NP 300E4A-S01xx, NP 300E4A-S02xx, NP 300E4A-S03xx, NP 300E4A-S04xx, NP 300E4A-S05xx, NP 300E4A-S06xx, NP 300E4A-S07xx, NP 300E4A-S08xx, NP 300E4A-S09xx, NP 300E4A-S0Axx, NP 300E4A-S0C, NP 300E4A-S0D
Samsung NP 300E4C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300E4C, NP 300E4C-xxxx, NP 300E4C-A0xxx, NP 300E4C-A01xx, NP 300E4C-A02xx, NP 300E4C-A03xx, NP 300E4C-S0xxx, NP 300E4C-S01xx, NP 300E4C-S02xx, NP 300E4C-T0xxx, NP 300E4C-T01xx, NP 300E4C-U01xx
Samsung NP 300E4Z Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300E4Z, NP 300E4Z-xxxxx, NP 300E4Z-A0xxx, NP 300E4Z-A01xx, NP 300E4Z-A02xx, NP 300E4Z-A03xx, NP 300E4Z-A04xx, NP 300E4Z-A05xx, NP 300E4Z-A06xx, NP 300E4Z-A07xx, NP 300E4Z-A08xx, NP 300E4Z-A09xx, NP 300E4Z-S0xxxx, NP 300E4Z-S01xxx, NP 300E4Z-S02xxx, NP 300E4Z-S03xxx, NP 300E4Z-S04xxx, NP 300E4Z-S05xxx, NP 300E4Z-S06xxx, NP 300E4Z-T0xxx, NP 300E4Z-T01xx
Samsung NP 300E5A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300E5A, NP 300E5A-A0xxx, NP 300E5A-A01xx, NP 300E5A-A02xx, NP 300E5A-A03xx, NP 300E5A-A04xx, NP 300E5A-A05xx, NP 300E5A-A06xx, NP 300E5A-A07xx, NP 300E5A-A08xx, NP 300E5A-A09xx, NP 300E5A-A0Axx, NP 300E5A-A0Bxx, NP 300E5A-A0Cxx, NP 300E5A-A0Dxx, NP 300E5A-A0Exx, NP 300E5A-A0Fxx, NP 300E5A-A0Gxx, NP 300E5A-A0Hxx, NP 300E5A-A0Jxx, NP 300E5A-A0Kxx, NP 300E5A-S0xxx, NP 300E5A-S01xx, NP 300E5A-S02xx, NP 300E5A-S03xx, NP 300E5A-S04xx, NP 300E5A-S05xx, NP 300E5A-S06xx, NP 300E5A-S07xx, NP 300E5A-S08xx, NP 300E5A-S09xx, NP 300E5A-S0Axx, NP 300E5A-S0Bxx, NP 300E5A-S0Cxx, NP 300E5A-S0Dxx, NP 300E5A-S0Exx, NP 300E5A-S0Fxx, NP 300E5A-A0Gxx, NP 300E5A-A0Hxx, NP 300E5A-S0Jxx, NP 300E5A-S0Nxx, NP 300E5A-S0Rxx, NP 300E5A-S0Sxx, NP 300E5AI, NT 300E5A, NT 300E5A-xxxx, NT 300E5A-A1St, NT 300E5A-A15L, NT 300E5A-A15R, NT 300E5A-A25R, NT 300E5A-A2TB, NT 300E5A-WL42, NT 300E5A-WL62, NT 300E5A-WS41, NT 300E5A-WS61, NT 300E5A-WS62, NT 300E5A-WW1B
Samsung NP 300E5Z Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300E5Z, NP 300E5Z, NP 300E5Z-xxxxx, NP 300E5Z-A0xxx, NP 300E5Z-A01xx, NP 300E5Z-A02xx, NP 300E5Z-A03xx, NP 300E5Z-A04xx, NP 300E5Z-A05xx, NP 300E5Z-A06xx, NP 300E5Z-A07xx, NP 300E5Z-A08xx, NP 300E5Z-A09xx, NP 300E5Z-A0Axx, NP 300E5Z-A0Bxx, NP 300E5Z-A0Cxx, NP 300E5Z-A0Hxx, NP 300E5Z-A0Jxx, NP 300E5Z-A0Mxx, NP 300E5Z-A0Nxx, NP 300E5Z-A0Pxx, NP 300E5Z-S0xxx, NP 300E5Z-S01xx, NP 300E5Z-S02xx, NP 300E5Z-S03xx, NP 300E5Z-S04xx, NP 300E5Z-S05xx, NP 300E5Z-S06xx, NP 300E5Z-S07xx, NP 300E5Z-S08xx, NP 300E5Z-S09xx, NP 300E5Z-S0Axx, NP 300E5Z-S0Bxx, NP 300E5Z-S0Cxx
Samsung NP 300E7A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300E7A, NP 300E7A-xxxxx, NP 300E7A-A0xxx, NP 300E7A-A01xx, NP 300E7A-A02xx, NP 300E7A-A03xx, NP 300E7A-A04xx, NP 300E7A-A05xx, NP 300E7A-A06xx, NP 300E7A-A07xx, NP 300E7A-A08xx, NP 300E7A-S0xxx, NP 300E7A-S01xx, NP 300E7A-S02xx, NP 300E7A-S03xx, NP 300E7A-S04xx, NP 300E7A-S05xx, NP 300E7A-S06xx, NP 300E7A-S07xx, NP 300E7A-S08xx, NP 300E7A-A0xxx, NP 300E7AH, NP 300E7AI
Samsung NP 300E7Z Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300E7Z, NP 300E7Z-xxxxx, NP 300E7Z-S0xxx, NP 300E7Z-S01xx, NP 300E7Z-S02xx
Samsung NP 300U1A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300U1A, NP 300U1A-xxxxx, NP 300U1A-A0xxx, NP 300U1A-A01xx, NP 300U1A-A02xx, NP 300U1A-A03xx, NP 300U1A-A04xx, NP 300U1A-A05xx, NP 300U1A-A06xx
Samsung NP 300U1Z Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300U1Z, NP 300U1Z-xxxxx
Samsung NP 300U2A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300U2A, NP 300U2A-xxxxx, NP 300U2A-A0xxx, NP 300U2A-A01xx, NP 300U2A-A02xx, NP 300U2A-A03xx
Samsung NP 300V3A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300V3A, NP 300V3A-xxxxx, NP 300V3A-A0xxx, NP 300V3A-A01xx, NP 300V3A-A02xx, NP 300V3A-A03xx, NP 300V3A-A04xx, NP 300V3A-A05xx, NP 300V3A-A06xx, NP 300V3A-A07xx, NP 300V3A-A08xx, NP 300V3A-A09xx, NP 300V3A-A0Bxx, NP 300V3A-S0xxx, NP 300V3A-S01xx, NP 300V3A-S02xx, NP 300V3A-S03xx, NP 300V3A-S04xx, NP 300V3A-S05xx, NP 300V3A-S06xx, NP 300V3A-S07xx, NP 300V3AI, NT 300V3A, NT 300V3A-A16P, NT 300V3A-S35L, NT 300V3A-S65E, NT 300V3A-S65S, NT 300V3A-S6HJ
Samsung NP 300V3Z Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300V3Z, NP 300V3Z-xxxxx, NP 300V3Z-S0xxx, NP 300V3Z-S01xx, NP 300V3Z-S02xx, NT 300V3Z, NT 300V3Z-xxxx
Samsung NP 300V4A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300V4A, NP 300V4A-xxxxx, NP 300V4A-A0xxx, NP 300V4A-A01xx, NP 300V4A-A02xx, NP 300V4A-A03xx, NP 300V4A-A04xx, NP 300V4A-A05xx, NP 300V4A-A06xx, NP 300V4A-A07xx, NP 300V4A-A08xx, NP 300V4A-S0xxx, NP 300V4A-S01xx, NP 300V4A-S02xx, NP 300V4A-S03xx, NP 300V4A-S04xx, NP 300V4A-S05xx, NP 300V4AH, NP 300V4AI, NT 300V4A, NT 300V4A-xxxx, NT 300V4A-Axxx, NT 300V4A-A55S, NT 300V4A-Sxxx, NT 300V4A-S5BR, NT 300V4A-S56, NT 300V4A-S7JY, NT 300V4A-Wxxx, NT 300V4A-WS61
Samsung NP 300V4Z Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300V4Z, NP 300V4Z-xxxxx, NP 300V4Z-S0xxx, NP 300V4Z-S01xx, NP 300V4Z-S02xx, NP 300V4Z-S03xx, NP 300V4Z-S04xx, NP 300V4Z-S05xx, NP 300V4Z-S06xx, NP 300V4Z-S07xx, NP 300V4Z-S08xx, NP 300V4Z-S09xx, NP 300V4Z-S0Cxx, NT 300V4Z, NT 300V4Z-xxxxx
Samsung NP 300V5A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300V5A, NP 300V5A-xxxxx, NP 300V5A-A0xxx, NP 300V5A-A01xx, NP 300V5A-A02xx, NP 300V5A-A03xx, NP 300V5A-A04xx, NP 300V5A-A05xx, NP 300V5A-A06xx, NP 300V5A-A07xx, NP 300V5A-A08xx, NP 300V5A-A09xx, NP 300V5A-A0Axx, NP 300V5A-A0Bxx, NP 300V5A-A0Cxx, NP 300V5A-A0Dxx, NP 300V5A-A0Exx, NP 300V5A-A0Fxx, NP 300V5A-A0Gxx, NP 300V5A-S0xxx, NP 300V5A-S01xx, NP 300V5A-S02xx, NP 300V5A-S03xx, NP 300V5A-S04xx, NP 300V5A-S05xx, NP 300V5A-S06xx, NP 300V5A-S07xx, NP 300V5A-S08xx, NP 300V5A-S09xx, NP 300V5A-S0Axx, NP 300V5A-S0Bxx, NP 300V5A-S0Cxx, NP 300V5A-S0Dxx, NP 300V5A-S0Exx, NP 300V5A-S0Fxx, NP 300V5A-S0Gxx, NP 300V5A-S0Hxx, NP 300V5A-S0Jxx, NP 300V5A-S0Kxx, NP 300V5A-S0Lxx, NP 300V5A-S0Mxx, NP 300V5A-S0Nxx, NP 300V5A-S0Pxx, NP 300V5A-S0Qxx, NP 300V5A-S0Uxx, NP 300V5A-S0Rxx, NP 300V5A-S0Sxx, NP 300V5A-S0Txx, NP 300V5A-S0Wxx, NP 300V5A-S0Xxx, NP 300V5A-S0Yxx, NP 300V5A-S0Zxx, NP 300V5AH, NP 300V5AH-xxxxx, NP 300V5AH-S0xxx, NP 300V5AH-S01xx, NP 300V5AH-S02xx, NP 300V5AI, NT 300V5A, NT 300V5A-xxxx, NT 300V5A-Axxx, NT 300V5A-A15B, NT 300V5A-A16B, NT 300V5A-A25B, NT 300V5A-A35E, NT 300V5A-A45, NT 300V5A-Sxxx, NT 300V5A-S45S, NT 300V5A-S56B, NT 300V5A-S56E, NT 300V5A-S65S, NT 300V5A-S75S, NT 300V5A-S86M, NT 300V5A-Wxxx, NT 300V5A-WL4, NT 300V5A-WL6B, NT 300V5A-WS4, NT 300V5A-WS8E, NT 300V5A-WT6P
Samsung NP 300V5Z Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 300V5Z, NP 300V5Z-xxxxx, NP 300V5Z-A0xxx, NP 300V5Z-A01xx, NP 300V5Z-S0xxx, NP 300V5Z-S01xx, NP 300V5Z-S02xx, NP 300V5Z-S03xx, NP 300V5Z-S04xx, NP 300V5Z-S05xx, NP 300V5ZH, NP 300V5ZI
Samsung NP 301E4C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 301E4C, NP 301E4C-xxxxx
Samsung NP 301E5C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 301E5C, NP 301E5C-xxxxx
Samsung NP 301U1A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 301U1A, NP 301U1A-xxxxx
Samsung NT 301V3A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NT 301V3A, NT 301V3A-xxxxx
Samsung NT 301V5A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NT 301V5A, NT 301V5A-xxxxx
Samsung NP 305E4A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305E4A, NP 305E4A-xxxxx, NP 305E4A-ADxxx, NP 305E4A-AD1xx, NP 305E4A-AD2xx, NP 305E4A-S0xxxx, NP 305E4A-S01xx, NP 305E4A-S02xx, NP 305E4A-S03xx, NP 305E4A-S04xx
Samsung NP 305E5A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305E5A, NP 305E5A-xxxxx, NP 305E5A-A0xxx, NP 305E5A-A01xx, NP 305E5A-A02xx, NP 305E5A-A03xx, NP 305E5A-A04xx, NP 305E5A-A05xx, NP 305E5A-S0xxx, NP 305E5A-S01xx, NP 305E5A-S02xx, NP 305E5A-S03xx, NP 305E5A-S04xx, NP 305E5A-S05xx, NP 305E5A-S06xx, NP 305E5A-S07xx, NP 305E5A-S08xx, NP 305E5A-S09xx, NT 305E5A-A4BB, NT 305E5A-S4WD, NT 305E5A-S4WP
Samsung NP 305E7A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305E7A, NP 305E7A-A0xxx, NP 305E7A-A01xx, NP 305E7A-A02xx, NP 305E7A-A03xx, NP 305E7A-S0xxx, NP 305E7A-S01xx, NP 305E7A-S02xx, NP 305E7A-S03xx, NP 305E7AI-xxxxx
Samsung NP 305U1A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305U1A, NP 305U1A-xxxxx, NP 305U1A-A0xxx, NP 305U1A-A01xx, NP 305U1A-A02xx, NP 305U1A-A03xx, NP 305U1A-A04xx, NP 305U1A-A05xx, NP 305U1A-A06xx, NP 305U1A-A07xx, NP 305U1A-A08xx, NP 305U1A-A09xx
Samsung NP 305U1Z Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305U1Z, NP 305U1Z-xxxxx, NP 305U1Z-A0xxx, NP 305U1Z-A01xx, NP 305U1Z-A02xx, NP 305U1Z-A03xx, NP 305U1Z-A04xx
Samsung NP 305U2A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305U2A, NP 305U2A-xxxxx, NP 305U2A-A0xxx, NP 305U2A-A01xx, NP 305U2A-A02xx
Samsung NP 305U2B Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305U2B, NP 305U2B-xxxxx, NP 305U2B-A0xxx, NP 305U2B-A01xx, NP 305U2B-A02xx, NP 305U2B-A03xx, NP 305U2B-A04xx, NP 305U2B-A05xx, NP 305U2B-A06xx, NP 305U2B-A07xx, NP 305U2B-A08xx
Samsung NP 305U4A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305U4A, NP 305U4A-xxxxx
Samsung NP 305U4Z Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305U4Z, NP 305U4Z-xxxxx, NP 305U4Z-A0xxx, NP 305U4Z-A01xx, NP 305U4Z-A02xx, NP 305U4Z-A03xx
Samsung NP 305U5A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305U5A, NP 305U5A-xxxxx
Samsung NP 305V4A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305V4A, NP 305V4A-xxxxx, NP 305V4A-A0xxx, NP 305V4A-A01xx, NP 305V4A-A02xx, NP 305V4A-A03xx, NP 305V4A-A04xx, NP 305V4A-A05xx, NP 305V4A-A06xx, NP 305V4A-A07xx, NP 305V4A-A08xx, NP 305V4A-A09xx, NP 305V4A-A0Bxx, NP 305V4A-S0xxx, NP 305V4A-S01xx, NP 305V4A-S02xx, NP 305V4A-S03xx, NP 305V4A-S04xx, NP 305V4A-S05xx, NP 305V4A-S06xx, NP 305V4A-S07xx, NP 305V4A-S08xx, NP 305V4A-S09xx, NP 305V4A-S0Axx, NP 305V4A-S0Bxx, NP 305V4A-S0Cxx, NP 305V4A-S0Dxx, NP 305V4A-S0Exx, NP 305V4A-S0Fxx, NP 305V4A-S0Gxx, NP 305V4A-S0Hxx, NP 305V4A-T0xxx, NP 305V4A-T01xx, NP 305V4A-T02xx, NP 305V4A-T03xx, NP 305V4A-T04xx, NP 305V4A-T05xx, NP 305V4A-T06xx, NP 305V4A-T07xx
Samsung NP 305V5A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 305V5A, NP 305V5A-xxxxx, NP 305V5A-A0xxx, NP 305V5A-A01xx, NP 305V5A-A02xx, NP 305V5A-S0xxx, NP 305V5A-S01xx, NP 305V5A-S02xx, NP 305V5A-S03xx, NP 305V5A-S04xx, NP 305V5A-S05xx, NP 305V5A-S06xx, NP 305V5A-S07xx, NP 305V5A-S08xx, NP 305V5A-S09xx, NP 305V5AI
Samsung NP 306U1A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 306U1A, NP 306U1A-xxxxx
Samsung NP 350E5C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 350E5C, NP 350E5C-xxxxx, NP 350E5C-S0xxx, NP 350E5C-S01xx, NP 350E5C-S02xx, NP 350E5C-S03xx, NP 350E5C-S04xx
Samsung NP 350U1A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 350U1A, NP 350U1A-xxxxx, NP 350U1A-A0xxx, NP 350U1A-A01xx, NP 350U1A-A02xx, NP 350U1A-A03xx, NP 350U1A-A04xx, NP 350U1A-A05xx
Samsung NP 350U2A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 350U2A, NP 350U2A-xxxxx, NP 350U2A-A0xxx, NP 350U2A-A01xx, NP 350U2A-A02xx, NP 350U2A-A03xx
Samsung NP 350U2B Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 350U2B, NP 350U2B-xxxxx, NP 350U2B-A0xxx, NP 350U2B-A01xx, NP 350U2B-A02xx, NP 350U2B-A03xx, NP 350U2B-A04xx, NP 350U2B-A05xx, NP 350U2B-A06xx, NP 350U2B-A07xx, NP 350U2B-A08xx, NP 350U2B-A09xx
Samsung NP 350U2Y Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 350U2Y, NP 350U2Y-xxxxx, NP 350U2Y-A0xxx, NP 350U2Y-A01xx, NP 350U2Y-A02xx, NP 350U2Y-A03xx
Samsung NP 350U2Z Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 350U2Z, NP 350U2Z-xxxxx
Samsung NP 350V4C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 350V4C, NP 350V4C-xxxxx, NP 350V4C-S0xxx, NP 350V4C-S01xx, NP 350V4C-S02xx, NP 350V4C-S03xx, NP 350V4C-S04xx, NP 350V4C-S05xx, NP 350V4C-S06xx, NP 350V4C-S07xx
Samsung NP 350V4X Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 350V4X, NP 350V4X-xxxxx, NP 350V4X-S0xxx, NP 350V4X-S01xx, NP 350V4X-S02xx, NP 350V4X-S03xx
Samsung NP 350V5A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 350V5A, NP 350V5A-xxxxx, NP 350V5A-S0xxx, NP 350V5A-S01xx, NP 350V5A-S02xx, NP 350V5A-S03xx, NP 350V5A-S04xx, NP 350V5A-S05xx, NP 350V5A-S06xx
Samsung NP 350V5C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 350V5C, NP 350V5C-xxxxx, NP 350V5C-A0xxx, NP 350V5C-A01xx, NP 350V5C-A02xx, NP 350V5C-A03xx, NP 350V5C-A04xx, NP 350V5C-A05xx, NP 350V5C-A06xx, NP 350V5C-A07xx, NP 350V5C-A08xx, NP 350V5C-A09xx, NP 350V5C-S0xxx, NP 350V5C-S01xx, NP 350V5C-S02xx, NP 350V5C-S03xx, NP 350V5C-S04xx, NP 350V5C-S05xx, NP 350V5C-S06xx, NP 350V5C-S07xx, NP 350V5C-S08xx, NP 350V5C-S09xx, NP 350V5C-S0Axx, NP 350V5C-S0Bxx, NP 350V5C-S0Cxx, NP 350V5C-S0Dxx, NP 350V5C-S0Exx, NP 350V5C-S0Fxx, NP 350V5C-T0xxx, NP 350V5C-T01xx
Samsung NP 350V5X Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 350V5X, NP 350V5X-xxxxx, NP 350V5X-S0xxx, NP 350V5X-S01xx
Samsung NP 351E5C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 351E5C, NP 351E5C-xxxxx
Samsung NP 351U2A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 351U2A, NP 351U2A-xxxxx
Samsung NP 351U2B Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 351U2B, NP 351U2B-xxxxx
Samsung NP 351U2C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 351U2C, NP 351U2C-xxxxx
Samsung NP 351V4X Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 351V4X, NP 351V4X-xxxxx
Samsung NP 351V5X Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 351V5X, NP 351V5X-xxxxx
Samsung NP 355E4C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 355E4C, NP 355E4C-xxxxx, NP 355E4C-S0xxx, NP 355E4C-S01xx, NP 355E4C-S02xx, NP 355E4C-S03xx, NP 355E4C-S04xx, NP 355E4C-S05xx
Samsung NP 355E5C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 355E5C, NP 355E5C-xxxxx, NP 355E5C-S0xxx, NP 355E5C-S01xx, NP 355E5C-S02xx, NP 355E5C-S03xx
Samsung NP 355V4C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 355V4C, NP 355V4C-xxxxx, NP 355V4C-A0xxx, NP 355V4C-A01xx, NP 355V4C-A02xx, NP 355V4C-S0xxx, NP 355V4C-S01xx
Samsung NP 355V5C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 355V5C, NP 355V5C-xxxxx, NP 355V5C-A0xxx, NP 355V5C-A01xx, NP 355V5C-A02xx, NP 355V5C-A03xx, NP 355V5C-A04xx, NP 355V5C-A05xx, NP 355V5C-S0xxx, NP 355V5C-S01xx, NP 355V5C-S02xx, NP 355V5C-S03xx, NP 355V5C-S04xx, NP 355V5C-S05xx, NP 355V5C-S06xx, NP 355V5C-S07xx, NP 355V5C-S08xx, NP 355V5C-S09xx, NP 355V5C-S0Axx, NP 355V5C-S0Cxx
Samsung NP 3415 E3415 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 3415, NP 3415-xxxxx, NP 3415-S0xxx, NP 3415-S01xx, NP 3415-S02xx
Samsung NP 3415VA E3415VA Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 3415VA, NP 3415VA-xxxxx, NP 3415VA-T0xxx, NP 3415VA-T01xx, NP 3415VA-T02xx
Samsung NP 3420 E3420 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 3420, NP 3420-xxxxx, NP 3420-S0xxx, NP 3420-S01xx, NP 3420-S02xx
Samsung NP 3430EA E3430EA Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 3430EA, NP 3430EA-xxxxx, NP 3430EA-S0xxx, NP 3430EA-S01xx, NP 3430EA-S02xx, NP 3430EA-S03xx, NP 3430EA-S04xx, NP 3430EA-S05xx, NP 3430EA-S06xx
Samsung NP 3430EC E3430EC Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 3430EC, NP 3430EC-xxxxx, NP 3430EC-S0xxx, NP 3430EC-S01xx, NP 3430EC-S02xx, NP 3430EC-S03xx
Samsung NP 3431EA E3431EA Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 3431EA, NP 3431EA-xxxxx
Samsung NP 3530EA E3530EA Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 3530EA, NP 3530EA-xxxxx, NP 3530EA-A0xxx, NP 3530EA-A01xx, NP 3530EA-A02xx
Samsung NP 3530EC E3530EC Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 3530EC, NP 3530EC-xxxxx, NP 3530EC-U0xxx, NP 3530EC-U01xx
Samsung NP 3540VC E3540VC Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP 3540VC, NP 3540VC-xxxxx

Samsung NP N148 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP N148, NP N148-xxxxxx, NP N148-DPxxxx, NP N148-DP01xx, NP N148-DP02xx, NP N148-DP03xx, NP N148-DP04xx, NP N148-DP05xx, NP N148-DP06xx, NP N148-DP07xx, NP N148-DP08xx, NP N148-DP09xx, NP N148-DP0Axx, NP N148-DPSxxx, NP N148-DPS1xx, NP N148-JPxxxx, NP N148-JP02xx, NP N148-JP03xx
Samsung NP N220 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP N220, NP N220-xxxxx, NP N220-11, NP N220-HATxxx, NP N220-HAT2xx, NP N220-JAxxxx, NP N220-JA01xx, NP N220-JA02xx, NP N220-JA03xx, NP N220-JA04xx, NP N220-JBxxxx, NP N220-JB01xx, NP N220-JB02xx, NP N220-JB03xx, NP N220-JPxxxx, N220-JP01xx, N220-JP02xx, N220-JP03xx, N220-JMD1xx, N220-JMD2xx, N220-JMD3xx, N220-JMD4xx
Samsung NP QX410 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP QX410, NP QX410-xxxxx, NP QX410-J0xxx, NP QX410-J01xx, NP QX410-S0xxx, NP QX410-S01xxNP QX410-S02xx
Samsung NP QX510 series DC Power Jack Connector: NP QX510, NP QX510-xxxxx, NP QX510-S0xxx, NP QX510-S01xx, NP QX510-S02xx
Samsung NP R428 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R428, NP R428-xxxxxx, NP R428-DAxxxx, NP R428-DA01xx, NP R428-DA02xx, NP R428-DA03xx, NP R428-DA04xx, NP R428-DA05xx, NP R428-DA06xx, NP R428-DA07xx, NP R428-DBxxxx, NP R428-DB01xx, NP R428-DSxxxx, NP R428-DS01xx, NP R428-DS02xx, NP R428-DS03xx, NP R428-DS04xx, NP R428-DS05xx, NP R428-DS06xx, NP R428-DS07xx, NP R428-DS08xx, NP R428-DS09xx, NP R428-DS0Axx, NP R428-DS0Bxx, NP R428-DS0Cxx, NP R428-DS0Dxx, NP R428-DS0Exx, NP R428-DS0Fxx, NP R428-DS0Hxx, NP R428-DS0Jxx, NP R428-DS0Kxx, NP R428-DS0Lxx, NP R428-DS0Mxx, NP R428-DS0Nxx, NP R428-DS0Pxx, NP R428-DS0Qxx, NP R428-DS0Rxx, NP R428-DS0Sxx, NP R428-DS0Txx, NP R428-DS0Uxx, NP R428-DS0Vxx, NP R428-DS0Wxx, NP R428-DS0Xxx, NP R428-DS0Yxx, NP R428-DS0Zxx, NP R428-DS12xx, NP R428-DS13xx, NP R428-JTxxxx, NP R428-JT01xx
Samsung NP R429 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R429, NP R429-xxxxxx, NP R429-DSxxxx, NP R429-DS01xx, NP R429-DS02xx, NP R429-DS03xx, NP R429-DS04xx, NP R429-DS05xx, NP R429-DS06xx, NP R429-DS07xx, NP R428-DS08xx, NP R429-DS0Axx, NP R429-DS0Bxx, NP R428-D90Cxx, NP R429-DS0Exx, NP R429-DBxxxx, NP R429-DB01xx, NP R428-DTxxxx, NP R428-DT01xx, NP R429-JSxxxx, NP R429-JS01xx
Samsung NP R430 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R430, NP R430-xxxxxx, NP R430-JAxxxx, NP R430-JA01xx, NP R430-JA02xx, NP R430-JA03xx, NP R430-JA04xx, NP R430-JA05xx, NP R430-JA06xx, NP R430-JA07xx, NP R430-JA08xx, NP R430-JA09xx, NP R430-JA0Bxx, NP R430-JBxxxx, NP R430-JB01xx, NP R430-JSxxxx, NP R430-JS01xx, NP R430-JS02xx, NP R430-JS03xx, NP R430-JS04xx, NP R430-JS05xx, NP R430-JS06xx, NP R430C, NP R430E, NP R430I
Samsung NP R439 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R439, NP R439-xxxxxx, NP R439-DAxxxx, NP R439-DA01xx, NP R439-DA02xx, NP R439-DA03xx, NP R439-DA04xx, NP R439-DA05xx, NP R439-DA06xx, NP R439-DA07xx, NP R439-DA08xx, NP R439-DA09xx, NP R439-DA0Bxx, NP R439-DSxxxx, NP R439-DS07xx, NP R439-DS08xx
Samsung NP R480 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R480, NP R480-xxxxxx, NP R480-11, NP R480-I1, NP R480-I3, NP R480-I5, NP R480-JABxxx, NP R480-JAB1xx, NP R480-JAB1xx, NP R480-JAB2xx, NP R480-JTxxxx, NP R480-JT01xx, NP R480-JT02xx, NP R480-JT03xx
Samsung NP R525 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R525, NP R525-xxxxxx, NP R525-JSxxxx, NP R525-JS01xx, NP R525-JS02xx, NP R525-JS03xx, NP R525-JTxxxx, NP R525-JT01xx, NP R525-JT02xx, NP R525-JT03xx, NP R525-JT04xx, NP R525-JT05xx, NP R525-JT06xx, NP R525-JT07xx, NP R525-JT08xx, NP R525-JT09xx, NP R525-JT0Axx, NP R525-JVxxxx, NP R525-JV01xx, NP R525-JV02xx, NP R525-JV03xx, NP R525-JV04xx, NP R525-JV05xx, NP R525-JV06xx, NP R525-JV07xx, NP R525-JV08xx, NP R525-JV09xx
Samsung NP R528 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R528, NP R528-xxxxxx, NP R528-DAxxxx, NP R528-DA01xx, NP R528-DA02xx, NP R528-DA03xx, NP R528-DA04xx, NP R528-DA05xx, NP R528-DA06xx, NP R528-DA07xx, NP R528-DA08xx, NP R528-DA09xx, NP R528-DA0Axx, NP R528-DSxxxx, NP R528-DS01xx, NP R528-DS02xx, NP R528-DS03xx, NP R528-DS04xx, NP R528-DS05xx, NP R528-DS06xx, NP R528-DS07xx, NP R528-DS08xx, NP R528-DS09xx, NP R528-DS0Bxx, NP R528-DS0Cxx, NP R528-DTxxxx, NP R528-DT01xx, NP R528-DT02xx, NP R528-JSxxxx, NP R528-JS01xx, NP R528-JS02xx, NP R528-JS03xx
Samsung NP R530 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R530, NP R530-xxxxxx, NP R530-11, NP R530-JAxxxx, NP R530-JA01xx, NP R530-JA02xx, NP R530-JA03xx, NP R530-JA06xx, NP R530-JA08xx, NP R530-JA0Dxx, NP R530-JA0Hxx, NP R530-JBxxxx, NP R530-JB01xx, NP R530-JB02xx, NP R530-JB03xx, NP R530-JSxxxx, NP R530-JS01xx, NP R530-JS02xx, NP R530-JS03xx, NP R530-JS04xx
Samsung NP R540 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R540, NP R540-xxxxxx, NP R540-11, NP R540-JAxxxx, NP R540-JA01xx, NP R540-JA02xx, NP R540-JA03xx, NP R540-JA04xx, NP R540-JA05xx, NP R540-JA06xx, NP R540-JA07xx, NP R540-JA08xx, NP R540-JA09xx, NP R540-JSxxxx, NP R540-JS01xx, NP R540-JS02xx, NP R540-JS03xx, NP R540-JS04xx, NP R540-JS05xx, NP R540-JS06xx, NP R540-JS07xx, NP R540-JS08xx
Samsung NP R580 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R580, NP R580-xxxxx, NP R580-JBB1US, NP R580-JSxxxx, NP R580-JS01xx, NP R580-JS02xx, NP R580-JS03xx, NP R580-JS04xx, NP R580-JS05xx, NP R580-JS06xx, NP R580-JS07xx, NP R580-JSB1xx, NP R580-JTxxxx, NP R580-JT01xx, NP R580-JT02xx
Samsung NP R730 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R730, NP R730-xxxxxx, NP R730-JAxxxx, NP R730-JA0Axx, NP R730-JA01xx, NP R730-JA02xx, NP R730-JA03xx, NP R730-JA04xx, NP R730-JA05xx, NP R730-JA06xx, NP R730-JA07xx, NP R730-JA08xx, NP R730-JA09xx, NP R730-JBxxxx, NP R730-JB01xx, NP R730-JB02xx, NP R730-JB03xx, NP R730-JB04xx, NP R730-JB05xx, NP R730-JB06xx, NP R730-JB07xx, NP R730-JB08xx, NP R730-JB09xx, NP R730-JSxxxx, NP R730-JS01xx, NP R730-JS02xx
Samsung NP R780 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R780, NP R780-xxxxxx, NP R780-JSxxxx, NP R780-JS0Bxx, NP R780-JS01xx, NP R780-JS02xx, NP R780-JS03xx, NP R780-JS04xx, NP R780-JS05xx, NP R780-JS1Bxx, NP R780-JTB3xx, NP R780-JTxxxx, NP R780-JT01xx, NP R780-JT02xx, NP R780-JT03xx, NP R780-JT04xx
Samsung NP RV510 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV510, NP RV510-xxxxxx, NP RV510-A0xxxx, NP RV510-A01xx, NP RV510-A02xx, NP RV510-A03xx, NP RV510-A04xx, NP RV510-A05xx, NP RV510-A0Exx, NP RV510-JAxxxx, NP RV510-JA01xx, NP RV510-S0xxxx, NP RV510-S01xx, NP RV510-S02xx, NP RV510-S03xx, NP RV510-S04xx
Samsung NP SF510 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP SF510, NP SF510-xxxxxx, NP SF510-A0xxx, NP SF510-A01xx, NP SF510-A02xx, NP SF510-A03xx, NP SF510-S0xxx, NP SF510-S01xx, NP SF510-S02xx, NP SF510-S03xx, NP SF510-S04xx, NP SF510-S05xx, NP SF510-S06xx

Samsung RC510 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RC510, NP RC510-xxxxx, NP RC510-A0xxx, NP RC510-A01xx, NP RC510-A02xx, NP RC510-A03xx, NP RC510-A04xx, NP RC510-RS01xx, NP RC510-S0xxx, NP RC510-S01xx, NP RC510-S02xx, NP RC510-S03xx, NP RC510-S04xx, NP RC510-S05xx, NP RC510-S06xx, NP RC510-S07xx, NP RC510-S08xx, NP RC510-S09xx
Samsung RF510 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RF510, NP RF510-xxxxx, NP RF510-Sxxxx, NP RF510-S01xx, NP RF510-S02xx, NP RF510-S03xx, NP RF510-S04xx, NP RF510-S05xx, NP RF510-S06xx, NP RF510E-xxxxx
Samsung RF710 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RF710, NP RF710-xxxxx, NP RF710-Sxxxx, NP RF710-S01xx, NP RF710-S02xx, NP RF710-S03xx, NP RF710-S04xx, NP RF710-S05xx, NP RF710-S06xx
Samsung RV408 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV408, NP RV408-xxxx, NP RV408-A01xx, NP RV408-A02xx, NP RV408-A03xx, NP RV408-A04xx, NP RV408-S01xx, NP RV408-S02xx
Samsung RV409 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV409, NP RV409-xxxx, NP RV409-A01xx, NP RV409-A02xx, NP RV409-A03xx, NP RV409-A04xx, NP RV409-A06xx, NP RV409-S01xx, NP RV409-S02xx, NP RV409-S03xx
Samsung RV411 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV411, NP RV411-xxxx, NP RV411-AD1xx, NP RV411-AD2xx, NP RV411-AD3xx, NP RV411-AD4xx, NP RV411-AD5xx, NP RV411-AD6xx, NP RV411-AD7xx, NP RV411-A01xx, NP RV411-A02xx, NP RV411-A03xx, NP RV411-A04xx, NP RV411-A05xx, NP RV411-A06xx, NP RV411-A07xx, NP RV411-A08xx, NP RV411-A09xx, NP RV411-BD3, NP RV411-BD4, NP RV411-S01xx, NP RV411-S02xx, NP RV411-S03xx, NP RV411-S04xx, NP RV411-S05xx, NP RV411-S06xx
Samsung RV413 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV413, NP RV413-xxxxx, NP RV413-A01xx, NP RV413-A02xx, NP RV413-A03xx, NP RV413-S01xx, NP RV413-S02xx, NP RV413-S03xx, NP RV413-S04xx
Samsung RV415 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV415, NP RV415-xxxx, NP RV415-A01xx, NP RV415-A02xx, NP RV415-A03xx, NP RV415-A04xx, NP RV415-A05xx, NP RV415-A06xx, NP RV415-A07xx, NP RV415-A09xx, NP RV415-CD1, NP RV415-S01xx, NP RV415-S02xx
Samsung RV418 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV418, NP RV418-xxxxx, NP RV418-A01xx, NP RV418-A02xx, NP RV418-A03xx, NP RV418-A04xx, NP RV418-A05xx, NP RV418-A07xx, NP RV418-S02xx, NP RV418-S03xx, NP RV418-S04xx, NP RV418-S05xx
Samsung RV420 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV420, NP RV420-xxxxx, NP RV420-AA2A, NP RV420-A01xx, NP RV420-A02xx, NP RV420-A03xx, NP RV420-A04xx, NP RV420-A09xx, NP RV420-AD1xx, NP RV420-AD2xx, NP RV420-AD3xx, NP RV420-S01xx, NP RV420-S02xx, NP RV420-S03xx
Samsung RV508 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV508, NP RV508-xxxxx, NP RV508-A01xx, NP RV508-A02xx, NP RV508-A03xx, NP RV508-A04xx, NP RV508-A05xx, NP RV508-AD1xx, NP RV508-S01xx, NP RV508-S02xx, NP RV508-S03xx
Samsung RV511 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV511, NP RV511-xxxxx, NP RV511-Axxxx, NP RV511-A01xx, NP RV511-A02xx, NP RV511-A03xx, NP RV511-A04xx, NP RV511-A05xx, NP RV511-A06xx, NP RV511-A07xx, NP RV511-A08xx, NP RV511-A09xx, NP RV511-Sxxxx, NP RV511-S01xx, NP RV511-S01xx, NP RV511-S02xx, NP RV511-S03xx, NP RV511-S04xx
Samsung RV513 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV513, NP RV513-xxxxx, NP RV513-A01xx, NP RV513-A02xx, NP RV513-A03xx, NP RV513-S01xx, NP RV513-S02xx
Samsung RV515 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV515, NP RV515-xxxxx, NP RV515-Axxxx, NP RV515-A01xx, NP RV515-A02xx, NP RV515-A03xx, NP RV515-Sxxxx, NP RV515-S01xx, NP RV515-S02xx, NP RV515-S03xx, NP RV515-S05xx
Samsung RV518 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV518, NP RV518-xxxxx, NP RV518-A01xx, NP RV518-A02xx, NP RV518-A03xx, NP RV518-A04xx, NP RV518-S01xx, NP RV518-S02xx, NP RV518-S04xx, NP RV518-S05xx, NP RV518-S06xx, NP RV518-S07xx, NP RV518-S08xx
Samsung RV520 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV520, NP RV520-xxxxx, NP RV520-Axxxx, NP RV520-A01xx, NP RV520-A02xx, NP RV520-A03xx, NP RV520-A04xx, NP RV520-A05xx, NP RV520-A06xx, NP RV520-A07xx, NP RV520-A08xx, NP RV520-A09xx, NP RV520-S01xx, NP RV520-S02xx, NP RV520-S03xx, NP RV520-S04xx, NP RV520-S05xx, NP RV520-S06xx, NP RV520-W01xx
Samsung RV709 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV709, NP RV709-xxxxx, NP RV709-S01xx, NP RV709-S02xx, NP RV709-S03xx
Samsung RV711 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV711, NP RV711-xxxxx, NP RV711-A01xx, NP RV711-A03xx, NP RV711-A04xx, NP RV711-S01xx, NP RV711-S02xx, NP RV711-S03xx, NP RV711-S04xx
Samsung RV718 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV718, NP RV718-xxxxx, NP RV718-S02xx
Samsung RV720 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV720, NP RV720-xxxxx, NP RV720-A01xx, NP RV720-A02xx, NP RV720-S0Bxx, NP RV720-S01xx, NP RV720-S02xx, NP RV720-S03xx, NP RV720-S04xx, NP RV720-S05xx, NP RV720-S06xx, NP RV720-S07xx, NP RV720-S08xx, NP RV720-S09xx

Gateway DC  200ARC

Samsung DC X10, V20, V25, VM6000, VM7000

Micron DC  Metrobook VL Plus and Transport GX Series

Samsung NP P40 Series DC Power Jack Connector: P40, NP P40, NP-P40
Samsung NP P500 Series DC Power Jack Connector: P500, NP P500, NP-P500
Samsung NP Q10 Series DC Power Jack Connector: Q10, NP Q10, NP-Q10
Samsung NP Q20 Series DC Power Jack Connector: Q20, NP Q20, NP-Q20
Samsung NP Q25 Series DC Power Jack Connector: Q25, NP Q25, NP-Q25
Samsung NP Q30 Series DC Power Jack Connector: Q30, NP Q30, NP-Q30
Samsung NP Q35 Series DC Power Jack Connector: Q35, NP Q35, NP-Q35
Samsung NP Q40 Series DC Power Jack Connector: Q40, NP Q40, NP-Q40
Samsung NP Q45 Series DC Power Jack Connector: Q45, NP Q45, NP-Q45
Samsung NP Q68 Series DC Power Jack Connector: Q68, NP Q68, NP-Q68
Samsung NP R20 Series DC Power Jack Connector: R20, NP R20, NP-R20
Samsung NP R40 Series DC Power Jack Connector: R40, NP R40, NP-R40
Samsung NP R505 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R505, NP R505-xxxxxx, NP R505-FAxxxx, NP R505-FA01xx, NP R505-FA02xx, NP R505-FA03xx, NP R505-FA04xx, NP R505-FSxxxx, NP R505-FS01xx, NP R505-FS02xx, NP R505-FS03xx, NP R505-FS04xx, NP R505-FS05xx
Samsung NP R510 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R510, NP R510-xxxxxx, NP R510-FAxxxx, NP R510-FAA2xx, NP R510-FAADxx, NP R510-FAADxx, NP R510-FAAGxx, NP R510-FA01xx, NP R510-FA02xx, NP R510-FA03xx, NP R510-FA04xx, NP R510-FA05xx, NP R510-FA06xx, NP R510-FA07xx, NP R510-FA08xx, NP R510-FA09xx, NP R510-FA0Gxx, NP R510-FA0Jxx, NP R510-FA0Mxx, NP R510-FSxxxx, NP R510-FS01xx, NP R510-FS02xx, NP R510-FS03xx, NP R510-FS04xx, NP R510-FS05xx, NP R510-FS06xx, NP R510-FS07xx, NP R510-FS08xx, NP R510-FS09xx, NP R510-FS0Axx, NP R510-FS0Bxx, NP R510-FS0Cxx, NP R510-FS0Exx, NP R510-FS0Gxx, NP R510-FS0Hxx, NP R510-FS0Jxx, NP R510-FS0Kxx, NP R510-FS0Lxx, NP R510-FS0Nxx, NP R510-FS0Pxx
Samsung NP R560 Series DC Power Jack Connector: R560, NP R560, NP-R560
Samsung NP R60 R60+ Series DC Power Jack Connector: R60, NP R60, NP-R60, R60+, NP R60+, NP-R60+
Samsung NP R70 Series DC Power Jack Connector: R70, NP R70, NP-R70
Samsung NP R700 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R700, NP R700-xxxxxx, NP R700-A0xxxx, NP R700-A003xx, NP R700-A00Axx
Samsung NP X1 Series DC Power Jack Connector: X1, NP X1, NP-X1
Samsung NP X60 Series DC Power Jack Connector: X60, NP X60, NP-X60
Samsung NP X460 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP X460, NP X460-xxxxxx, NP X460-42x, NP X460-44x, NP X460-ASxxxx, NP X460-AS01xx, NP X460-AS02xx, NP X460-AS03xx, NP X460-AS04xx, NP X460-AS05xx, NP X460-AS06xx, NP X460-AS07xx
Samsung Sens X22 Series DC Power Jack Connector: X22, X22-xxxx, X22-A0xx, X22-A004, X22-A005, X22-A007, X22-A008